Can Dogs Eat Persimmons?

In the long list of things you must be cautious about feeding your dogs, even a harmless fruit like persimmons can become a topic of ill regret. It’s a natural food, right so can dogs eat persimmons? If you want to feed your dog persimmons there are some things to remember first.

While persimmons have a lot of great health benefits, you run the risk of things like persimmon seeds and persimmon pits causing intestinal blockage and other similar issues for your dog’s small intestine. If you want to give your dog persimons, there are just some things to know first!

We’ve got you covered on the details so make sure you keep reading to learn what you need to know.

Can Dogs Eat Persimmons? The Full Story

the full story if can dogs eat persimmons

Dogs can eat persimmons but you should never feed them to the whole. This fruit has substantial health benefits, which is why people like to add them to the menu. However, if you aren’t careful you can struggle with problems related to this fruit.

Humans often forget that their little pet is not built quite the same as people are. This fact can lead to struggles when it comes to food choices and the last thing we want you to worry about is having to acquire emergency help for your pet from a simple treat.

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As a sidebar, our search found a lot of information that might just help you treat your pet and still let them enjoy these treats. Our guide is meant to provide the advice to take care of your pup in the best way. We understand they are your world and the answer is pretty simple.

Your veterinarian might also have some advice that could be beneficial in addition to what we have here. Remember the nutrients of this berry offer lots of great things as far as food goes.

In terms of foods, these sweet berry treats are the perfect size and flavor to treat your dogs and they do have some health benefit as well. The problem really relates directly back to the pit and the persimmon seeds.

Here are some of the valuable nutrients that persimmons might provide for your dogs.

+ Folic acid
+ Vitamin A
+ Beta Carotene
+ Vitamin C
+ Blood sugar regulation

Vitamin A from fruits is a great way to get your dogs this nutrient that is hard to find in your search for health. Make sure you pay attention to the tips because you certainly don’t want to just hand your dogs this fruit straight from the tree.

Are Persimmons Poisonous?

persimmons ar not poisonous
Image by The Vegan Monster on Pexels

Persimmons are not poisonous but the pit and the seeds can cause digestive system issues for your dog’s small intestine. They can get lodged and lead to an intestinal blockage. Your dogs can eat persimmons and not worry about toxins from the fruit.

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Fruits like peaches and plums, on the other hand, do have toxins like cyanide in them that can be harmful to dogs. For humans, there isn’t enough to harm you in this fruit unless you just eat way too much but when dogs eat it, it’s another story.

It’s a common misconception that persimmons are also poisonous since they have a pit but the truth is that persimmons are ok for dogs eat. Dogs eat persimmons and enjoy the health benefits this fruit offers, as long as the owner is aware of the cautions they need to take.

What Fruits are Dangerous for Dogs?

avocado seed is dangerous to dogs
Image by Rob Owen-Wahl from Pixabay

Fruit seems like such an innocent thing for your dog but the truth is that they can’t have all types of fruits safely. There are many foods that can lead to appetite symptoms from their diet. They can experience problems like pain, diarrhea, seed blockage, and more. Any of these could lead to emergency veterinarian care from a diet.

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Persimmons CAN be dangerous and lead to problems if you are not mindful to remove all seed and pit traces. That is the key element to keep in mind. Your dog can enjoy persimmons but they won’t enjoy the seeds should they cause a blockage.

Here are some fruits that you should avoid for your dog. Some of these are because of the seeds while others might have other associated problems.

+ Avocados
+ Cherries
+ Grapes
+ Peaches (except in very small amounts)
+ Oranges
+ Lemons
+ Limes
+ Dried fruit

Can You Eat the Skin of a Persimmon?

dogs and people can eat the skin of persimmon

Dogs and people can eat the skin of persimmons. A persimmon skin is very similar to tomato skin. It’s slightly soft with just a hint of tough exterior and it is edible. A lot of people prefer to peel persimmon before they eat it or feed it to their dog but it certainly isn’t required. Your dog can handle it either way.

The real thing to worry about for your dog is to remove the seeds and the pit from the persimmon before giving it to your dog. If you cut it down into bite-sized pieces, your dog can enjoy it much easier anyway.

If you want to give your dog some persimmons, just be sure there are no seeds remaining inside. Your dog cannot properly digest the seed portions and it may end up being more harmful to your dog in the long run.

Things to Watch for Feeding Persimmons to Your Dog

too much persimmons can lead to dogs diarrhea
Image by Fernando Espí from Pixabay

The other thing to keep in mind is your dog shouldn’t have too many persimmons. Persimmons in excess for your dog could lead to things like diarrhea and vomiting.

If your dog displays signs of lethargy, dehydration, abdominal pain, or vomiting after eating persimmons don’t hesitate to get them help. You could miss seeds when your dogs eat persimmons and you will want to help your dog if there is a problem.

Keep in mind that your dog might love the taste and flavor but these should be served with discretion to dogs. Mostly, you will want to be sure your dog or dogs don’t get any seeds when they eat them and you certainly also don’t want to over feed them persimmons. While persimmons can be healthy for dogs they also can be bad if your dogs have too much, just like any other food.

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Can dogs eat persimmons? While yes, your dogs can absolutely enjoy this tasty and delicious fruit. Just be sure that you do your dogs a favor and remove all of that center area, including both pits and seeds as these are the parts that might lead to issues for your dogs.

Your dogs can reap the benefits of many different types of fruit and vegetable choices. Dogs can always benefit from extra nutrition so keep your dogs health and needs in mind and feed these delectable treats to them the right way.

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