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Can Dogs Eat Cream Cheese?

We’re always looking for new and delicious treats for our dogs but dogs can’t handle everything. Some human food is simply not made for dogs.

But how do we know which foods are ok for our dog and which foods simply should be avoided?

Can dogs eat cream cheese? If you consider lactose tendencies, you would automatically negate cream cheese, right? The truth is that your dog might be able to eat cream cheese in small portions.

If you want to feed your dog cream cheese, we have some tips and information that you should be familiar with before you do.

Yes, dogs can eat cream cheese but there are definitely things to know about this answer before you give your dog cream cheese.

What Happens if a Dog Eats Cream Cheese?

can dogs eat cream cheese?
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Did you know that the American Kennel Club actually recommends some forms of cheese as a good nutritional source for your dog? The thing is you have to be careful about how much cheese and what cheese you feed them.

If you’re working on a cheesecake recipe and want to let your dog lick the spoon, that’s ok! You just will want to be mindful not to give them too much because too much cream cheese could be bad for your pet.

Cheese in most forms offers things like protein, calcium, vitamins, and even healthy fatty acids that can be beneficial to your pet. Another positive aspect of cream cheese is that there are no poisons or toxins that you have to be afraid of when dogs eat cream cheese. Another popular option is cottage cheese, which could be another good option.

When you feed your dog cream cheese, you should only use plain cream cheese and preferably an option that is low fat. This is the same for cottage cheese. Keep in mind that cream cheese is fatty and it is high in calories as well.

For this reason, you should allow your dog cream cheese with caution because you don’t want to give them too much cream cheese. Remember these are dairy products so while there are health benefits, dog owners should exercise caution due to the natural lactose intolerance of dogs.

Here’s the thing, feeding cream cheese to your dog can cause lactose-intolerant reactions. But, there are some positive aspects as well. Here are some of what cheese contains for your search.

+ Vitamin A
+ B Complex Vitamins
+ Essential Fatty Acids
+ Contains protein, calcium, and minerals

All of these elements are a part of low-fat cheeses so a small amount might actually be good. The key here is small amounts. What you should keep in mind is that while it’s safe for your dog to partake in eating cream cheese, it does have fat content and it is high-fat content at that.

Can Cream Cheese Kill Dogs?

cream cheese platter kill dogs what you should know
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Pet owners should be aware of the scenario where feeding your dog these items could affect your dog’s health. If your dog has never had cream cheese, they may not even care for this treat. Give them a food like peanut butter or canned pumpkin as a treat and many dogs will cherish those memories just as well.

Your home and your kitchen are the places to make sure your dog doesn’t have to face a health problem from the treat or food that you supply them. Your dog’s diet and requirements might vary. Some of the top dog treats on the market use cream cheese to create their treat supply. Just be familiar with ingredients and how they might affect your dog food.

Too much might be bad for dogs but a small amount is typically ok for a pup. You should always avoid blue cheese or other types of moldy cheeses or even options that maybe have garlic or other toxins. Always perhaps use small amounts for your cream cheese trick!

Here are some concerns that you should be aware of about your pup:

Are Dogs Lactose Intolerant?

Most dogs are naturally sensitive to lactose and cream cheese is one of the foods that contain lactose. If you notice any digestive issues, search for some other treat dogs can eat besides a bit of cream cheese. You certainly don’t want to give your dog dairy products that might not be safe for dogs in this instance, particularly if they are lactose intolerant.

Watch for additives

Stay away from things like cream cheese frosting. While your eyes might make your heart want to give your dog a bit of cream cheese, be mindful of the high fat level content and sugar that is in these. Vitamin A won’t negate the cheese properties that dogs eat in the process.

Does Cream Cheese Give Dogs Diarrhea?

cream cheese should not be given to dogs with diarrhea
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Foods like cream cheese and cottage cheese might be ok if you use a lower fat option but you might also notice adverse effects for your dog. If they have any type of digestive issues, including diarrhea, after you’ve fed them cream cheese, we recommend that you avoid using this for your dogs going forward.

Can Dogs Eat Bagels with Cream Cheese?

Toasted bagel with cream cheese
Photo by Brian Boucheron

If you plan to give your dogs cream cheese, give them just a small portion. You certainly don’t want to load up a bagel and cream cheese for your dogs. This is too much bread and too much cream cheese and it would be incredibly unhealthy and lead to potential health problems as well.

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Can dogs eat cream cheese? Well yes, they can! J

ust be careful not to feed them too much at one time. You should be mindful to use this as a special treat on occasion and not a regular food or treat. Too much of a good thing can become a bad thing and that’s what you want to avoid here.

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