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TagsForHope – About the Company & Their Amazing Mission

TagsForHope Review & Guide For Pet Owners

About TagsForHope

Millions of dogs escape their homes and backyards every day, they get lost, and a large percentage of these dogs never find their way back home. Losing a dog is a nightmare scenario for any owner, and the idea of losing a beloved family pet can often be too much to think about. However, by giving it some thought, you are much more likely to find a way to prevent it, stop it from happening, and keep your dog safe.

TagsForHope is a groundbreaking company that provides dog owners with personalized quality dog ID tags for their furry friends. They aim to help prevent unimaginable loss and unforgettable heartbreak, while also donating some of the profits to well-known animal rescue groups worldwide.

Who are TagsForHope?

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With so many homeless dogs ending up in shelters and often being euthanized, it is our responsibility as human beings to try to put an end to it. Or to, at least, try and minimize the number of pets that end up without a loving home. One way to do this is to prevent house pets from getting lost accidentally, by making sure they wear a collar with a quality tag at all times.

TagsForHope is a company that understands this, and that makes dog tags that are both stylish, cute, lightweight, and that provides the relevant information needed to bring a lost pet home.

TagsForHope was founded in 2013 by two dog-loving brothers, who knew that something had to be done about all those dogs that would daily go into shelters, never to come out again. They worked closely with these dogs while volunteering for an often-crowded shelter, and while they did go on to adopt a dog, they both felt they wanted to do more.

Brainstorming lead them to come up with the idea of creating unique dog tags that would have all the relevant personal information. They, of course, also look great when attached to a ‘dog’s leash.

New Jersey TagsForHope TagThe first tags created – which are still the company’s trademark tags – were made to look like real driver’s licenses. There is now a total of 8 designs to choose from. You can pick the one that goes with your style and that of your dog.

Alternatively, you can select your country and state to match your dogs’ ID tag to your own license! This doesn’t mean they can drive a car 😉 but it is rather adorable. Each tag is made with durable materials to prevent it from breaking and coming loose.

These tags are waterproof so that you won’t have to worry about the print coming off if the tag gets wet in the rain. Or, you know, when your pup decides to go for a spontaneous swim in a lake or stream. The tags also come with a lifetime warranty to guarantee customer satisfaction.

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The Benefits

It is easy to think that you won’t ever contribute to the statistics of lost dogs. The truth is that it sometimes doesn’t matter how careful you are and how well you take care of your four-legged friend. Accidents can happen, and a lost dog is not always a result of an irresponsible act or a dog owner who ‘isn’t paying enough attention. It is so important always to make sure your dog has a tag with current contact information.

A visitor may leave the door open one day, or you could have an accident while driving that causes your dog to dart off. A leash might break unexpectedly during a walk, or something could happen to you that prevents you from holding on to your pooch. The possible scenarios are many.

While there is a lot you can do to prevent an unfortunate incident, other things are potentially out of your control. It is unwise to believe that it couldn’t happen to you. TagsForHope makes dog tags that are lightweight and adequately sized for all dog breeds. There is no excuse for why you wouldn’t give your pup a chance to find its way back home.

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Company Philosophy

The TagsForHope philosophy revolves around more than just the safety of one dog. They are partnered with a number of pet rescue organizations and animal welfare groups. A percentage from each purchase is donated to help rescue, feed, and provide proper care for a homeless pet.

The impressive list of partners can be found on the company website, and they work with shelters, groups, and organizations all over the United States and Canada. The founders had their minds set on helping more than just one dog by starting their company. You get a chance to do the same every time you shop for products from TagsForHope. Just like the name indicates – TagsForHope provides hope and a substantial opportunity to dogs and other pets with problematic backgrounds.

Tag Designs

California Dog TagsForHopeWhat makes the TagsForHope tags so unique is their design, the chance to add both address, phone numbers, relevant facts about your dog, email address, and a photo.

The construction that prevents noise as your pup moves around (no more of those clicking sounds that a metal tag might provoke) and the lightweight aspect of it.

This is a tag that won’t bother your dog, and that won’t bother you. What is even better is that it is available at an affordable price! Everyone should be able to afford to keep their fur friends safe, and TagsForHope makes this a reality.

This premium-grade card that looks just like a driver’s license from your state will have all your pup’s info on it, along with a recent photo. It comes with a thin glass-like coating that prevents the card from bending, fading, getting scratched, and from getting wet.

GentleGiant Tags for Hope TagYou can also opt for one of the other designs if the driver’s license isn’t what you wanted. The high-quality steel ring will keep the tag on your pup’s collar or harness even during rough play.

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You won’t have to worry about it rusting or being weakened with time. All fields on the card are optional so that you get to choose how much personal information you want to have on there.

Make Safety a Priority with TagsForHope

Designing your own tag for your dog is both fun and useful. It is a way for you to show your fur friends how loved they are. Make sure they won’t ever end up in a shelter due to not finding their way back home. You will also be helping other pets that are still looking for their forever family, and who wouldn’t want to lend a hand to a furry creature that would likely give its life in return? Make a difference for your own dog and another dog somewhere out there and have fun in the process with TagsForHope!

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