Finest Dog Vitamins for Joints

What are the Finest Dog Vitamins for Joints?

When you’ve got a dog, it is heartbreaking when they start to experience issues within their joints. To help this, you have to be up and ready for it in advance. The best thing to do in this regard, is to take the advice of a Vet. It is paramount that you visit a Vet every now and then for the regular check-ups of your four-legged friend.

Having said that, it is not easy for some people to take out time from their busy schedules and visit the Vet on a regular basis. Sound like you? This article might come in handy. As a dog owner, it is obvious that you will be worried about your dog’s health, and you want to make sure that whatever you are feeding him is providing him with all the energy he requires.

When it comes to the well-being of your dog, we all know not not take any risks. There are a lot of dog vitamins available in the market these days, but you shouldn’t go on and feed your dog any random vitamin. You need be sure of the ingredients that are in that vitamin, so that you may have an idea of what are you feeding to your friend. It may be that you are unable to understand the ingredients – even after reading them all. So, the best and the easiest way to provide your dog with vitamins is to go for natural supplements.

What are some great Senior dog Vitamins?

What are some Senior Dog VitaminsAs humans age or grow older, the body undergoes a lot of changes. As we become seniors, we require extra vitamins and supplements to lead a healthy life. This is also the case with dogs as well. When a dog grows older and becomes a senior, he too requires specified vitamins that were not given to him when he was younger, as there was no requirement at that time.

When you go to search the internet, you are going to find out that there are a number of dog vitamins available at your disposal. Now the question is, how are you going to select the best one out of the lot? Tt really is a confusing task – if you ask us! Do not worry at all, just sit back and go through our list of top senior dog vitamins given below. For food options, Orijen is our favorite senior dog food.

VitaHealth Senior Dog Vitamins

You will get 60 chewable tablets in each bottle of VitaHealth so that your dog can easily chew on the tablets. The manufacturers of these tablets state that these are naturally tasty, so your dog will not give you a hard time while eating these tablets – bonus! That is usually the hardest task! Vitamin E is what your senior dog will get in each of these tablets. This is considered to be best for muscles, injury healing, and the circulatory system. These tablets are also “time-released”, so your dog gets the supply of vitamins when required and not all at once. Another ingredient that these tablets contain is Glucosamine, which helps in the repair of damaged cartilage, if there is any.

NaturVet VitaPet Senior Daily Vitamins

In a bottle of NaturVet VitaPet Senior Daily Vitamins, you will get 60 tablets that are flavored, chewable and time-released. Everything that your senior dog requires in order to help is packed in these tablets. The ingredients are calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, iron, zinc and manganese. Also, these tablets contain a wide range of vitamins such as A, B1, B2 C – and many others!

Nutri-Vet Senior-Vite Chewables for Dogs

120 chewable tablets are what you get packed in a bottle of Nutri-Vet Senior-Vite Chewables for Dogs. The contents of each tablet are pork and beef liver, so your dog gets a variety of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

VetriScience Laboratories-Canine Plus Senior, Multivitamin for Older Dogs

What you get in one bottle of VetriScience Laboratories-Canine Plus Senior, Multivitamin for Older Dogs is 60 chews which are shaped like bones and are the perfect size for a bite. Each chew contains over 25 vitamins, and not to forget; nutrients as well. These vitamins and nutrients are good for the brain, heart, liver and immune system of your canine companion.

What Are Some Dog Joint Supplements?

There is nothing worse than seeing your dog in accute pain as he moves. A dog is considered to be a man’s best friend, and if you find your best friend in a situation like this – it will be deeply unpleasant and heartbreaking. Therefore, you should feed your dog with the right supplements in order to help keep him up and ready for the day. Below is the list of some dog Joint supplements that you can give to your canine.

What are some Dog Joint SupplementsCosequin Ds Plus MSM Chewable Tablets By Nutramax

Advanced Hip and Joint Supplement for dogs by Doggie Dailies

Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM Organic Turmeric soft Chews By Genuine Naturals

Can You Get Dog Arthritis Pain Relief Over The Counter?

The best option is always to go to the Vet first, and get a prescription. Providing your dog with an Over the counter pain relief is not an advisable move at all. Humans have a different body than animals and it also exhibits different reactions to medicines than animals. Therefore an over the counter pain relieving pill for a human can be deadly dangerous for a dog. So you must never feed your dog with these pills, it is always best to consult a Vet in order to get the right pain relievers.


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