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8 Interesting Facts About the Weimaraner

There is so much to know about the Weimaraner, and whether you already have one, or if you are planning to get one soon – this article might interest you! There are a few fun things you might not know about the Weimaraner, and while it might not change anything, it is interesting knowledge to possess.

Did you, for example, know what their close-to-official nickname is? Or what it is that makes them good swimmers? Or, can you name two famous people who have owned Weimaraners? Continue reading and discover more about this beautiful and unique looking dog breed.

Weimaraners Love Water

Weimaraner on the water

While not all Weimaraners are the same, many have a profound love for the water, and they are also great swimmers! This is thanks to their webbed toes, something that allows them to paddle easily through the water (just like Retriever breeds like the Labrador and the Golden Retriever), and it also makes them great for hunting in areas where there are lakes or calm streams.

This is believed to have been developed on purpose by those who were involved in creating the breed, to make them better and more versatile hunters.

If you have a Weimaraner, you might want to take them to the beach or to a lake to see if they would be interested in swimming and playing in the water, as it could be a rewarding activity to help tire out your energetic pooch.

Remember to start out slowly and let your Weimaraner take his time to get accustomed to the water and let him walk around first without the obligation to swim.

“Gray Ghost” Is Their Nickname

Dog breeds usually have nicknames, and one of the most famous nicknames for the Weimaraner is the “Gray Ghost.” It is not hard to see where this nickname comes from, as the breed is supposed to be silvery gray with a short, slick and smooth coat, and they can run so fast that you might not see much more than just a gray shadow swooping by.

It could also have something to do with how silently they can move when hunting, and it is a fitting name for such a special dog breed.

If you’re lucky enough to have your very own “Gray Ghost”, feed him the right dog food for Weimaraners!

One of the Fastest Dog Breeds

dachshund and Weimaraner running on the field

An impressive fact about the Weimaraner is that they are fast runners! They are, actually, one of the absolute fastest dog breeds in the world, with only a few dog breeds being physically capable of outrunning them. A Weimaraner can reach a top speed of about 35mph, so you probably shouldn’t play tag with a Weim.

This is an important fact for Weimaraner owners, as such an avid runner needs space to roam around. Try to find a large dog park or a field where your fur friend can get to run, or start practicing a sport like Flyball, Agility or Lure Coursing!

First Bred in the 1800s

The Weimaraner was originally bred for hunting larger prey, and it needed to be fast and agile. The Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach – Karl August – was truly passionate about hunting, and he needed a dog that could live up to his extremely high expectations.

He worked extensively to develop the Weimaraner as a gun dog, and this was also what it was used as for many years. The Weimaraner was considered excellent for hunting deer, boar and even bear, and it then went on to be used hunting for smaller animals like foxes, rabbits, and fowl.

This means the Weimaraner is quite a new breed, compared to other ancient dog breeds, and while not everyone has heard of it, it is surprisingly popular both in hunting communities and as a faithful and active pet.

The discipline the breed is known to show when out for a hunt is highly desirable among hunters, and their love for people makes them perfect for inexperienced hunters, but the truth is that fewer people hunt today than they did before, and their qualities as a loyal family dog have instead become the focus.

It is believed that the Weimaraner is closely related to the St. Hubert Hound – a Bloodhound descendant – or possibly the Chien-Gris dog, but the origins have never been officially established.

Can Have Blue Coat

You might not know this, but a Weimaraner can be any shade of gray – from a warmer and almost brown gray and to a colder gray that looks close blue. A blue Weimaraner looks absolutely striking, but it is an undesired color by the AKC (American Kennel Club), and a blue Weimaraner is not allowed at AKC dog shows, as it is considered a defect. This does not mean they can’t make great pets, but licensed breeders avoid breeding on dogs that have a bluish coat.

Some are eventually born also to dogs with a Pedigree, so if you are planning on purchasing a Weimaraner puppy with the purpose of eventually enrolling it in dog shows – don’t pick the puppy with a cold bluish-gray coat.

Some breeders may choose to sell these puppies at a reduced price, and if they are honest and committed to preserving the breed – they should be informing you about the potential downsides of a blue Weimaraner puppy.

Famous People with Weimaraners

There are quite a few famous people who have owned Weimaraner dogs! One is the classic movie star Grace Kelly, who was given a Weimaraner dog on her wedding day in 1956 – when she married no one less than Prince Rainier the 3rd of Monaco. The person to give her the dog was her own brother, Jack, and the Weimaraner appeared in several photos after that.

In 1955, the President of the United States at the time – Dwight Eisenhower – opted for adopting a Weimaraner! Her name was Heidi, and while she was initially allowed to explore the White House as she pleased, she was eventually sent off to live at the President’s farm in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, after having peed on a very pricy rug inside the President’s residence. Oops!

Gained Popularity During World War II

In 1929, the first Weimaraner was imported to the United States from Germany, and it was done by a man named Howard Knight. Knight was a hunter from Rhode Island, but despite his fascination with the breed – it didn’t gain proper popularity until World War II, when soldiers returning to the United States brought cute little Weimaraner puppies with them.

The breed made a huge impact on the American people, possibly due to their playful nature, athletic built and the loyalty they showed towards their owners, and the breed experienced a temporary peek in popularity, and has remained stable since.

Extremely Attached to Their Owner

It is almost humorous how attached the Weimaraner can (and probably will) become to their owners, and it is commonly joked about within the Weimaraner community. They will want to be with you – all the time, even when you try to take a shower or go to the bathroom.

Don’t be surprised if the Weimaraner wants so sit right by your leg throughout the day – following you like a shadow if you move as much as a muscle. It can sometimes get a little annoying, so know that the second you decide to invite a Weimaraner to live with you – you are potentially giving up your personal space.

On the other hand, having a silvery gray fur friend following you around isn’t so bad, especially not considering they do it out of love. You get a faithful friend that would do anything for you, and who will be there for you when you need it. As a plus – they are insanely cute, so who could (or should) say no to that?

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