car that needs to get hair dog out because of shedding

How to Get Dog Hair Out of a Car

Many of us enjoy the company of our pets and like to take them wherever we go. You can create beautiful memories with your dog by taking them with you on trips or exploring things they haven’t seen. They get to see other dogs or animals and new places where they can sniff and hear new things with every turn. 

As the owners, we get the satisfaction of knowing our dogs appreciate every second of those outings. With that said, a lot of the aftermath of those happy moments includes a lot of cleaning. 

Getting dog hair out of a car can be especially tricky, as their fine hair likes to cling on to surfaces and fabrics. The hair gets embedded into the fibers until a simple wipe is insufficient. There are a lot of gimmicky products on the market, but not all of them work. 

Below you will find the best methods to get dog hair out of a car. A lot of them are things you might already have in your house!

Back to Basics

dog that sheds hair in a car
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If you frequently have your furry friend keep you company in your car, then some tools are worth your investment. Some are more expensive, some are super cheap, but they all will help you get started on removing the hair. 

Lint roller

lint roller is used to catch loose hairs in a car seat
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Lint rollers can be found almost everywhere, and they are super affordable. You can easily purchase the rollers and the refills from grocery stores or the dollar store. There might be one in your house already. Lint rollers are excellent for catching loose hairs or dirt on fabric surfaces, and they will be helpful not only for your car but also for other fabric surfaces. You can use it on your clothes, pillows, sofa, and any other fabric surface where the dog hairs always get stuck. 

Lint rollers are a great first step before using other products, as they won’t remove hair embedded in the fibers.

Dryer sheets

dryer sheets is used to catch loose hairs in a car seat
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You most definitely have these in your house. Dryer sheets are excellent for getting dog hair out of a car. The main pro: you don’t have to use any cleaning solutions or water, and it is perfect for more delicate fabrics and surfaces that can’t be scrubbed or wetted. 

To use them, you have to run them over any surfaces you want to clean. It will pick up hair and dust, and if you use a scented one, it might leave a fresh scent behind. 

Vacuum cleaner

vacuum cleaner  is used to catch loose hairs in a car seat
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It might seem obvious, but having a good vacuum cleaner will help in your quest to get dog hair out of a car. You can use a regular handheld vacuum that you might already have in your house if you don’t want to buy a new one. You can also buy a vacuum cleaner designed for car use. They have batteries, or you can plug them into the cigarette lighter/charging ports. The vacuums and their attachments have to be small enough to get in all the nooks and crannies of your car. 

Depending on how embedded the hair is to your carpet and seats, you might need a more powerful vacuum. If this is the case, you might want to pay a visit to your local car wash or rent one.

Rubber Is Your Best Friend

rubber gloves is used to rid of hair dog in a car
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Hair gets easily caught on rubbery surfaces, and that’s what makes it your best friend when you’re trying to get dog hair out of a car. Most of these work exceptionally well on the seats and carpets, where dog hair is incredibly stubborn to get out. The best thing about these tools is that they are cheap, and you might have them in your house already. 


Squeegees have a plastic part and a rubber part. The rubber part of window squeegees is excellent to get dog hair out of a car, as it clings to the rubber. It works best on loose hair, but it can even pull out some embedded hair. This method is excellent for flat surfaces, carpets, or seats, and it is a great option to clean the trunk.

You have to wet it a little to use it, so the hair is more prone to stick to it. Once it is damp, you can rub it over the places you want to clean, and you’ll see the hair starting to collect. 

Rubber gloves

rubber cleaning gloves can be your greatest tool to get dog hair out of a car
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A pair of rubber cleaning gloves can be your greatest tool to get dog hair out of a car. Like with the squeegee, you can use them dry or dampen them a little bit to get better results. It works on all surfaces and has the advantage of being more adaptable to all nooks and crannies. While the squeegee is hard, your hand can easily mold to harder-to-reach places. 

You have to sweep your hand or fingers over the surfaces, always in the same direction. You will quickly see the hair clump in bulks. 


Static electricity can be your best friend when picking up loose hair. This method is great for surfaces that don’t have a lot of embedded hair. Balloons are super inexpensive and easy to find, and they can be wiped clean and reused as many times as you want. 

Other Helpful Tools

fabric softener and pumice stone are helpful tools ridding of dog hair

If the tools mentioned above are not an option for you, there are two more options for getting dog hair out of a car. We recommend you do a patch test before using them, as they might react undesirably with your seats or carpet. 

Fabric softener

This method is suitable for surfaces that you can dampen. You have to mix a bit of fabric softener and water in a spray bottle. Then, you can spray it on your seats or carpets. The ingredients on the softener will help loosen the hair, so you can then wipe it with a rag or paper towel. After that, you can vacuum whatever hair is left. 

Pumice stone

A pumice stone is especially good to remove hair from the carpets and mats of your car. It is an excellent method as it is cheap, but you should do a patch test to ensure you won’t damage the surfaces. You can wipe the areas clean with the pumice, always going in the same direction.

The pumice stone is an excellent method to pair with the water and fabric softener spray. 

Tips and Tricks to Keep Dog Hair Out of a Car

dog that shed hair inside a car
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Cleaning all the hair in a car is hard work. Keeping it as clean as possible will ensure you won’t have to be using all these methods so frequently. Here are a few tips to avoid getting as much dog hair in your car:

Brush your dog frequently

A lot of the time, dogs shed more hair than we are aware of. They walk around leaving hair everywhere as it doesn’t fall all at once. We can help them by brushing them frequently to trap loose hair in the brush and not in your car and furniture. Bathing them is great to get rid of their shedding coat as well. 

Use a seat cover

seat cover is used hair to make sure hair has no way of getting in the car fabrics
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Nowadays, you can easily find pet carriers and seat covers for most sizes of dogs. The amount of hair is not the only reason to get one, as a lot of them include security measures to make your trips safer for your furry friends. A lot of them snap into your seatbelt buckle and cover your seats, so the hair has no way of getting in the fabric easily. 

Use a harness

If you’re unable to buy a big seat cover, your option to minimize the area of destruction might be buying a harness that snaps into the seatbelt buckle. This will make it safer for your dog in case of an accident, but it will also limit their movement. In this way, they won’t get in some places and the cleaning area will be smaller. 


Cleaning hair out of your car can be a pain in the butt, but there are a lot of methods that have proven to be helpful. Of course, once you have successfully cleaned all the hair, the best thing you can do is keep it out as much as possible. 

Knowing all these useful tips and tricks, you will be able to enjoy all your outings with your dog without worrying about how to get dog hair out of a car. And it is more than likely that you have at least one of these tools handy. Our furry friends love exploring new places or re-visiting their favorite ones. They appreciate you taking them places as much as or probably more than you enjoy their company. 

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