How to Treat Dogs with Skin Allergies
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How To Treat Dogs With Skin Allergies?

Your four-legged friend can be exposed to numerous allergies. Since these pups are exposed to open spaces and stay on the ground most of the time, they can catch bacteria and dirt pretty easily – resulting in a number of allergies. Just like humans, your canine friend could be allergic to any allergens found in the air. The only way that you can treat an allergy in your dog is to identify the allergy in the early stages. But here the question is, how would you be able to identify a dog with a, or a number of, skin allergies? Well, most of the dogs scratch and lick a lot more than the usual – sometimes they even get black spots on their skin while doing so, and this could be an indicator that your dog has an allergy.

Mainly there are four types of allergies found in dogs. These types are food, contact, Fleas, and atopy. The food allergies are caused due to the intake of certain food items that your dog may be allergic to. For the top hypoallergenic foods for dogs – click here. Contact allergies are those allergies that your canine friend attracts while coming in contact with an allergic material. Flea allergies are caused by different insects carrying bacteria. Atopy is the most common allergy and is caused by a higher concentration of pollen in the air.

When your dog is exposed to an atopy allergen, he will show some symptoms and these may be: itching, scratching, and in some worst cases; biting and chewing, as well. As soon as you see your dog showing any of these symptoms, you should understand that your dog might be carrying an atopy allergy. Primarily, there are three ways to treat your dog’s allergic condition, these three ways are as below:

● At home treatment
● Medical Treatment
● Treating the allergy with allergy shots

As a rule of the thumb, as soon as you find that your dog has an allergy; the best option is to take him to the Vet, and get expert advice on the situation.

What Are The Different Dog Allergy Remedies?

Different Dog Allergy RemediesAllergies are caused by the harmless allergens found in the air. It might not be possible to eliminate the allergens from the environment to prevent the allergic condition of your dog. In such scenarios, what would you do? You do not want the allergic condition of your dog to get worse with time! Don’t fret, because there are some allergy remedies through which you can counter such a condition. The most common allergy remedies are given below:

● If your dog is carrying an atopy allergy, you cannot eliminate the concentration of pollen from the air, but you can choose some allergy injections for your beloved pooch. These injections will increase the resistance from the element that is causing the allergy. So your dog would not be scratching anymore.

● The market is full of flea-prevention products, so if your dog is carrying a Flea allergy, you can apply these products to the skin of your dog, on a monthly basis. We have reviewed the top flea shampoo for dogs so check that out if you need to treat fleas on your dog.

● You can also give supplements that have fatty acids to treat a dog with an allergic condition. Fatty acids help in reducing the itching. Also, there are a number of medicated shampoos that are specifically designed to reduce itching, that can also be applied.

● Last, but certainly not the least, a dog with an allergic condition can benefit a lot from an immune modulating drug.

What Is Some Natural Allergy Relief For Dogs?

Allergies of dogs can be treated in both ways as we all know now, from medical treatments and from natural treatments as well. There are certain drawbacks if you are going to take the option of medication for treating your dog’s allergic condition. Corticosteroids are used to treat the allergic condition of the dog, and if this medication is used for an extended period of time – can cause or leave a lot of harmful or side effects. Therefore if the allergy that your dog is carrying is not that severe, it’s better to go for the natural allergy relief!

Most of the allergies in dogs are caused due to the imbalanced immune system, so making the immune system stable by natural remedies such as herbs and natural supplements may be the best option for you. The benefit of using herbs is that you can use them for a prolonged period of time – without any adverse effect. You can not only use these herbs externally to stop the itching of the dog, but also to stabilize the internal immune system of your dog. So the natural herbal relief is one of the best ways to cure your dog of an allergy without any side effects.

What Are Some At Home Remedies For Dog Skin Allergies?

It is always in the best interest of your dog that you consult the vet as soon as you figure out that your dog is carrying an allergy. As an expert, he is the best person to tell you how to treat your dog’s allergic condition. If he suggests home remedies for your dog’s allergic skin, here are a few that your dog can benefit from:

Remedies for Dog Skin Allergies● Wiping off the Allergens
Whenever you come back from a walk it is best that you bath your dog but if that is not possible you can wipe off all the dirt and allergens from his body using pet grooming wipes. This actually minimizes the chances of allergy.

● Hypoallergenic Shampoo
These dog and puppy-friendly shampoos are anti-itching shampoos so that you can use them in order to control the itching of your dog, that he may experience if he has an allergic condition.

● Use Supplements
Omega 3 and biotin supplements will help reduce the itching of your pet and may be very beneficial if your dog has an allergy.

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