How to Shave a Dog

How To Shave A Dog?

If you have decided that you are going to shave your dog on your own and not take the services of the professional, you need to know how to do it the proper way. Although shaving your dog is necessary, some dog owners think that shaving or trimming the dog’s hair would help him stay cool in the summer. However, this is just a hypothesis, studies have proved that the dog’s fur keeps him protected and cool from the scorching heat of the summer.

If you have decided that you are going to give your canine friend a shave and dog groom, below is the list of steps you should take in order to shave him correctly.

Gather the Right Equipment

Make sure that you have gathered all the right equipment in one place before you proceed with the job. The equipment you’ll require in shaving your four-legged friend is dog grooming clippers, lubricant for the blades, a sturdy brush. We’d advise not using any old clippers from the house, go for the ones that are specifically made for your dog’s coat.

Getting Dog Ready & WashedGetting your Dog Ready

Washing and brushing your canine companion before shaving is very important because there are tangles, mats, and dirt that stick to your dog’s coat. Washing and brushing him thoroughly will release all the dirt and tangles, making the entire process of shaving pretty smooth.

The Right Direction

It is really important to go along with the Clippers the same direction in which the hair of your dog grows. If you are going to go against it, there are chances that you could give your dog an uneven shave! Also, there are going to be shaving lines all over the coat, that’s just the way it is. You wouldn’t want to embarrass your poor pup!

Cleaning the Eyes and the Ears

Once you are done shaving your dog, it is vital that you clean his eyes and ears properly. If you do not do so, your canine friend will remain in irritation until all the fur from his eyes and ears exits successfully. If this happpens, the next time you think of giving him a shave – he will most definitely make matters worse for you, as he will remember the irritation he had to go through the first time.

How You Can Go About Shaving A Dog With A Double Coat?

We would advise against shaving a dog with a double coat. As you can guess by the name, a double coated dog is a canine with two coats. One is an undercoat, and the other is named the outer coat. The outer coat acts as a protective fur that keeps the inner coat protected and also keeps the dog warm in the winters, while also keeping your pup cool in the summer.

If you have decided to shave your double-coated dog make sure not to shave the upper or the outer coat because it does not grow back. You can go about shaving the inner coat which grows again. If you are going to shave the double coated dog all over, he will not only look odd, he will also be exposed to an everending list of diseases. This is becuase the protective coat is not going to grow back again. Therefore, quite understandably, it is not a good idea to shave your double coated canine.

How to Shave a Dog with Matted Hair?

Matts can happen to almost any dog, but it happens more with the pups that have really soft and downy fur. If you are looking to shave a canine with matted hair, it is almost impossible to do so. Well, you do not want to harm your canine friend just to get him trimmed. The best way you can go about the job, is to make sure that you take out all the mats before you shave your dog’s hair.

How to Shave Dog Matted HairGiving your faithful friend a bath, and brushing him thoroughly, will help remove or ease the matted hair. Once your canine’s hair is free of matts, you can shave him easily. Shaving the matted hair will cause all kinds of discomfort to you and your dog, therefore it is necessary that you remove or ease the matted hair off before shaving him.

Can I Shave My Dog to Stop Shedding?

It is a common misconception out there that shaving a canine’s hair can stop him from shedding. In the real world, this theory does not work at all. It is a mere hypothesis! Dog’s who shed will usually have no lasting effects from shaving whatsoever. Although, there is a rare possibility that if you shave your pooch completely – the hair might not grow again.

If you are really worried about the shedding of your dog, there are certain de-shedding tools available in the market that can help with this concern of yours. Shedding is something that is found naturally in most canines. If the shedding is not extraordinary – there is nothing to worry about it at all. But if your dog sheds too much, you could take this matter further. Shedding too much can cause allergies in some humans, too. Not to mention it gets very messy! You can use the de-shedding tools available on the market to address this matter.

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