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Where do Pomeranians Come From? A Full History of the Pom

The pom, one of the cutest and fluffiest breeds, are what pop into mind when we think of warm and fuzzy doggy snuggles. However, they have also nabbed the reputation for being very vocal, picky eaters, and very energetic. To fully understand what makes Pomeranians the way they are, we need to take a deeper look at the breed origins.

Breed History

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In short, Pomeranians originate from Poland. The story could just be summed up in one sentence, but that won’t do such an ancient breed justice. A long time ago, there was a place called Pomerania, which was wedged between Poland and Germany. However, it is now simply known as being a part of Poland, with one of Pomerania’s only proofs of existence being in the name of the breed.

Pomeranians are part of the spitz family, which features dogs such as the Shiba Inu, and the working Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute. There is no denying that these mostly fluffy arctic dogs like the Chow and the Samoyed are adorable beyond words, they are also very large.

The pom was bred down in Pomerania, perhaps in an attempt to contain the larger furry canine counterparts into a smaller and more snuggly size. This is how they became classified as the smallest breed in the spitz family that possesses the erect ears, the alert look, the curved tail and the ever-smiling face the larger breeds have.

Two Pomeranian puppies

Not only do they have adorable faces, but they also have a very regal stance. Although it is less apparent due to their small stature, their majesty isn’t without reason. The pomeranian’s popularity grew largely due to Queen Victoria’s outpouring of affection for them when she first came across the breed.

Much like Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Victoria also had a penchant for dogs. From then on, the Queen became an avid breeder and even entered her pooches in dog shows. However, she wasn’t the only historical figure who had a fondness for poms. Others who shared her passion include Marie Antoinette and Mozart.

A Pom’s Purpose

We touched a bit upon the breeding of these tiny canines, but were they bred for a specific purpose? They are descendent from working arctic breeds such as the Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute. Yes, poms lack the sometimes intimidating and fierce look of these larger breeds that mirror a wolf’s ferocity, but they still retain the same “work ethic” if you will.

We no longer rely on them for transportation and product delivery but expect endless cuddles from these double-coated dogs. They were bred down to be more like companion dogs rather than workers, and we’re sure all pom owners are glad they were.

Pomeranian Diet

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In order to maintain the health of these adorable creatures, other than understanding their origins, you need to also understand their anatomy. These tiny and energetic canines deserve the best. High quality dog food is often suggested, and here is a list of ideas for the best pomeranian diet.

The best food doesn’t always mean freshly cooked straight from the kitchen. Commercially prepared brands can offer a ton of nutrition as well. Dogs are like humans, and each one is different. That being said, your pom pom may suffer from certain allergies that require special diets such as grain-free, raw, or freshly prepared.

Your trusted vet should have a thorough profile on your pooch and can offer case-by-case suggestions on diet. Just make sure you don’t overfeed your pom because they are prone to gaining weight. Being overweight can put undue stress on their joints and cause other physical ailments such as hip and elbow dysplasia.

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Pomeranian Grooming


As a double-coated breed, you can expect a lot of brushing, shedding and overall grooming. Since their luxurious and fluffy coats are one of their best features, regular maintenance comes with the territory. To avoid mats and knots, we suggest frequent brushing with a slicker brush every day if possible.

However, many double-coated breeds don’t have oily coats, which means they can be bathed less often. You’re looking at baths every 1-3 months and you will be surprised at how odorless and clean their coats can be.

Other types of maintenance grooming include teeth brushing, nail trimming, anal gland expression and ear cleaning, which can be done on a case-by-case basis.

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Pomeranian Health

The health of your pom is largely dependent on the diet you feed him, the amount of exercise he gets and your overall care. Fortunately, they are generally a very healthy breed – similar to their larger husky counterparts. They are very sturdy but are subjected to patella luxation, which is when the joints or kneecaps pop out of their sockets. This is common in many small dogs, so keep them from jumping off of high places.

They are also prone to eye problems in old age and can be susceptible to heart failure, seizures and more. It may sound scary, but it’s nothing regular routine checkups at the vet can’t catch in advance. Schedule yearly exams or whenever you take your pom in for booster shots.

Pomeranian Exercise and Training

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These tiny little fur babies can have a lot of energy, but it shouldn’t be anything the average person can’t handle. Due to their small size, a brisk walk around the neighborhood or a quick game of fetch in the park should be enough for your pom. They are dedicated lapdogs, so there might be times when your Pomeranian may not even want to leave the house!

We do suggest keeping a close eye on them because they are small and inherit the escape artist skills of their Husky cousins and are also prone to falling into small spaces.

They are very smart dogs but can be quite stubborn, so maintain patience when training and always remember to keep the treats coming for positive reinforcement and shower them with praise.

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There is so much more to the unassuming Pomeranian breed. Who knew they have such a rich history and was favored by so many prominent historical figures? If you are a pom owner, then you have a very intelligent, capable and adorable breed on your hands.

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