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Can Dogs Eat Millet?

As pet owners, we strive to know everything we can about our pets and what is best for them. We want to know what they can eat and which things they can’t eat. We also want to know which things will give them optimal nutritional value when added to their diet.

Part of being good pet owners is finding what makes our dogs thrive and allows them to live a long and healthy life. A dog’s diet should increase its energy levels and provide them with essential vitamins and nutrients.

Many dog owners are surprised when they read the labels on the kibble that their dogs eat. Many dog kibbles contain grains, one of the common ones listed is called millet. While most pet parents are familiar with grains such as wheat, corn, or rice, most are not as familiar with millet.

Read along as we answer the question of whether dogs can eat millet and learn how you can incorporate these grains into your pet’s diet.

What Is Millet?

Millet Cereal Grain in Burlap Sack
Image by Marco Verch Professional Photographer via Flickr

Millet is called a cereal grain but it is technically a seed. It is considered an ancient grain and is widely grown around the world as a source of carbs for both humans and animals. It is gluten-free which is great for humans and animals with wheat allergies.

Millet is full of b vitamins and is a great source of essential nutrients. There are many varieties of millet, the main four types are pearl, foxtail, ragi, and hog.

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Which Millet is Good for Dogs?

Pearl Millet is Good for Dogs
Image by sarangib on Pixabay

You may want to know, can dogs eat millet? The short answer is, yes! Many dogs can eat millet, and a lot of them do! The best type for your dog is Pearl millet because it is a great source of carbohydrates, b vitamins, iron, and phosphorus. Phosphorus is an excellent way to strengthen your dog’s bones and iron is great for their red blood cells.

Millet is a common ingredient found in your dog’s food. Several studies suggest that when added to a dog’s diet, it can increase energy levels and optimize the overall health of your dog.

What Grains Should Dogs Avoid?

Corn Is a Kind of Grain Dogs Should Avoid
Photo by Virgil Cayasa on Unsplash

We never want to feed our furry friends any food items that are hard for them to tolerate or will harm their health. Our dog’s diet should only contain grains and other healthy ingredients that are essential.

Ingredients such as corn, oats, rice, and wheat are all high in carbohydrates. Although these food items are considered healthy for your pet’s diet, they can lead to weight gain if given in high amounts.

If your dog is overweight, grain-free diets are a great option to help them get back to a healthy weight and leaner body.

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Is Millet Easy for Dogs to Digest?

Person Feeding a Dog
Photo by Marek Szturc on Unsplash

Millet is easy for your dog to digest, but it must be cooked. Whether it is baked, boiled, or grilled is up to you, but it can’t be raw. Raw millet is harder on your dog’s stomach and can cause indigestion.

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What are the Benefits of Millet for Dogs?

Food Nutritional Needs of A Dog
Image by dandelion_tea on Pixabay

Millet provides essential vitamins, carbohydrates, fatty acids, and other important nutrients that your dogs require for a balanced lifestyle. Since millet is technically a seed, it benefits your dogs by providing them with a better-rounded and primal way of eating.

Can Dogs be Fed Ragi?

Dogs can absolutely have ragi, ragi is a great source of fiber, calcium, and of course carbs! If your dogs have wheat allergies or require a gluten-free option, look for kibble made with ragi. You can also make homemade ragi porridge for your dogs as well.

Is There Millet In Dog Food?

Many dog food manufacturers have begun adding millet into dry kibble for added nutrition. The faux grain is used instead of other carbs that can cause your dogs to have an upset stomach or allergy. Each year more brands are introducing pearl and ragi millet into their dry kibble and treats.

Best Kibble That Contains Millet?

Nature’s Logic Canine Venison Meal Feast

Not all dog foods contain millet so we did some research to find the best one for your furry friend. Nature’s Logic is a highly rated brand that adds millet to some of its all-natural dry foods.

Nature’s Logic has a grain-free kibble option for dogs at all life stages that comes in a few flavors. Specifically, their Canine Venison Meat Feast which also contains venison, beef, pumpkin, and tomatoes!


As humans, we are very interested in making sure our dogs eat the right foods that keep them alive for many years. We are a generation of pet people and we strive to always provide our fur babies the best we can. We hope this article clarified any misconceptions you may have had about allowing your canine friend to eat millet.

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