dog owner’s guide how long do pitbulls live

Dog Owner’s Guide: How Long Do Pitbulls Live?

Pitbulls are a very popular and lovely dog breed despite being misunderstood. This wonderful dog breed is loving, sweet, and fun to be with. However, when we want to add a new furry friend to the family, we often do some findings to know how long they will live and be a part of the family. We usually do that to avoid unrealistic expectations and care for them properly for their entire lives. Hence, how long do Pitbulls live? How long is your Pitbull expected to live with you? In addition, we will also talk about factors that determine the life expectancy of these beautiful creatures.

What Is the Average Lifespan of Pitbulls?

average pitbull lifespan
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The average lifespan of Pitbulls is from ten to 15 years. Yes, Pitbulls can live that long. Nevertheless, several factors contribute to and determine a Pitbull’s quality and length of life. Some of the critical factors include Pitbull’s health status and genetics. How you take care of your Pitbull also plays a crucial role in how long they live.

What are the factors that affect a Pitbull’s lifespan? Many factors affect a Pitbull’s lifespan, including underlying health problems, inadequate exercise, diet, living conditions, and more.

Spaying and neutering is another thing that affects a Pitbull’s lifespan. Generally, spayed or neutered Pitbulls have fewer health problems like intestinal issues, pyometra, and prostate cancer. Hence, if you have no plans of breeding your Pitbull, spay or neuter it when it gets to the right age; this would help to increase the dog’s longevity.

What Usually Causes Pitbulls’ Death?

what usually causes pitbulls’ death
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Pitbulls are known for many things, including being people-oriented and affectionate. Thanks to their strong, athletic build and great genes, they are one of the healthiest and strongest dog breeds. Nevertheless, they also encounter some health issues like other dog breeds. Here are some of the reasons that cause their death:


Pitbulls are one of the numerous dog breeds that suffer from this health condition. Cancer is one of the causes of mortality in this dog breed. However, this health condition is more common amongst older Pitbulls. Cancer affects the system or internal organs. The most commonly known are mast cell tumors. However, regular vet visits can save your furry friend’s life, as the vet could detect it early and find a solution. Early diagnosis can give your dog a better chance to survive this condition. 

Bone Disease

Like any bully breed, Pitbulls often suffer from inherited diseases such as hip dysplasia due to their stocky nature. They are also vulnerable to other skeletal malformations and joint disorders. Moreover, this breed can also suffer from arthritis.

Skin Disease

Pitbulls also suffer from skin disease, but it is not always fatal. However, this condition can be fatal if the infections cause sepsis. Even if it does not often cause death, this condition can substantially impact a Pitbull’s life quality. Hence, once you notice any irregularity on your Pitbull’s skin, visit the veterinary as soon as possible to prevent the infection from causing sepsis.

Gastric Dilation Volvulus

Gastric Dilation Volvulus is a rare condition but very deadly. This condition is when the Pitbull’s stomach twists when full. It is excruciating and can make your dog very uncomfortable. This disease is potentially life-threatening. Hence, it would be best to treat it urgently once you notice your dog is always retching, bloated, or restless. 

How to Help Your Pitbull Live Longer

how to help your pitbull live longer
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There is very little you can do about some of the causes of Pitbulls’ death, such as congenital heart disease. Nevertheless, you can do a few things to give your pet friend the best life they deserve. Here are some of the things you can do to make your Pitbull live a longer and healthy life:

Avoid obesity

overweight pitbull
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One of the best and most effective ways of helping your Pitbull live a longer life is to ensure he is always at a healthy weight. Many dogs are overweight, and this affects their overall wellbeing and lifespan. Obesity has some adverse effects on Pitbulls, just like humans. Moreover, this condition can cause arthritis, kidney disease, some types of cancer, high blood pressure, shorter lifespan, and reduced quality of life.

Many pet owners do not know when their dog is overweight; take it in stride and say it is the dog’s stocky frame. When you view your Pitbull from the side and above, if the waistline is not visible, chances are your Pitbull is overweight. If your dog is at a healthy weight, you should be able to feel its ribs. 

The best way to keep your Pitbull at a healthy weight is to provide them with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Avoid feeding them junk and low-quality diets. Always opt for the best dog food for your pitbull, as they are formulated to help your dog maintain a healthy weight. You can also add healthy veggies and fruits to their meal, like carrots, broccoli, and celery.

Regular exercise 

pitbull happily playing with other dog as a regular exercise
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Pitbulls are one of the most active dog breeds. They require a minimum of one hour of exercise daily. As with humans, exercise is essential for pets also. Your Pitbull needs plenty of training and exercise to remain healthy and active. In addition to keeping them fit, regular and plenty of exercises help to increase their lifespan.

Without adequate exercise, your furry friend might get bored and destructive. If your A bored Pitbull can chew and swallow things they should not, resulting in choking and a trip to the emergency vet. Helping them socialize with both humans and animals comes in handy in controlling their behavior.

Premium quality food

pitbull eating premium quality food
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Another great way to extend the lifespan of your Pitbull is to provide it with premium-quality dog food. The dog food market is full of foods from different brands, and not all are made equal. Junk foods are unhealthy for humans and dogs as well. Avoid giving your dog scraps, fast food, salty, and fatty meat. Moreover, you should not give specific food items to dogs as it can be fatal for them.

To ensure your dog is healthy and lives long, avoid feeding them junk food. You need to know what is in your dog’s food. Many cheap dog foods contain artificial ingredients and fillers, which are unhealthy for your dog. These additives do not provide any nutritional value. Hence, it would help to avoid dog food fillers such as meat by-products and corn.

Opt for dog food with premium quality ingredients. The first ingredient on the list should be real meat. You also want to ensure the dog food is suitable for large breeds such as Pitbulls. Getting high-quality food formulated for Pitbulls only would also help. However, regardless of the food type, you want to ensure high quality and safe for your pet. 

Regular vet visits

pitbull puppy that needs a regular vet visit
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If you want your pet to live for a long time, the vet should be your friend. Regular trips to the vet will save you a lot of trouble, and it will establish a routine with your dog. With regular visits, you can avoid severe health conditions, as the vet can detect them early before they can do any harm to your dog. Take your dog to the vet at least once per year to help them get used to it. As your Pitbull gets older, you can increase the visits to a minimum of two times yearly.

Allow Them Live with You Indoors

pitbull allowed by owner to live indoors
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Dogs are social, and being with their pack keeps them company. When it comes to domestic dogs, their owners are their pack. Keeping your dog outdoors can have some side effects on their overall life and health. Being alone will make your Pitbull feel isolated, resulting in issues such as depression, loneliness, aggression, destructive behavior, and more. 

It can also result in your dog trying to escape, which often leads to getting lost or, worse, car accidents. Furthermore, your Pitbull can be exposed to parasites when they live outdoors, and it also makes them vulnerable to animal attacks. Hence, living with your dog indoors is always best for their health and overall wellbeing. Pets are part of the family, so treat them as such. 

Lots of love

lots of love
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Do you know showing your lots of love can make pets live longer? Dogs are very affectionate, and they love being taken care of. They love being showing affection, especially their owners. Being around people will socialize them and mellow them down. Hence, you should know how to take care of this breed accordingly and show your Pitbull all the love you can. 


Dogs are one of the most amazing creatures on earth. These furry pets are lovely and fun to be with. They are active and can keep you company for a long time. However, watching them go can be very painful. That is why pet owners often try to determine how long a dog breed lasts before adopting any. Generally, Pitbulls last from ten to 15 years. However, your Pitbull’s lifespan depends on several things, such as how much you care for them, underlying health issues, their diet, and more. Pitbulls deserve all the love and care just like any other dog breed, and as the owner, it is your responsibility to make them feel loved and wanted until the end. Getting a pet is a commitment, and you should ensure that your pet is well-taken care of if you want them to stay for a long time.

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