Facts About Pit Bulls

Facts About Pit Bulls

The Pit Bull is a breed of dog that fascinates most of us out there. The abilities of these pups make them quite different from most of the other dogs. But… One thing that most people don’t know about the Pit Bull, is that its actually not a breed! In fact, it is a generic term to describe a certain group of dogs that have the same characteristics and traits.

The most common examples of Pit Bulls are American Staffordshire Terriers, Pit Mixes, and American Pit Bull Terriers. Since people are really fond of these pups, and want to know more about these lovable animals, we have come up with some information to help!

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Facts About Pit Bulls Pit Bull Characteristics
Image by MichaelDarby1976 from Pixabay

Pit Bulls are dogs that have extreme mental and physical characteristics, therefore, these dogs can turn out to be great companions for their owners. Because of these qualities, it is sometimes considered difficult to handle these dogs, especially for someone who has never been associated with any dog in their lifetime, or a person who does not know this particular breed well.

Learning and Training

It is usually pretty straightforward to train Pit Bulls – all you need is a little knowledge, and time. It is in their nature to please their owners, and that is why they learn quite quickly. However, it is very important that these dogs be taken to obedience classes at a very early stage, to ensure correct training.

Pit Bulls are naturally aggressive dogs, therefore, you can expect a bit of distemper from them, on the occasion. It is essential for all Pit Bull owners to complete all the necessary vaccinations on a timely basis. This needs to be before the dog comes into contact with other dogs, and nature itself.

Temperament and Nature

Pit Bulls are energetic, strong, powerful and agile dogs. One of the most noticeable traits of this breed is their extreme determination. Whatever they are set out to do, or complete, they will put all their heart and soul to complete it successfully.

Whether it is tearing of the new couch you bought, or perhaps just simply if he wants to shower his love on you by licking your face all over, they just do not give up.

Pit Bull Temperament and Nature

Another trait that is found in many examples of the Pit Bull dogs, is their extreme love for humans. These dogs just love and adore their owners. They would often come and sit on your lap for hours, showing you with their affection. They really like to cuddle and the renowned belly rub is just the key to pleasing these awesome, loyal pups.

Having said all that, Pit Bulls are naturally aggressive. This is not usually towards humans (but can be) it is with other dogs and animals. A Pit Bull can start a sudden fight with a dog that he has spent years with, and have eaten from the same bowl or even played and cuddled with him form time to time.

Pit Bulls do not show any signs of a fight before starting it, and it is just all too sudden. Therefore, it is advised thar all the dog owners have to be on the lookout every time they leave their Pit Bull with other dogs, children, animals or even in a group of only Pit Bulls.

How Tall is a Pit Bull?

How Tall is a Pit Bull?
Image by Ben Kerckx from Pixabay

As we have already discussed earlier that Pit Bull is not a specific breed, but different breeds of dogs displaying the same traits and characteristics. Therefore, the height may vary a lot with different dogs.

Although, the Kennel Club has recognized the Pit Bull as a breed and gave the average height of the Pitbull as 15 to 21 inches at the shoulder for males and 14 to 20 inches at the shoulder for females – but there are still exceptions, since there are different dogs with different breeds that fall under the banner of “Pit Bulls”.

What Is The History of Pit Bulls?

What Is The History of Pit Bulls?

Let’s find out how the Pit Bulls came into existence. The dogs we know today as Pit Bulls were originally bred from the all-popular British Bulldogs. The British Bulldogs are sometimes known for their aggressive natures, and in the past were involved in a number of bloody, and even deadly, sports such as bull baiting and dog fighting.

People used to cross their Bulldogs with Terriers, and after that; they released them into a pit. This was either to kill rats, or fight with one another. This is where the Pit Bull type originated from, and why some people still have their reservations about the dogs.

The history of the Pit Bull might seem pretty ruthless, bloody and extremely aggressive, but these dogs are really intelligent and can be adorably friendly at the same time. Their love for humans can be easily witnessed by their attitude towards them. They might be brought into existence from a bloody and ruthless sport but still, they have a pretty friendly nature.

What Is The World’s Largest Pit Bull?

The world’s largest Pit Bull alive on earth today is known as Hulk, he weighs 174 pounds or 79 kgs. That is an amazing size for a dog, to mention lethal – at the same time. Hulk is owned by Marlon and Lesa Grannan who reside at the Dark Dynasty K9s with a number of other dogs. Hulk is the father of eight little puppies who have all the abilities to break a number of records same as their father.

So, it’s clear to see that the Pit Bull is a friendly breed, but it’s all down to the initial vital training from a young age.

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