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Can Dogs Eat Buckwheat?

Buckwheat is known to be a healthy ingredient in human foods. However, you may be wondering if buckwheat is safe to give to dogs as well.

Studies have shown that a small amount of buckwheat in a dog’s diet can actually be very beneficial, and it is not harmful to most dogs when eaten in moderation.

That being said, buckwheat should be cooked thoroughly before feeding it to your dog.

Here we will be explaining everything that dog owners need to know about feeding their dog buckwheat. We will also be answering some other commonly asked questions about feeding buckwheat to dogs and other animals as well.

What Is Buckwheat?

Buckwheat Seeds
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Buckwheat is a plant of Asian origin that has edible seeds. These buckwheat seeds are often milled into buckwheat flour, which is commonly used in cooking.

Is Buckwheat Flour Toxic to Dogs?

Buckwheat Pancake
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No, buckwheat flour is not toxic to dogs, especially when it has been cooked and prepared properly. The same goes for fully cooked buckwheat seeds, which the flour is derived from.

If your dog seems to not be doing well after eating fully cooked buckwheat flour or seeds, then it is possible that it may be allergic to it.

A dog with a buckwheat allergy may experience itchiness and an upset stomach.

How Much Buckwheat Can Dogs Eat?

Buckwheat For a Dog
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Even though buckwheat seeds and flour are not toxic to dogs, it is still recommended that you only give them moderate amounts. This is mainly thanks to the high amounts of fiber that are present in buckwheat, which can cause dogs to have some digestive issues as a result.

Are There Any Benefits to Feeding Dogs Buckwheat?

Healthy Dog After Eating Buckwheat
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Yes, there are actually several health benefits of buckwheat for dogs. The first benefit is that buckwheat has a lot of fiber while also being gluten-free. The result of this for many dogs is that it aids in healthy digestion.

The next two health benefits of buckwheat are that it has a ton of plant-based protein and nutrients. This adds some more essential vitamins and minerals to your dog’s food.

Is There Such a Thing as Buckwheat Poisoning?

Dog With Buckwheat Poison at The Vet Clinic
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When it comes to dogs eating the buckwheat plant itself there is such a thing as buckwheat poisoning. This is because the other parts of the buckwheat plant beside the seeds contain a naturally occurring chemical called Fagopyrin.

Fagopyrin is toxic to dogs, and it can cause buckwheat poisoning when eaten.

Unfortunately, small dogs tend to be at a greater risk for experiencing these negative effects due to their low body weight than larger dogs. Here are some of the symptoms of buckwheat poisoning in dogs.

  • Light Sensitivity and Hiding in the Shade
  • Restless Behavior
  • Swelling, Scabbing, and Lumps Forming on the Skin
  • Overall Signs of Discomfort

If you notice any of the above symptoms in your dog or suspect that they have eaten parts of the buckwheat plant besides the seeds, then you should contact your vet immediately.

Can Dogs Eat Buckwheat Noodles?

Yes, dogs can eat cooked buckwheat noodles.

This is especially true if the noodles have no sauce or extra ingredients on it that are potentially harmful to dogs. It is also recommended that you only give your dog buckwheat noodles in small amounts due to their high fiber content.

Can Dogs Eat Cooked Buckwheat Cereal?

Buckwheat Cereal for Dogs
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Dogs can also eat cooked buckwheat cereal. Again, it is recommended that you keep harmful additives to the cereal such as sugar and chocolate off of it, and it is also best to only give buckwheat cereal to your dog in small amounts.

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Can Dogs Eat Pure Roasted Whole Grain Buckwheat?

Yes, your dog can eat whole-grain buckwheat when cooked thoroughly and properly. You may also want to make sure that this whole grain buckwheat does not have any additives that could be potentially harmful to dogs as well.

Can Dogs Eat Buckwheat Pancakes?

Buckwheat Pancake For Dogs
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Buckwheat pancakes can be okay to give to your dog as long as you only give them a small amount and they do not have any added butter, syrup, or sugar on top.

Is There Buckwheat In Dog Food

Due to all of the benefits that buckwheat provides to dogs, some commercial dog food recipes will include buckwheat as a quality source of carbohydrates.

This is especially true of higher-quality dog food brands.

Is Buckwheat Good For Animals?

Buckwheat can be good for more animals than just dogs though. This mainly includes animals that can eat grains as a part of their regular diet.

What Animals Can Eat Buckwheat?

Animals That Can Eat Buckwheat
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In addition to dogs, other animals that commonly eat grains can also eat buckwheat seeds. This includes many species of livestock and rodents.


It is safe to say that dogs can eat all forms of cooked buckwheat seeds and flour.

However, it is also important to note that dogs should not eat any other part of buckwheat plants.

Sometimes dogs can also be allergic to buckwheat, and they can also get an upset stomach if they eat buckwheat in large amounts as well.

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