What Dog Supplements do I need

What different Dog Supplements do I need?

The popularity of dietary vitamins and supplements with dogs is increasing with every passing day. Humans are not only taking these supplements for their own use but they are also keen on giving these supplements to their dogs.

One question that arises here is does your dog really need a food supplement or you are just giving it to him because everyone around you is doing the same. According to Tony Buffington from the Ohio State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, “Most people are doing it because they want to, not because it’s necessary.”

The commercially processed dog food is equipped with all the minerals and vitamins that are required by your dog. If you are providing your dog with homemade food, then he may require additional food supplements. But you cannot give your dog any vitamin along with the homemade food.

It is best that you consult a Vet, so you get the professional advice of what vitamins your dog requires, and how much in quantity. The most common form of vitamins that people give to dogs are multivitamins, which help in supporting arthritic joints. They also have fatty acids, which help maintain the shine of the coat to reduce shedding.

What are some Dog Supplements for Muscle Growth?

When you want your dog to have healthy muscles, either you can go for the traditional way for it that is exercise or you can opt for a modern way that is feeding him with supplements to help accelerate the process. Let us consider that you opt for the traditional way and want to build the muscles of your dog through exercise, first it is going to be a very time-consuming activity and second if your dog overdoes the exercise, there is a risk of damage.

On the other hand, if you are giving your dog food supplements for his muscle growth, what you products are you going to go for? Since there are so many supplements for muscle growth available in the market these days. If you consult your Vet in this regard, he will tell you the ingredients such as whey protein, glutamine, amino acids and BCCAs are the best for the muscle growth or building. So any food supplement having these ingredients is best for the muscle growth of your dog. Below is a list of some of the best dog supplements for this purpose:

What Dog Supplements for Muscle GrowthProtein Essentials Canine-Feline Gelatin Supplements

Ultimate Whey Protein for dogs

Gorilla Max Canine performance Muscle Supplements

Point Pet Omega 3,6 and 9

What are some Dog Supplements for Itchiness?

Should your dog have a habit of scratching himself, you should first be aware that there is no harm in it. There should be a concern if he does it more than usual, when he is alone. If he tends to do it all the time then you have to find out the reason for it, then you can begin working to eradicate it.

The root cause of itching in dogs, is dry skin. This is due to any allergy or any skin related issue that your dog might have. If you see your dog itching too much, it is better to provide him with a supplement for itching. On the market these days you will find both type of supplements; one that you can apply or rub on the skin, and the second the dog takes orally. Some of the ingredients within these supplements will keep the skin of your dog from drying, and therefore prevent or reduce itching. These ingredients include probiotics, digestive enzymes, Yucca and fatty acids. Some of the best dog supplements for itchiness are below:

Dog ItchingPet Ultimate Probiotics for dogs

Ample Nutrition Daily Digestive Enzymes

Salmon dog food Supplements

Yucca Intensive

What Supplement to get For Dog Coat Growth?

If you observe your dog’s hair, and the coat is dull, slow-growing and, it may be a cause for concern. The vitamins and minerals in the diet of your dog are responsible for the growth and the quality of the hair/coat. If the hair growth of your canine is not up to the standard, it means that he is not getting the proper supply of vitamins and minerals that are required.

You may wonder that even though you are feeding your dog with a healthy diet… What is missing? A simple dog supplement can do wonders, and help cure this problem of yours by providing the required supply of minerals and vitamins to your dog. It is advisable that you go for the herbal food supplement in order to grow or maintain a healthy and a shiny coat of your canine, as this is considered the natural way.

What Supplement for Dog Coat growthNatural supplements are very popular for dog coat growth. Owners are becoming aware of the dangers of side effects in synthetic supplements. Natural supplements are mother earth’s gift to us, we might as well see if they work first!

We hope you found this article beneficial. If you are concerned over the health of your pet, you should always speak to a registered professional Vet first.

Dog Nerdz wish you and your dog the best for the future!

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