The Question is, can you offer Dogs CBD Oil Intended for Humans?

How much CBD Should I Give My Dog

As far as medicating your pet is concerned, it is important that you work with the correct dosage. Cannabidiol is a great compound that has shown the potential of aiding cats and dogs as well as different pets in dealing with a diverse range of ailments.

That said, getting the correct dosage of CBD may become a little hard. Here, I will be highlighting basic pointers that you have to be aware of while working with CBD dosage for your dog. The same also works for cats.

I will highlight everything you need to be aware of CBD dosing as well as give you guidelines on dosages for oils, treats and even capsules.

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Things to Consider When Treating Your Pet With CBD

Before we can even delve into anything specific on dosages for dogs, it is of paramount importance that we highlight a few basics too.

It is important to note that there are different factors affecting the dosages given to a specific pet.  This discussion will specifically target dogs as this is an area I am experienced about though most of the info cut across to other pets inclusive of cats.

A major factor that plays a role in dosing where CBD products are concerned is the kind of product you decide to use.  The brand from where you purchase the supplement from is also something that one should consider.

Products manufactured from CBD are found in three different forms:

  • CBD Oils
  • CBD Capsules
  • Treats (you can find some treats that are recommended by checking here)

The other factor is the size of your pet. A large dog would need a big dosage.

If you come across products that are of high quality, you will notice that these are availed with dosage charts.  They also have a very specific formula that is usually made basing on the how much a specific dog weighs.

You should also note that a particular ailment that your dog is suffering from is key to determining how much they are supposed to take.

Every brand that I have used and recommend explains the kind of ailment that would need a regular dosage versus what needs a more stronger dosage.

CBD Dosage Basics

Brown dog taking CBD oil

Generally, oils are administered using drops. The specific quantity of the drops that you may need for a given dose can be different depending on the type of product this mostly ranges between two to four drops that are taken between two to four  times on a daily basis.

The dosage can be adjusted and this will depend on the size or the condition of a given pet as mentioned earlier. CBD capsules are mostly availed in 5-20 mg of CBD for each capsule.

That said, the rule on the dosage would still vary from a given product to another though the general dosage requires at least one tablet which can be administered one to two times in a given day.

CBD treats for dogs are not similar to capsules and oils as they have different quantities of cannabidiol and this should be administered to your dog according to what is on the package.

Anytime you are using CBD, my recommendation would be that you stick to the dosage guidelines that are availed, observe the reaction from your pet and make any necessary adjustments that you may need of the dosage.

CBD Dosing for Dogs (HolistaPet)

A couple years back our dog Rosie was diagnosed with terminal cancer as well as hip dysplasia.

While searching for solutions that would enable our dog to have a great time on her last days, I got the opportunity to get more insight on CBD and I made the decision of using CBD from a couple of brands which was inclusive of HolistaPet.

The info given below relates to HolistaPet for they have proved to be a great brand with the supplements they provided.

The company at the moment makes 3 kinds of cannabidiol products targeted at pets:

  • CBD Tincture (oil)
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Treats

As seen below, I will be sharing specific information about dosing for CBD  and especially for dogs with this company’s products.

I have this strong belief that the guidelines below are helpful especially if used along with similar products as well as brands.

It is important to note that you could need to make adjustments on the dosages and this is dependent on your pet’s condition.

It is also recommended that you consult a vet for help in finding the most suitable dosing for your dog in case you are worried about this.

Dosage With CBD Oil

CBD oil on display

The company provides just one of oil for dogs as well as cats in the form of a tincture which is a CBD Pet Tincture.

The tincture is availed in bottles of 150mg, 300mg, and 600mg. The following are the most basic guidelines for dosage for this particular tincture:

For smaller dogs below 20lbs:

  •  You need the 150-milligram bottle
  • One drop is equivalent to 0.5milligram of cannabidiol
  • Regular dose = 0.25milligram X 1lb of the body-weight
  • For medium sized dogs between 20lbs – 60lbs:
  • You need the 300milligram bottle
  • One drop is equivalent to 1milligram of cannabidiol

Regular dose = 0.25millligram X 1lb of the  body-weight

Larger dogs of about 60lbs and more:

You need the 600mg bottle

One drop = 1milligram of Cannabidiol

Regular dose = 0.25milligram X 1lb of the body-weight

Don’t Let These Formulas Scare You.

The guidelines above may seem complex initially though they are not.

In case your dog is below 20lbs you actually have to use small amounts of CBD or an oil that is less potent.  The tincture (150mg) from HolistaPet is the best.

A great example is if your pet weighs 6 pounds, you can use the formula below:

6lbs X 0.25milligram = 1.5milligram

One drop is equivalent to 0.5milligram

In this case, you have to use three drops for a dog that weighs 6lbs.

In case your dog weighs 40 pounds, you can make use of the 300milligrams or even the 600milligrams bottles. Their potency is similar, one bottle is two times the size.

For such, the formula is:

40lbs X 0.25milligrams = 10 drops

This company ensures that their dosages are clearly outlined with a simple and readable dosage chart that is given on their site as seen at

How to Give Your Dog CBD Oil

The best method to do this is sublingually (under the tongue).

I am certain that you know that dogs do not like medicine as such and this, therefore, presents a challenge.

It is important therefore to be patient about it and note that your dog may even eventually get accustomed to this regimen with the CBD oil. There are lots of pet owners who have confessed to me about their dogs preferring licking it.

In case you experience issues in the administration of the liquid, you should try giving your dog a reward by giving them their favorite treat immediately they take their medicine. This is a great trick for dogs.

In instances where this does not actually work, you could then focus on using capsules or even treats, these are availed in different flavors.

Dosage With CBD Capsules

The company provides cannabidiol capsules for your dog and cat.  This is availed in similar bottle sizes as that of the oil they provide which is: 150milligrams, 300milligrams and 600milligrams bottles.

This is also the same for their capsules:

Regular doses are in the quantities of 0.25milligrams X 1lb of body-weight.

Every bottle size has thirty capsules which have different milligrams of CBD:

  • 150miligram bottle: One capsule = 5milligram of CBD
  • 300miligram bottle: One capsule = 10miligram of CBD
  • 600milligram bottle: One capsule = 20milligram of CBD

In this case, a dog weighing 40 pounds would need a regular dose as follows:

40lbs X 0.25milligram = 10milligram of CBD

This kind of dosage means taking one capsule from a 300 milligrams bottle.

As I mentioned earlier, this company provides a readable chart to help with referring when administering a dosage.

How to Administer CBD Capsules for Dogs

Their administration process is a bit easier as compared to CBD oil.

The capsule can be opened up and mixed with your pets usual food, or the whole capsule can be wrapped in treats or even in a pill pocket.

Whichever method you choose, it is important that you ensure that your pet consumes all the contents in the capsule so that the dose is properly administered.

Dosage With CBD Treats

The company provides three flavors for their dog treats that have CBD.   Every bag has close to thirty treats and each contains 5milligrams of CBD.

Find below the basic dosing guidelines for the treats they provide:

  • 1 treat is equivalent to 5 milligrams CBD
  • 0.25milligrams X 1lb body-weight

For a pet weighing 20 pounds, the formula is as follows: 0.25milligrams X 20lbs = 5milligrams

A dog weighing at 20lbs should be given one treat daily in the case of a standard dose.

In case you need further details on the same, be sure to check out their site at:

Dosing With Another Brand (King Kanine)

This is another great company I always recommend.

I used products from this brand for my dog Rosie, I have also come across great feedback from a lot of pet owners.

The best thing about this brand is they have ensured that the administration of the supplements is very easy.

The company avails a chart for reference. The chart has each of the company’s oil products. It is very straightforward.

Find  an easier version below:

Dog Weight (LBS) Standard Therapeutic Medicinal
5 .1 ml .1 ml .2 ml
10 .1 ml .2 ml .5 ml
15 .2 ml .3 ml .6 ml
20 .2 ml .4 ml .8 ml
25 .25 ml .5 ml 1 ml
30 .3 ml .6 ml 1.2 ml
35 .4 ml .7 ml 1.4 ml
40 .4 ml .8 ml 1.6 ml
45 .5 ml .9 ml 1.8 ml
50 .5 ml 1 ml 2 ml
55 .6 ml 1.1 ml 2.2 ml
60 .6 ml 1.2 ml 2.4 ml
65 .7 ml 1.3 ml 2.6 ml
70 .7 ml 1.4 ml 2.8 ml
75 .8 ml 1.5 ml 3 ml
80 .8 ml 1.6 ml 3.2 ml
85 .9 ml 1.7 ml 3.4 ml
90 .9 ml 1.8 ml 3.6 ml
95 1 ml 1.9 ml 3.8 ml
100 1 ml 2 ml 4 ml
101-120 1.1 ml 2.2 ml 4.5 ml
121-140 1.3 ml 2.6 ml 5.2 ml
141-160 1.6 ml 3.2 ml 6.5 ml

Oils from this company are availed with a syringe that you can utilize as seen above.  You need to fill the syringe basing the chart as well as your pet.

You should note that this chart is specific to oils by King Kanine.

The column on the left of the chart shows the different weight categories.

Their three columns on the center are labeled as Standard, Therapeutic, and Medicinal.

  • Standard:  This applies for General immune support as well as different situations such as when there is bad weather, a big crowd.
  • Therapeutic:  This is specific to issues that are inclusive of anxiety, arthritis, pain from an injury, nausea, and inflammation.
  • Medicinal: This is specific to instances where a bigger dose is essential such as when the dog is suffering from epilepsy, cancer as well as hip dysplasia.

Here are a few examples:

In case your dog is a terrier weighing close to 15 pounds and they suffer from anxiety either while being driven around or because of a thunderstorm that is loud, you can administer a regular dosage of 0.2ml.

In the case of a German Shepherd weighing about 80 pounds and suffering from hip dysplasia, a dosage of 3.2ml per day will work.

There could be an overlap between both Therapeutic and medicinal. You should always remember to keep watch over the pet and be aware that cannabidiol is not psychoactive and does not even have the ability to cause an overdose.

If you, therefore, follow these guidelines, you should not be too worried about administering too much CBD on the pet.

King Kanine’s Other Products

The company provides CBD treats as well as cookies that they refer to as King Kalm Crunch. Dosing is not so specific and is even hard to keep track of the same as with hard food, this made them average down the dosage on their treats.

A cookie a day is standard for a majority of the dogs.

As for treats as well as cookies, it is important to actually stick to the guidelines given on the packaging. Check out their site to get more insight into their

Can My Dog Take Too Much CBD?

Cannabidiol is a not psychoactive means that it cannot get your pet high.

A lot of studies indicate that CBD has great tolerance levels even in higher doses.

Actually, it has no toxicity known and thus is not capable of an overdose.

Choosing the Right Product (Oil, Capsules, Or Treats)

This article highlights three kinds of cannabidiol products that are made for dogs and that is the: Capsules, oils as well as treats.

A lot of pet owners find it hard to decide the product they can give their pets.

I, however, recommend that you use CBD oil in anytime you can.

If administered sublingually, the oil provides very quick relief.

Capsules as well as treats, have to go via the digestive tract, this means it takes longer for the effects to be experienced which is about 45 minutes.

It is important to that the treatment involving the oil is a bit hard in terms of administration and leaves a very strong taste.

In this case, if the dog is picky while eating and has sensitivity towards taste, the best results will be experienced by giving them capsules as well as treats.

In case your dog is experiencing difficulty with eating, you need to use cannabidiol oil to ensure proper dosage is done.

In case you are searching for products to use, I recommend this company’s CBD Pet Tincture.

Final Thoughts on These Dosage Recommendations

My focus with this article was to highlight the basics on the amount of CBD you can administer on your dog.

You should note that the above are basics and can change which is a dependent condition, size, as well as the company/type of product you give your pet.

That said, note that cannabidiol is not toxic and does not bring about the effect of an overdose.

In case you need more insight into CBD products, you should take a look at different guides that we provide.

Here’s The Next Step:

In case you would want to get a more comprehensive dosage that is specific for your dog, I got good news for you. I have a checklist that can help you in figuring out the dosage that you need.

This checklist is a seven-point checklist, it has free bonus info that ensures that your pet gets the best product available in the market and in the correct amounts.

You need to click on the image link provided, provide your email and you will get the cost free checklist delivered to you.

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