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Benefits of Positive Dog Training

If you are reading this article, you are most likely considering to start training your dog. Congratulations, on taking the first step towards creating a happy, healthy, honest bond with your furry baby! To do so, you need to understand the canine language better and teach your dog how to become your lifelong companion. Good news – you can accomplish it by introducing your dog to positive reinforcement training. 

What Is Positive Dog Training?

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By definition, positive dog training is based on positive reinforcement. It is one of the most practiced methods of dog training in our times. What it means is that you reward and praise your pup for the behavior you want them to repeat. The more you reinforce, the more likely your pet will do it again. A reward is usually a tasty treat but not only – you can reward your pup with playing with them in their favorite game, a longer walk than usual, or by offering them their favorite toy to play with. You know your dog best and we are sure that you can figure out other creative ways to praise your pup.

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Positive dog training doesn’t allow any kind of punishment or intimidation. You don’t want your dog to be afraid of you and associate you with dominance or fear. Your presence should always make your pup excited and happy. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t react when your dog is misbehaving. Of course, you can. Instead of punishing your dog for being naughty, try to reinforce bad behavior in a desired one. For example, whenever your dog is jumping at you, try to redirect their attention to a different thing. Once they react correctly, praise and pet them so after a while, they will understand that it’s not worth being naughty.  

3 Benefits of Positive Dog Training

1. Better Understanding of Your Dog

Unfortunately, dogs and humans don’t speak the same language. However, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to learn to communicate with them. Positive dog training will help you decode your dog’s behavior simply because, by training, you will be spending more quality time together. Gradually, by teaching your dog a fun trick or a basic obedience command, you will realize that you don’t need the same language to communicate. Practicing regularly, your pup will be able to understand your expectations faster and react to them accordingly to keep you happy. 

2. Having a Healthy and Happy Pet

Statistics show that most pets are bored while waiting for their pawrents to finally come back home. Being a dog owner means being responsible for your pet’s health – both physical and mental. While it is necessary to provide your dog with a proper amount of physical activities – taking them for walks, playing fetch, etc. it is equally important to stimulate your dog’s mental development. In other words, your dog’s brain needs to be challenged to stay healthy for as long as possible. Training requires your dog to think and focus in order to receive a reward. Therefore, implementing short training sessions in your daily routine is a great way to keep your dog healthy and happy.

3. Fewer Chances for Behavioural Problems in the Future

Do you know that 95% of dogs who end up in a shelter, were never trained? Pets are given away mostly because of serious behavior disorders, such as aggression, excessive barking, separation anxiety. The solution for this is surprisingly simple: introducing basic obedience dog training. Learning a new trick means giving your dog your full attention and vice versa. Developing the habit of training your dog 5 min. a day, can prevent any serious behavioral issues in the future. 

DOGO – Positive Dog Training App with a Clicker

Dogo App

We hope that by now, you are convinced to give positive dog training a try. What if we tell you that there is an app for that?

Dogo is a positive dog training app with a built-in clicker. A clicker is a sound cue to give your dog an immediate signal that this is the behavior you want them to repeat. It helps your dog understand what is expected of them to do so every time your dog hears a clicker, they get a yummy treat. 

Dogo App

Dogo is a perfect educational tool for all dog parents – there are plenty of exercises and personalized training programs for dogs at any age – from puppies (e.g. potty training, socialization exercises) to older dogs (e.g. basic obedience commands, mentally stimulating games). Explore the library of useful and fun tricks and with the help of certified Dogo trainers, become your dog’s personal trainer and their best friend.

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Make sure to always treat your pup with patience and affection. Training can be challenging, it requires time and consistency, but we are sure that after some time, it will result in a deep, loving relationship with your pup.

Download Dogo for free on iOS or Android.

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