What to feed a Yorkie Puppy

What To Feed a Yorkie Puppy or Dog?

The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the smallest breeds of dog in the world, therefore, it is really important that you take extra care of these pets. The most important factor that affects the health of your Yorkshire Terrier is the food he eats. This means that if the Yorkies are not fed properly there can be a great risk to their health, not only the health of the Terrier will get affected by what he eats, but also how he behaves is largely dependant upon the intake of the food.

When talking about dogs in general, they require a protein meal in order to stay healthy. The same goes for the Yorkshire Terriers as well. You should give your Yorkie a protein diet which includes fish, chicken, turkey or lamb as the primary sources. Fiber is also good for a Yorkie’s health, you can also provide him with sweet potatoes or brown rice. You can also add fish oils to the diet of your Yorkie – it certainly will make the coat of the Yorkie shiny and long.

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What Is The Perfect Yorkie Puppy Feeding Schedule?

There is nothing like a perfect feeding schedule for your Yorkie. You should have to develop the schedule of feeding by yourself. One thing to remember here is to feed your Yorkie 4 times a day. Your Yorkie requires a sufficient amount of proteins and carbohydrates that will keep him healthy, but at the same time, you must also keep the size of the Yorkie in mind. Since the Terrier is such a small breed, you cannot give it all the required food at once. You will have to break it up in order to provide him with a sufficient supply.

Yorkie Feeding Schedule PuppyAnother thing that you can do here, is to give your Yorkie a bowl full of food and let him eat whenever he wants. This schedule or habit of eating is not so effective because by doing it you will never know how much exactly your dog has eaten. Also, if you develop any feeding schedule with your Yorkie he will be a well-behaved dog that will know the timings of having his food (click for dog meals). This act of yours will also strengthen the bond between you and your Yorkie.

How Much To Feed A Yorkie Per Day?

As already discussed above, your Yorkie requires three to four meals per day when he is at a growing age and around two meals per day when he is an adult. While that is correct, you should not measure the proper intake of food by the number of meals. A growing Yorkie requires between 45 to 55 calories per pound in order to stay healthy and an adult Yorkie may require less. The best way to provide the required number of calories to your Yorkie of growing age is to divide or break the meals into three to four meals per day. When your Yorkie is fully grown you can reduce this number to two meals per day as the required amount of calories is lower and your Yorkie can take in a bit more food in his fully grown tummy!

There should be no issue at all when you are feeding your Terrier manufactured food, you should read the label on it as this specifies the serving size according to the weight of your dog. When you are giving your Terrier homemade food, this is when you have to be very careful. Since the homemade food is usually very calorie-dense, you have to make sure that you are only providing your Terrier with the required amount – and not in excess.

What Are The Yorkie Foods To Avoid?

yorkie-foods-to-avoidYou should always keep one fact in mind; your Terrier is an animal and treating him like a human could be dangerous. To much of your food items that are normal or routine diet of humans, can be fatal for your Yorkie. You should always keep your Yorkie away from such foods.

Foods that can really harm the health of your Terrier even if given in small quantities are given as under:

● Chocolate, a compound known as ‘theobromine’ is found in chocolates and that can be lethal for dogs. Therefore, you must never feed your Terrier chocolate.
● It is better to keep your Terriers away from grapes and raisins, for reasons unknown they can cause instant kidney failures in some dogs.
● A sweetener known as xylitol is found in sugar-free gums and candies and it can decrease the blood sugar levels of your Terrier to the minimum, therefore you should always keep your Yorkie away from sugar-free candies and gums.
● You must never feed your Yorkie with any cat food as it has high fats, proteins, and sugars, that can be really dangerous for a diabetic Yorkie. Opt for a food option for diabetic dogs instead.
● Nuts contain a high phosphorus content, therefore, you should not be giving them to your Terrier.
● You must never feed your dog with Excessive salt as it can cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. Therefore it is important that you should reduce the quantity of salt in your Yorkie’s diet as minimum as you could.
● A bread dough that contains yeast should never be given to the Terrier as it can cause alcohol poisoning in your dog.


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