can dogs eat granola?

Can Dogs Eat Granola?

Granola is a superfood for humans and a great snack or an addition to a balanced meal.

The question on our minds is whether or not granola bars have the same health advantages for dogs as it does for us.

The answer is yes. Let’s take a look at how to best prepare granola for your dog.

Everything You Need to Know about Granola and Dogs

everything you need to know about granola and dogs
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Granola can be healthy for both dogs and humans, but not if it’s packed with too much sugar and artificial sweeteners. We want to avoid anything processed for us and our dogs as well, so make sure you read the label.

Ideally, we would opt for granola bars made with organic, truly natural, and human-grade ingredients.

Are granola bars good for dogs? It’s a yes, and no, depending on the ingredients and they should always be given in minimal amounts.

Something else to consider is there are different types of granola bars, ones with rolled oats and puffed brown rice, ones with macadamia nuts, some are granola rice cakes and then there is just plain granola.

Can Dogs Eat Granola Cereal?

can dogs eat granola cereal
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Yes! One type of granola dogs can eat is granola cereal. This is the type made with rolled oats and puffed rice that we mentioned, which is safe for dogs to eat. However, pet owners should also look into the other ingredients on the list. Dogs can’t eat grapes (raisins) or chocolate, two ingredients that are often included in granola bars. They are toxic to dogs and should not be fed to them.

Sprinkle the granola cereal onto your dog’s food or feed it to him as a snack, but do it in small portions. Granola is known for its high fiber content, and too much can upset your dog’s stomach. Feed your dog a little bit and see how he reacts the next day in terms of bowel movements before making keeping it in regular rotation.

Can Dogs Eat Granola and Yogurt?

can dogs eat granola and yogurt
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What about granola and yogurt, a treat full of probiotics for digestion? A little goes a long way in this case, and your dog could yield the same benefits from yogurt as we do, but we have to introduce it in small amounts and see if there are adverse effects.

Can Dogs Eat Organic Granola?

Yes, dogs can eat organic granola, as organic ingredients are almost always better, but in limited quantities.

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Can Dogs Eat Whole Grain Granola?

can dogs eat whole grain granola
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Yes, we would say dogs can eat whole grain granola in very small amounts if they can handle it digestively, so introduce it slowly.

Grains are a hotly debated topic in the dog world, with some believing they should be a part of a dog’s diet and contribute to a dog’s health, while others are staunchly against it. For those who are against it, there is also a party that believes whole ingredients such as whole grains, are always better.

Can Dogs Eat Hemp Granola?

What about hemp granola? Since dogs can benefit from CBD for calming purposes, an ingredient that is present in hemp, maybe hemp granola bars are something that can be a calming treat. Hemp seeds and oil is generally okay for dogs, even in a granola bar, but we suggest consulting with your vet first before trying it.

Can Dogs Eat Honey Granola?

Honey granola is one of our favorites. The addition of honey makes it slightly riskier than plain granola, but honey is actually a very healthy ingredient for dogs to soothe sore throats and it is a treat to satisfy your dog’s sweet tooth. It’s important not to feed too much to your dog as honey is a potent source of sugar.

Delicious Homemade Granola Recipes for Your Dog

delicious homemade granola recipes for your dog
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There is nothing safer than making treats for your dog, as you can control exactly what goes into the recipe. Instead of buying ones from the store, you can make your own granola bars at home.

Some safe recipes include:

Peanut butter granola bars

Simply use safe granola (without artificial and harmful ingredients) and peanut butter that is safe for dogs. Read more about how safe peanut butters are for dogs and is peanut safe in general for your pooch?

Berry granola bars

Use blueberries, cherries, apples, and any fruit that your dog likes, and is good for him combined together with granola. You can hold everything together with honey and freeze it to become a sweet treat.

You can experiment to find a recipe your dog will love. Make sure not to add too much sugar, salt, or other seasonings and to keep it as natural as possible.

Cautions of Feeding Your Dog Granola

many say dogs can't eat granola
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We are aware that there are plenty of informational outlets online and perhaps even individuals that recommend against feeding your dog a granola bar. They are playing it safe, which is the responsible thing to do, but in little amounts, granola is fine.

We’re going to help you make the best choice when looking for a dog-friendly granola bar (or if you are making you’re own) by listing harmful ingredients to avoid.

Watch the Sugar Levels

Watch the sugar levels because dogs are not meant to eat too much sugar in the long run. Not only will eating granola bars with high fructose corn syrup, or other forms of sugar create weight issues, but a lot of the sugary additives are for human consumption and not dogs. In the long term, they could have detrimental effects on your dog’s health.

Not too much fiber

Not too much fiber
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Fiber is good, right? Yes! It is, but not in large amounts. Granola bars and granola, in general, are high in fiber, which can have the opposite effect you want it to have, which is healthy digestion, and cause stomachaches and constipation.

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Watch the Fat

High-fat levels are never good, not just in dog food but in human food as well. Fat levels in granola bars come from oil, such as canola oil, and nuts. Some nuts are not toxic for dogs, but macadamia nuts are, so make sure whatever is in the bar is safe.


Dogs can eat granola, but is it always the best idea?

The answer depends on what’s in it, the size of the pieces, and how much of it they eat. Making your own treats is always the safest bet when it comes to healthy ingredients and making sure you aren’t feeding your dog anything harmful.

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