can dogs eat cheetos?

Can Dogs Eat Cheetos?

Sometimes dogs can get a taste of healthy human snacks such as carrot sticks, but what happens when it comes to unhealthy options?

You don’t hear that dogs eat Cheetos very often, but Cheetos are a nice treat for us sometimes and they are not free from the longing puppy dog expression when you open a bag.

Do you have to say no to your pooch, or can dogs eat Cheetos safely?

Let’s find out.

What Happens If Your Dog Eats Cheetos?

What Happens If Your Dog Eats Cheetos

The first thing we should think about is what happens when dogs eat Cheetos. It’s pretty safe to say that they do not offer any nutritional value for your dog, and they don’t for us either.

The first ingredient is enriched corn meal, which is a pretty big red flag.

We would definitely recommend against feeding your dog Cheetos puffs on the regular, but if your dog accidentally gets a few pieces of crunchy Cheetos, it’s nothing to be alarmed about in most cases.

However, if your pooch manages to get into and polish off an entire family-sized bag, then you may have to watch your dog for adverse effects.

Too much salt is never good, even in dog food, so you may see vomiting, gastrointestinal issues, and other signs of discomfort.

If your dog eats Cheetos in small amounts, he will be fine in most cases.

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Can You Feed Your Dog Cheetos?

Can You Feed Your Dog Cheetos
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Can you feed your dog crunchy Cheetos, and can dogs eat Cheeto puffs, baked Cheetos, and other forms of this delicious snack?

In general, we would advise against feeding your dog Cheetos. But we will discuss the effects and harm if your dog does consume various types of these crunchy foods.

Can Dogs Eat Cheetos Popcorn

Cheetos popcorn is still traditional Cheetos, but they are just in popcorn form. Cheetos popcorn can also be seasoned with cheddar cheese, and a variety of other flavors that are very addictive for us, but very harmful to dogs.

Again, too much salt is never good for your pooch because it can lead to sodium ion poisoning.

You will know your dog had too much salt if he starts to tremble, vomits, run at a high temperature, has an upset tummy, and even start to seize. If this happens, take your dog to the vet right away.

Can Dogs Eat Jalapeno Cheetos

Dogs shouldn’t eat spicy foods because they can cause discomfort in your dogs such as tummy issues, bloat, gas, and stomach pain. Jalapenos are spicy )and very delicious if we do say so) ingredient that is unsuitable for dogs. So if you have a bag of jalapeno Cheetos, keep them far away from your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

Out of all crunchy Cheetos, we are partial to the flamin’ hot Cheetos that were released a little over a decade ago.

Unfortunately, this flavor is one that your dogs will never get to experience because it contains ingredients that are largely harmful such as garlic powder.

Type of Cheetos You Should Not Feed Your Dogs

We would highly suggest not feeding your dog any type of Cheetos. Again, dogs are very good at getting into things they aren’t supposed to, so if your dog does end up with a few pieces of Cheetos, then you can chalk it up to him getting a snack that he will only have once in his lifetime.

Cheetos, especially certain flavors, can give your dog serious side effects if they consume it regularly such as heart disease, obesity, and adverse effects to the high salt content and corn content.

What to Do If Your Dog Eats Too Many Cheetos

Do If Your Dog Eats Too Many Cheetos
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So, your pup got into the hot Cheetos and ate the whole bag. We understand why you may be panicked but it’s important to remain calm. You can call the pet poison hotline or rush your dog to the vet if there is time.

Your dog may just have an upset stomach and your vet could just tell you to monitor him if it’s a piece or two, but a whole bag warrants a visit.

The effects could also depend on the size of your dog. A small chihuahua eating an entire bag of Cheetos compared to a giant breed will suffer from more acute symptoms.

It’s also important to note that some types of poisoning, such as that from garlic and onions could take several days to manifest. However, after the first 24 hours, most dogs are in the clear.

Alternatives to Cheetos: Give Your Dog These Instead

woman feeding a dog with carrot
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Don’t worry, because it’s not all doom and gloom for your dog. There are plenty of human foods that can be healthy snacks that are safe for dogs. The great thing is a lot of these items are staples in your fridge.

  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Pumpkin
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries

These fresh ingredients from the fridge make for great crunchy snacks that dogs love. Dogs love eating crunchy foods because of the texture, so this is why apples, carrots, and broccoli are at the top of the list.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if a dog eats Cheetos?

If dogs eat Cheetos in a small amount, they will most likely be fine. However, if your dog is eating Cheetos regularly or inhaled an entire bag, then he may be at risk of certain health issues such as obesity, salt poisoning, and regular stomach upset.

Why do dogs love Cheetos?

Dogs love eating Cheetos because of the strong flavors, which are more savory compared to regular dog food. If dogs do manage to get a few bites of Cheetos, make sure that they drink plenty of water to dilute the salt content.

What happens if a dog eats 1 hot Cheetos?

Hot Cheetos are one of the worst forms of Cheetos your dog can consume. But if he just gets 1, he will most likely be okay. This also depends on the size of your dog as smaller dogs will need smaller amounts to feel the toxic effects. If your dog gets a bite of the snack, monitor him for the next 24-48 hours.


The bottom line is to not feed dogs Cheetos. Even if a piece or two doesn’t cause him any harm, there is no nutritional value or benefit that these snacks contribute to your dog’s diet.

In fact, some of the ingredients are considered toxic and can cause long-term side effects such as obesity and heart problems, so we definitely suggest steering clear. There are a lot of human snacks that your canine will enjoy eating that are healthy.

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