How To Get Your Dog Into Modeling – The Ultimate Guide

How To Get Your Dog Into Modeling – The Ultimate Guide

What makes a dog a good model? You may think that it has to do with the breed, the age, or the size of the dog. But the truth is, your dog has all it takes to get into modeling regardless of these factors. If you have considered getting your dog into modeling, add some determination to that thought, and soon enough, you’ll be the primary caregiver of a top model!

Is your dog well-socialized and calm around strangers? Does he have a good temperament and adapt quickly to different surroundings? If so, you can easily skyrocket his modeling career!

Building a dog modeling career is not a walk in the park. You’ll have to invest some time, effort, and patience in getting your dog ready to become a star. Today, I’ll let you in on a few secret tricks that will help you get started with your dog’s modeling journey! But don’t forget, it takes more than just having a cute canine.

Getting Started

How To Get Your Dog Into Modeling – The Ultimate Guide Getting Started
Image by Yama Zsuzsanna Márkus from Pixabay

You don’t climb a tree from the top, right? Here are a few beginner tips that will give you the confidence to introduce your dog to the modeling world.

Assess Your Pooch’s Personality

Just like people, dogs have different personalities that must be assessed.

Pet modeling can be overwhelming at times, especially if you don’t know what you’re dealing with. For example, ensuring that your dog is not easily startled in loud environments will save you tons of unnecessary headaches.

While some breeds are naturally calm, others tend to be on the aggressive side. Know what you’re working with and train your dog accordingly.

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Train Or Get Your Dog Trained

Getting Started to Train Or Get Your Dog Trained
Image by Bee Montana from Pixabay

If you have a dog that you would like to model for photography, it is essential to understand what is involved in training. Dogs have a lot of energy and need quiet time to recover between shots. During this time, they will feel more comfortable if you are in the room with them. People often forget that their dogs are upset or frustrated when they try to get away from them for too long.

Some dogs tend to be cheeky and playful even when it’s serious business time. Not so professional, right? No photographer would want to waste hours trying to put up with your dog when trying to get a good shot.

Training your dog will save you a lot of time. Once they learn how to obey commands, they will be able to behave themselves.

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Once you have your dog used to acting appropriately when on command, then it is time to start training them to pose for pictures. You can use many of the same methods as model pose instructions to teach your dog how to pose for pictures. When you are first learning how to pose for pictures, it is best to pose your dog to be easy for you to see and comfortable for your dog to follow. When you have two dogs who know how to cooperate, you can practice standing in front of a busy street corner and waving your arms in front of them as they walk past you or showing them how to sit quietly in a quiet room.

Get Your Dog Exposed

Getting Started to Get Your Dog Exposed
Image by AV_Photographer from Pixabay

Getting your dog into posing for pictures is relatively easy. You need to warm up your dog before going out in public. This helps prepare them for any eventuality which may occur during a photoshoot or shoot. Once they are comfortable with a new environment and have loose distractions around them, they become more natural and free-flowing.

All you have to do is teach them where and how to lay down gently on a flat surface. Allow your dog some time to get used to it before attempting any kind of impromptu action. Even if they’re seemingly unable to themself to lay down on their own, it may never hurt to try.

Exposing your dog to varying environments is key to succeeding in the modeling career. Your dog needs to be familiar with different places, comfortable with strangers, loud noises, farm animals, and even bright lights. When dogs get used to different situations and places, they are relatively easy to work with.

Provide Health Check-Up And Regular Grooming

Getting Started to Provide Health Check-Up And Regular Grooming
Image by SwidaAlba from Pixabay

Always ensure your dog has no physical limitations that would make them unfit for modeling. An unhealthy dog won’t enjoy acting or performing. And let’s not even mention how inhumane it would be to shove them in front of the camera.

Keeping your dog groomed at all times does not only keep them looking adorable, but it also keeps their coat healthy. The dog’s appearance is critical in this field.

Don’t forget to groom and brush up your dog when preparing for an audition. Giving your pooch a good bath makes them feel fresh and ready to perform. Go for the best dog shampoo and conditioner that match your dog’s coat. After all, the rule says ‘opportunities knock at the door of a prepared man.’

After you have done all this and are dead-sure your dog is well prepared to be in the spotlight, it’s time for stage two!

Create A Dog Modeling Portfolio

Getting Ready Create A Dog Modeling Portfolio
Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Now that your dog is all groomed and well-trained, it’s time to show him to the world. You need to put his good looks and abilities on display for potential clients.

To best market your dog, take as many headshots as possible. If you are not sure you can take good snapshots yourself, invest in a professional photographer. Diversified headshots will help build an attractive dog portfolio that will capture the attention of potential clients.

Taking professional headshots from different angles will help your dog stand out as unique, admirable, and, most importantly, capable of getting the job done! Get the best headshots printed on a standard paper size of about 10×8 inches, compile a portfolio, and submit it to different agencies!

Craft An Outstanding Dog Modeling Resume

Getting Started Craft An Outstanding Dog Modeling Resume
Image by Alp Cem from Pixabay

A resume is a good way of showing potential agents and casting directors that your dog has all it takes to qualify for an audition. Ensure to highlight his best qualities and add a few thoughts on what sets him apart from the rest.

Your resume should tell potential clients what to expect from your dog, making it crystal clear why they should hire him.

The resume will vary for different dogs, depending on whether they have previous work experience or are new to the modeling world. Resumes for experienced dogs should include any awards and certifications as well as previous jobs. But whether it is your first time or not, there is always a great way to structure your dog’s resume to make it sell. You just have to include all the unique qualities of your dog that will make it beat all odds.

With a good resume, it is easier to get down to business. Now, you need to hunt for a pet modeling agent.

Pet Modeling: Find A Reputable Agent

Getting Started Pet Modeling: Find A Reputable Agent
Image by Jan Steiner from Pixabay

Finding a reputable agent is vital because what kind of work you will be doing will determine how much money you will have to pay for your dog’s modeling services. The more you know about the modeling industry, the better you will select an agent that delivers quality work at an affordable rate.

Pet modeling agents act as a gateway to a successful dog modeling career. There are tons of pet modeling agents, which is not always a plus. You must be very careful when looking for an agent, especially if you are doing it for the first time.

Many people have been scammed, so it is crucial to make sure that you find a reputable pet modeling agent to avoid being tricked. You can either ask a trustworthy person to recommend a good agent, do thorough research online, or talk to people who have already gotten their dogs into modeling.

Build Your Dog’s Brand Through Social Media

An image of a dog building it's modeling brand through social media
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Almost all companies have turned to social media as their primary tool for marketing their products. It has become an excellent tool for building brands, so why not use your Instagram feed to your advantage?

Market your dog using the headshots in their pet portfolio. You can make shareable short videos showing your dog posing for a snapshot. Engage with your audience frequently, ask them what they want to see, and give it to them! Share to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube to reach more people.

Your dog has the potential to become his brand and be featured in great modeling opportunities. Don’t let it go to waste.

Look For Acting And Modeling Opportunities

Getting Started Look For Acting And Modeling Opportunities
Photo by Oliver Li from Pexels

Don’t just sit and wait for the pet modeling agents to find you. The goal is to get your pup to the peak, so do your best to get him to as many auditions as possible.

Search for dog modeling jobs and attend dog contest shows. This will help you get your pooch exposed and gather more attention.

Don’t be discouraged if it takes you a while before finding a suitable pet agent, getting signed, and landing the first job. Instead, roll up your sleeves and get the bull by the horns. The good news is that once you get a reputable agency and get signed, more and more amazing opportunities are likely to knock at your door!

Apply For Dog Modeling And Acting Classes

Getting Started Apply For Dog Modeling And Acting Classes
Photo by Matt Walsh on Unsplash

Why should you pursue this direction after you have a reputable pet modeling agency and after you get signed? Your dog is a work of art in the making. Constantly upgrading his skills will surely make him stand out and get more exposure.

Applying for modeling and acting classes will help your dog acquire more industry-specific skills and make him a professional on every level. You can as well choose to work hand in hand with professional dog trainers.

Professional trainers will teach you how to keep your dog entertained while working. It’s always worth attending private modeling and acting classes, even if they cost a bit more. Apart from basic obedience, your dog will learn new tricks which will keep him sharp and fresh.

Reinforcing Your Dog’s Advanced Skills

Now that your dog has learned basic obedience and has a few tricks up his sleeve, you need to refine more classic and advanced skills through positive reinforcement. You can teach your dog unique tricks by motivating him through food as a reward for learning new skills. Food will work as a conditioned stimulus to help the dog learn complicated tricks.

What Not To Do

What Not To Do To Get Your Dog Into Modeling
Image by Валентин Симеонов from Pixabay

While there are many tips, you will hear about what you should do to help your dog prosper in his modeling career. It is equally important to know what not to do. Remember that you’re dealing with a living creature and not an object you can make money off.

Don’t Expose Your Pooch To Unsafe Places

Since you are training your pooch for advanced skills, always make sure you are doing it in safe places. Don’t be hard on your dog during training by forcing him to obey your command even when you’re putting him in danger.

Safety comes first, even if it means losing a few modeling gigs.

Never Push Your Dog Beyond The Limit

Most people fail this test. You should never force your pooch to do what he is not comfortable doing. If he is afraid of the photographer, try to introduce them in a friendly manner. If he reacts negatively to the camera flash, it might be because it is hurting his eyes.

Listen to your dog’s needs and understand that sometimes he might be having a bad day too.

Preparing For Eventualities

Preparing For Eventualities To Get Your Dog Into Modeling
Photo by Jametlene Reskp on Unsplash

Sometimes the unexpected does happen. Your dog may get irritated and act out of character, just like the rest of us. So, what should you do in that case? 

Business Pet Insurance

Your dog may unexpectedly injure someone during a modeling contract, and you may be held responsible. For cases such as these, different pet companies offer business pet insurance.

A modeling pet under contract may be classed as a working pet. The working pet requires pet public liability insurance in case they damage property or hurt someone. Some people find it surprising that a pet would ever need insurance, but as long as that pet is in the modeling business, the need for a cover should not be underestimated.

It is of paramount importance to get pet insurance even if your dog is well-trained. Better safe than sorry!

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What Your Pet Will Need

What Your Pet Will Need To Get Your Dog Into Modeling
Image by JINNA Kim from Pixabay

Of course, no one gets into business with the mindset of failing. We believe in succeeding. For success to materialize, you need to do the right thing the right way and with the right tools. That said, when you have joined the pet modeling craze, your dog will need the following:

  • A memorable name that can become a brand
  • Active social media accounts such as Instagram and YouTube
  • A grooming and check-up schedule
  • Proper training
  • Daily practice for at least 30 minutes to reinforce the learned skills
  • Vet’s card

Ensure your dog has all he needs to succeed in the dog modeling business. The rule of thumb rule remains: marketing your dog heavily and continuously!

As with every other niche, people will frequently ask questions about the pet modeling industry. Here are some of the most common ones. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of dog breed is suitable for pet modeling?

It’s not about the breed but the dog’s personality and training. First, a dog that is fit for modeling should not be shy or aggressive. Modeling needs to be fun, and therefore, a friendly, confident, and sociable dog would be preferred.

Moreover, dogs that show a great interest in learning and new experiences and are good at responding to obedience commands are more suitable for modeling. Well-behaved dogs are always welcome in the modeling world since it can be challenging at times.

Although it’s not about the type of breed, certain breeds of dogs are said to be better suitable for modeling. These are ones that can be easily trained, although you can teach every dog some basic commands such as come, sit, run, jump, and stay.

What work can model dogs do?

Dogs in the modeling industry can take part in different projects. Apart from just photoshoots, other jobs include video and print advertisements and even theatre shows. There are countless jobs in the dog modeling industry, just like with human models. Different dogs will be good at various jobs.

Other well-paying dog modeling jobs in the U.S. include work from home dog modeling, head of dog trainers, and self-employed dog trainer, among others. If you’re persistent enough with building a solid social media presence, your dog could even become an influencer!

What is the pay for dog models?

The average annual pay for a dog model in the US as of May 2021 was estimated to be about $48,560. That said, you should remember that different dogs get paid differently due to a variety of factors. These include the kind of job your dog did, the pooch’s experience, and the time spent on a given project.

Projects can be long or short-term contracts or one-time gigs. Of course, you will get much more for a long-term contract than what you can make for just a 5-minute photo shoot. A starting pay for a dog model is estimated to be about $150. However, this is a fast-growing industry, and your paycheck is very likely to grow too! Therefore, different factors will influence the amount of money that can be earned through dog modeling.

How to find a modeling job for my dog?

As we mentioned earlier, there are different ways to find a modeling job for your pooch.

The first thing you should aim at is finding a reputable pet modeling agent. Reputable agents have many connections to auditions. They not only help you to organize your dog modeling portfolio, but they will also guide you through the process of becoming a stage parent.

You should not underestimate the power of social media platforms. Market your dog model online. Get to the internet, join pet modeling communities, search for dog modeling jobs and dog auditions. The internet is the most powerful tool you can use. Make the internet your good friend, and you’re guaranteed to succeed! 

Also, you can contact advertisers dealing with pet products. You can search for them online or reach out to people who have been in the pet modeling industry.

What to include in the dog modeling resume?

A dog modeling resume is one of the requirements for getting into the pet modeling industry. It informs potential agents and casting directors about your dog’s experience and abilities.

Therefore, it must be presented so that it displays all qualities that your dog possesses. Your resume tells potential clients what to expect from your dog, giving them a reason to hire your pooch.

The resume will vary for different dogs depending on their experiences and talents. You can include awards and certifications for previous auditions. Showcase your pup’s various talents in different environments and situations. You can also include all the advanced skills your dog has that make it stand out.

Final Thoughts

You need to familiarize yourself with the pet modeling industry if you want to swim with sharks. Considering the ideas discussed in this article and putting them into action will give you the confidence needed to get started.

This industry is not for the faint-hearted if your goal is to make your dog a star. Look for reputable pet agents, craft a quality dog model resume, and make an outstanding portfolio with high-quality headshots. Remember, keeping your dog’s social media account active will contribute significantly to ensuring your pooch competes efficiently.

When you become a stage parent in the pet modeling industry, you must develop a clear vision for what you want to achieve. Otherwise, it won’t be worth the trouble. Play your cards right, and we hope to see your dog on a billboard!

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