The Most Manly Dog Breeds

The Most Manly Dog Breeds

Dogs are a man’s best friend for a reason. They have proven their loyalty time and time again. It is understandable that as a man, you would want a masculine dog for yourself. So, if you are looking for one that will complement your energy, we’ve got you covered. Read this article to find yourself the most masculine dog to choose from.

There are all kinds of dogs out there. Some breeds are sweet and adorable. Some, like the greyhound or beagle, make great companions on hunting trips. And other breeds, like retrievers, are great companions for walks because they are full of energy. But if you are looking for the most masculine dog breeds, you would have to look elsewhere.

The Most Manly Dog Breeds
Image by Seaq68 from Pixabay

We should point out that the size of a dog has nothing to do with their masculinity. Some dogs are pretty big, but they don’t exactly scream masculinity. Take, for example, a large poodle. They can be quite big and strong, but they aren’t the first choice for most men looking for a pet dog, as their energy is more feminine. But some medium-sized dogs, like the Shiba Inu, are adorable but tough at the same time.

What are some features that make a dog masculine? Let us look at it in detail in the next section.

What Makes A Dog Masculine?

What Makes A Dog Masculine?
Image by Judith Hasler from Pixabay

While a large size might contribute to a dog’s masculinity, not all large dogs give off that vibe. Remember our afore-mentioned poodle? Here are some canine traits that are generally considered to be masculine.

● Attitude

Now attitude rarely matters when it comes to dogs. If we are talking about a masculine dog, it will be subjective for everyone. For example, some small dogs can be loud, but they cry and wail when they encounter something big and scary. In this regard, some breeds can be pretty stubborn and very brave.

They stand in the way of danger and their owner to protect them. The Akita is an excellent example of this. Akita dogs are usually portrayed on the internet as cute and sweet dogs. But when we read and hear about the story of Hachiko – the loyal dog who waited for his owner in the same spot for nine years – it paints a strong picture of masculinity.

This kind of attitude speaks for itself about what masculinity means for a dog. But don’t let this trait alone be the judge for what passes as a masculine dog breed and which doesn’t. Some manly dogs can be brave in some situations but fearful in others.

● Body Size

We will not body shame anyone, especially a doggo. But you can’t refute the fact that not all bodies will make you look masculine. We are talking about the toy breeds in particular, which are very small and tend to be lap dogs. Although they make lovely house pets that you can spend time with and cuddle, they aren’t good for much else. They don’t require exercise and shouldn’t exert themselves.

A retriever, on the other hand, is a great masculine dog and a real friend. But some medium-sized dogs can be manly too. One example we already touched on was the Shiba Inu. Another great example of a medium-sized masculine dog is the bulldog.

But a husky or a greyhound can also be considered breeds because of their size and fierce looks.

● Nature And temperament

In terms of temperament, even the calmest dogs can be considered masculine. However, some dogs are easier to discipline than most. Their obedient and calm nature is what makes it much easier to train them. Some dogs you might consider masculine will not be easy to train, but they retain training well.

● Looks

Looks can be deceiving and are not a good factor to go by. For example, Samoyeds are enormous and look like they would make excellent guard dogs, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. This breed is very friendly with everyone, including strangers, so they are pretty useless as guard dogs.

Meanwhile, the lovable beagles, who look pretty harmless, can make fantastic guard dogs. That is because they are tracking dogs who remember the scent of familiar people very well.

18 Most Masculine Dog Breeds

18 Most Masculine Dog Breeds

1. German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a dog that is both playful and masculine. It has a good coat that allows it to survive in both warm and cold environments. However, unlike the Husky or Alaskan Malamute, they are not particularly fond of snow.

German Shepherds can be adorable when they are puppies. But when they are fully grown, they can be quite strong and intimidating. Due to their agility, strength, and intelligence, they are often adopted and trained as police and military dogs.

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They are usually even-tempered, incredibly loyal, and protective of their masters. They are also brilliant and energetic, so be ready to take them on walks and runs with you.

2. Akita Inu

Akita Inu - One of the 18 Most Masculine Dog Breeds
Image by uadrienn from Pixabay

Akita Inu is native to Japan, but it’s also quite popular all over the world. One of the reasons they are so famous is because of their popularity on the internet. Their facial expression makes it look like they are smiling when they are calm or excited. They are big and strong, so they can be a handful when training.

These dogs fare well in the cold regions of Japan, and they are great for walking on trails and hiking. They are originally from the Akita region, which is famous for its mountains. This means that the Akita Inu is used to such terrains, making it a great partner for your hiking trips.

It is a fiercely loyal breed but can be a bit hard to train. Nonetheless, they are quite playful and love their masters very much. They tend to be a bit territorial, so try to keep them away from other dog breeds.

3. Husky

The Husky can be mistaken for a wolf in the wild because of its intimidating features. But they are also a sweetheart at heart and quite vocal for a dog that size. They love receiving attention and playing around, but due to their size and strength, it might be difficult to handle. You better have enough power if you want this dog as a pet. Otherwise, you will have a hard time.

Huskies prefer cold climates, so it is best not to keep one if you live somewhere hot. Since they are also energetic dogs, they will require lots of physical activity, so keeping a Husky indoors with an AC won’t work. The general rule of the thumb is to avoid keeping a cold region dog in warm climates.

Huskies can be very loyal to their masters and make excellent guard dogs too. They are intelligent and retain their training very well. Just be ready to vacuum because they shed a lot.

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4. Beauceron

Beauceron - One of the 18 Most Masculine Dog Breeds
Image by NanaSod from Pixabay

The Beauceron is a strong and intelligent dog that was bred for herding. Originating in France, this dog is bigger than a border collie but just as bright as one, making it quite a candidate to be on the list of the most masculine dog breeds.

This dog has a very calm temperament and can be easily trained. When they are puppies, the Beauceron can be adorable. As they grow up, they become more mature and retain their training very well.

These dogs are very suspicious of strangers and equally loyal to their masters. This makes them great guard dogs compared to some other breeds. Since they are big boys, it can be hard to handle them like any other large dog. But because they are intelligent and usually very calm, they are easier to take care of.

5. Belgian Shepherd

The Belgian Shepherd is very similar to its cousin, the German Shepherd. They not only look alike but have similar temperaments as well. Both are very smart, strong, and confident breeds of dogs. They are very obedient and follow cues remarkably well. That is why they are often the go-to choice for police forces.

This breed of dog is strong and energetic, so keeping one as a pet will require a full-time commitment to working out, as it needs a lot of physical activity. Since they are intelligent, they can tell your friends and family apart from strangers easily. That is why they are an ideal guard dog.

The Belgian Shepherd dog has a hard undercoat that helps them weather most climates. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, the Belgian Shepherd is the perfect dog for you.

6. Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu - One of the 18 Most Masculine Dog Breeds
Image by 13040762 from Pixabay

Cousin to the Akita, the slightly shorter Shiba Inu, is an ancient breed native to Japan. They were once employed as hunting companions for the Japanese folk. They are pretty energetic, alert to their surroundings, and active, so they require a lot of physical activity.

The Shiba is very vocal and can be a handful because of that. If you live in a cramped apartment complex, it might not be wise to adopt one since the neighbors can get annoyed by the noise and complain. However, the Shiba itself has no qualms about living in apartments. 

Other than being vocal, the Shiba is also territorial like the Akita and does not get along well with other breeds. While they are smaller than the Akita, they are still very agile and muscular.

The Shiba Inu is a viral sensation these days. They are popular online for their adorable faces that make them look like they are smiling and their cheeky behavior.

7. Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman is the first dog that comes to mind when you think of the best dog breed for security.  The Doberman is quite an agile and alert breed, so they are often portrayed as guard dogs in movies. They are tall, slender, and strong despite their slim physique. They are also very active.

This dog is one of the most masculine dog breeds not just because of its intimidating looks but also because of its loyalty. They are fearless dogs who will protect their owners until the end.

The Doberman Pinscher is mostly tri-colored with a thin coat. These dogs do well in warm regions but will need insulation during the cold seasons. They excel at security and patrols, are super obedient, and follow cues remarkably well.

8.  St. Bernard

St. Bernard - One of the 18 Most Masculine Dog Breeds
Image by SEAN SHIH from Pixabay

St. Bernards are often dubbed the savior of the alps, as they were bred by the hospice of the Great St Bernard Pass. This breed is enormous, muscular, and very smart. They can be called gentle giants because of their calm and friendly nature.

St. Bernards are masculine dogs, not just by their looks but also by their charms. They are playful, which makes them fantastic playmates for children. They also tend to be calm around other dogs and animals. If you have children in your house, then St. Bernard is your perfect pet.

9. Golden Retriever

A member of the retriever family of dogs, the Golden Retriever is one of the most famous breeds on the planet. Most dog food brands use this pup as their ambassador because of how much everyone loves them.

The Golden Retriever is a big boy that has a long, golden, and wavy coat. This breed of dog is famous as a sports dog for families that love to play. They are energetic, and thanks to their water-repellent coat, they are one of the best swimmers among dogs. 

Golden Retrievers have smiling faces whenever they are excited or happy. These dogs are very loyal and are one of the most intelligent breeds. You can find tons of videos online on how Golden Retrievers perform tasks that other animal breeds cannot.

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The Golden Retriever is loyal and incredibly friendly. They are also very patient around children and protect them as fiercely as their kin.

10. Rottweiler

Rottweiler - One of the 18 Most Masculine Dog Breeds
Image by Here and now, unfortunately, ends my journey on Pixabay from Pixabay

Although Rottweilers are known for being fierce and deadly, they are nothing like that if appropriately raised. In most cases, the owners of these dogs have trained them to be intimidating and attack others. But if you raise these dogs with care and affection, they can be very gentle and loving.

It is essential to socialize your dogs when they are puppies to ensure that they get used to people. Of course, you can also train them to recognize strangers. This way, they can also act as guard dogs while they are with you.

The Rottweiler is a confident dog and a fierce protector that does not fear danger when protecting its owners. They are incredibly loyal to the hand that raised them, so don’t be intimidated. These dogs are beautiful and can also be very playful.

Their bad reputation is the result of irresponsible owners. But these dogs are, in fact, quite impressive.

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11. Greyhound

If you love hunting, then you need a Greyhound to be your companion. This breed that belongs to the hound group was bred to help hunters bring down big game. Don’t be fooled by their slender build, as they are powerful and can jump high thanks to their robust strength.

The Greyhound is often used when hunting big game, as they are pretty fast and agile. They can hold down the prey for you until you can get a clear shot and take it down. These dogs also make excellent house pets, but keep in mind that they need tons of exercise.

This breed has a very short and smooth coat, so cleaning up after them is relatively easy. Greyhounds love to run, so you will need to give them plenty of opportunities to do so.

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12. Beagle

Beagle - One of the 18 Most Masculine Dog Breeds
Image by ssmiling from Pixabay

While Beagles may not look like masculine dogs to most, they certainly act like them.  Part of the hound family, this breed of dog is an excellent tracker. They are also great hikers, so you can take them with you when hiking up a mountain trail. They will be able to keep up without a problem.

Beagles are curious creatures. They are also very friendly but can tell apart friends from strangers, thanks to their heightened sense of smell. Their long, floppy ears make an adorable addition to their face. This dog is brave and very cheerful. So if you are ever in a bad mood, they will surely make you smile.

The Beagle is family-friendly, making them perfect house pets for both big and small homes.

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13. Labrador Retriever

The Lab Retriever is one of the most famous dogs in the U.S., and for a good reason. They are cheerful, playful, energetic, and very loyal dogs that can bring joy to any household. They are similar to Golden Retrievers, minus the wavy fur coat. The Lab has short fur, which is dense and coarse.

As the American sweetheart, the Labrador Retriever is always high-spirited. They love everything from walks to staying at home to playing in the yard. In short, they are up for anything you like to do. They are the perfect pets for families because they can be very patient around children.

14. Norwegian Elkhound

Norwegian Elkhound - One of the 18 Most Masculine Dog Breeds
Image by Kenneth Schulze from Pixabay

The national dog of Norway, the Norwegian Elkhound, is quite a breed. They are beautiful medium-sized dogs with thick coats. These dogs are intelligent and energetic, which is why Vikings revered them.

The Norwegian Elkhound is quite friendly and playful. They make fantastic pets and even better watchdogs, thanks to their intelligence.

15. Bull Mastiff

This cross between the Bulldog and Mastiff is one of the most protective breeds. They love their families fiercely and will go to great lengths to protect them. The Bull Mastiff is strong and muscular with a short coat and short muzzle.

They are playful dogs that are very obedient to their owners. They are also fearless, which is a big part of their protective nature. If you are looking for a pet that can double up as a guard dog, you can’t go wrong with a Bull Mastiff.

16. Border Collie

Border Collie - One of the 18 Most Masculine Dog Breeds
Image by Katrin B. from Pixabay

Renowned as one of the most intelligent breeds, the Border Collie is a medium-sized dog perfect for people who love playful pets. It is smart, agile, and very energetic, but that is not all! They are also curious animals that just love to explore their surroundings. 

The Border Collie is a herder dog, meaning they are hard workers. They are incredibly loving and caring towards their owners and their children. They are also great with other pets and get along with other dog breeds without any trouble.

17. Alaskan Malamute

Are you looking for a big boy that is super affectionate and loves to cuddle? Then look no further than the Alaskan Malamute. This is a huge dog that is incredibly loyal and loving. They are also patient and very gentle, like St. Bernard. However, they can be quite vocal, just like their cousin, the Siberian Husky. 

They have a thick coat that sheds a lot, so you will have to vacuum frequently. They are working dogs used to pull sleds in the snowy regions of Alaska, so they will require you to take them out for a good run.

18. Samoyeds

Samoyed - One of the 18 Most Masculine Dog Breeds
Image by Tierkunst from Pixabay

If you are looking for a guard dog or a watchdog, you better look for another breed because the Samoyed is just what it looks like, a big ball of fluff who loves everyone. This dog will smile at and play with everyone, even strangers, whether they have good intentions or not.

Samoyeds are just the most loving dogs who adore their owners. They are happy and smiley most of the time, and they get along well with other dogs, animals, and children.

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We tried to cover various definitions of masculinity when it comes to dogs, but it is up to you to decide what that means for you. If you want a masculine dog, you can go for a gentle giant or a fierce protector. Lapdogs or poodles, however, might not fall into that category for most men. Adopt any of the dogs from our list, and we are sure you will be happy with them.

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