Three Border Collie Puppies

Border Collie Puppy Buyer’s Guide

A Border Collie isn’t ideal for someone who doesn’t enjoy spending time outdoors, as they are very active dogs!

They were bred to herd animals, work closely with their owner and to be out all day, and they are unlikely to be happy and satisfied with spending their days lying on the couch.

For the right person, a Border Collie makes a wonderful friend, and here’s a quick guide for what you need to know when you are considering the purchase of a Border Collie puppy or a Border Collie mix.

About Border Collie Puppies

Border Collie Puppies

Border Collie puppies are very active, curious, adventurous and often fearless, and they are hard to resist with their long legs, fluffy coat, small tipped-over ears that will later rise and their adoring eyes.

A Border Collie puppy is ready to get out there and explore the world, which shows in how eager they are, how enthusiastic they get and how they stumble after you on their wobbly legs as soon as they learn how to walk.

A dog breed like the Border Collie won’t stay little for very long, so it is best to enjoy their puppyhood while it lasts.

The personality of a Border Collie dog puppy says a lot about the breed – an energetic and fearless herding dog that enjoys routine and pleasing their owner – and you need to be ready for a whirlwind of energy packed into a small furry body.

What to look out for when buying a Border Collie puppy

Border Collie Puppy

Just because the puppy is black and white, fluffy and cute, it doesn’t automatically mean it is the right BC puppy for you. Many breeds are similar looking, both as puppies and adults, such as the Australian Shepherd, various Australian Shepherd Mixes and Border Collie mix, and it is important to make sure you are buying a purebred Border Collie if that is what you’re paying for.

The next thing to do is to check if the puppy is available in your area, or within a range, you would be willing to drive to pick it up unless you are willing to trust the seller to set up puppy shipping by air or other means.

This isn’t usually recommended unless you are 100% sure the breeder is serious, as it is always a good idea to meet the puppy first to make sure it seems healthy.

Border Collie Life Stages

Three Border Collies

Border Collies are fun to watch as they grow up, as you can almost see them grow a little every day, until suddenly – they’re adults! Due to their adventurous nature, they can sometimes be a handful while going through puppyhood and their teenage years, but it will all be worth it once they reach their full size and start relaxing.

You will quickly start seeing that dedicated dog you’ve always dreamt of having, but it is important to socialize your dog properly before you get to this stage.

This breed is considered medium-sized, where the female Border Collie is generally slightly smaller and lighter than the male. They have a life expectancy of somewhere between 12 and 15 years, but some are known to have reached the age of 17, which is rather impressive.

Simply put – when properly cared for, the Border Collie can come to reach an advanced age, and many remain active and energetic all the way to the end. Senior BC’s may require Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplements to keep their bones and joints strong and pain-free.

Border Collie Health Concerns

Black and White Border Collie Puppy

This is an overall healthy breed, with fewer hereditary diseases and dog health conditions than many other dog types. This may or may not apply for a BC dog mix as well, but there are no health guarantees. Some of the conditions known to affect the Border Collie are hip dysplasia – a condition that affects how they walk and how the joints in the hip works, which can result in pain and difficulty to walk.

Border Collies also seem to be somewhat prone to Epilepsy and CEA (Collie Eye Anomaly), a congenital disease that some BC’s are born with. Hypothyroidism will also occur occasionally in the Border Collie, but it is less common.

All these health conditions can be treated, especially if caught early, so you should always bring any health-related concern to the attention of your trusted veterinarian. The Border Collie is considered a healthy breed does not mean that they can’t get sick, or that they won’t, so don’t skip your regular vet checks.

Border Collie Breeder Information

A good Border Collie dog breeder should be AKC registered (if active in the United States), and they should have a good understanding of the breed, and what needs to be done to allow it to continue being what it is today.

Buying a cheap BC puppy off the internet is never a good idea, no matter how cute it may look in the photos, and it is worth paying more for a dog that comes from a responsible breeding environment, where the parent animals are carefully chosen and treated well.

The AKC (or the equivalent in the country you reside in) will have a list of licensed breeders that you can trust when wanting to buy a Border Collie puppy, and you will be doing the breed a favor by buying responsibly.

Backyard breeders often use unfit parent animals, sometimes living in miserable conditions, and that is not something you should want to support if you truly love the breed.

Border Collie Puppy Diet

Being a medium-sized dog breed, Border Collie puppies usually do well on either a high-quality puppy food or a premium dog food designed for all life-stages. Read the feeding instructions carefully on the product of your choice, as there will be indications for how much you should be feeding your BC pup throughout each life-stage. This will help your puppy grow at a healthy rate and help prevent obesity and other eating-related disorders.

Is a Border Collie Right for You?

Take a long and hard look at yourself and your own lifestyle before you buy a Border Collie puppy. Do you have the energy and time required to keep your dog both mentally and physically stimulated?

Border Collies are no couch potatoes, and on top of this – it is one of the smartest dog breeds in the world, which means they will likely get themselves into trouble (and possibly develop destructive behaviors like barking and digging) if they don’t get the exercise they need.

Border Collies can be incredible dogs – loyal, loving and smart, and they are known for getting along great with kids, but it is not just a question of whether a Border Collie is right for you, but you also need to consider if you are truly the right person for a Border Collie.

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