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Can Dogs Eat Carob?

Dog owners know that chocolate is a no-no for dogs as is cocoa powder and cocoa beans, but what about a chocolate substitute?

We’re talking about carob, of course! Carob chips, carob beans, and all other forms of carob come from a carob tree, but do they post the same harm as traditional chocolate?

Let’s find out.

What is Carob?

Carob Fruit
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Some people may not know what carob is. It is the name of a type of Mediterranean tree, and the carob beans within the pods are ground into carob powder or made into carob chips.

It is often used as a chocolate substitute and is 100% natural and SAFE for your dog!

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Do Dogs Like the Taste of Carob?

Do Dogs Like the Taste of Carob
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Carob is used as a chocolate alternative because it possesses a similar taste (but without bitterness). The naturally sweet flavor is appealing to many dogs, which is why carob is used in dog treats.

Dogs generally have the same taste classifications as we do, meaning they can detect sweet, sour, bitter, and salty tastes we can.

One special taste detector that sets them apart from us is their special taste buds for water! Yes, dogs can taste water.

Like us, dogs tend not to like bitter and sour foods, but they definitely have a sweet tooth much like many humans, which is why dog treats are so popular. Since the carob bean produces a sweet taste, dogs generally like carob treats.

Can Dogs Eat Carob Chips?

Can Dogs Eat Carob Chips
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Okay, so dogs can eat carob, but what about carob chips? Carob bean chips are substitutes for chocolate chips, and yes, dogs can eat them!

You can bake your very own homemade cookies for your dog and decorate them with these pieces. The only thing to do before feeding your dog these little chips is to make sure that they are 100% carob.

If the bag of chips contains things like macadamia nuts or even xylitol, then don’t add them to the treats. These ingredients can be harmful to your dog if ingested in large amounts. You also want to steer clear of high sugar content. Dogs shouldn’t have well-flavored things, and sugar as the #1 ingredient in carob bean chips is not recommended.

Is Organic Carob Powder Safe for Dogs?

Carob Powder Next to Chocolate Ball for Dogs
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What about organic carob powder? Yes! Your dog can also have carob in powder form. In fact, it actually brings a lot of benefits to your dog’s health.

For starters, it brings additional fiber, which helps with digestion and to firm up your dog’s poops to combat anal gland issues. Firmer stool can help your dog secrete his anal gland fluids naturally, eliminating the risks of anal gland disease.

Carob bean powder also has pectin, which helps to dispel toxins in your dog’s body. Some consider carob a superfood, which also has abilities to help lower your dog’s cholesterol, and aid in calcium absorption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will carob hurt dogs?

Not at all! Carob will not hurt dogs. It is a chocolate-like alternative that has the same sweetness but not as much bitterness and presents a lot of healthy benefits. The thing to keep in mind is to make sure the carob (whatever form) you’re feeding your dog is 100% carob without added ingredients that may be harmful.

Why can dogs eat carob?

Dogs can eat carob because it doesn’t contain caffeine, theobromine, and other dangerous substances found in chocolate. These substances will build in your dog’s system because they are not able to process it the way we can. The taste of carob is similar to chocolate, so dogs can still enjoy the happiness we get from eating chocolate in a safe way.


All the chocolate-loving dog parents out there will be happy to know that your pooch can share in the joys of eating chocolate (sort of) with carob. Not only will your dog get to experience the sweetness of the dark treat, but he will also get countless health benefits from the snack such as better digestion and absorption of calcium for bone support. Just make sure the carob you’re adding to his diet does not contain anything else.

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