Do dogs like kisses? Dogs may learn to enjoy kissing. However, kissing among dogs is different than it is for humans. Read on to find out more!

Do Dogs Like Kisses?

The question ‘Do dogs like kissing? ‘ is one that people cannot seem to agree on. There are dog owners who believe that their pets dislike and avoid kisses, while others insist otherwise.

Kissing is our way of showing affection to one another. We kiss our partners, parents, friends, and pets to tell them we love them. While our fellow human beings return the gesture, it is still unknown whether dogs feel the same way.

Do Dogs Like Kisses?
Image by TootSweetCarole from Pixabay

Regardless, kissing is a common behavior among many dogs. It may be a sign that the dog is happy or content. Some dogs come to view kissing as a sign of good affection, while other dogs regard it as a sign of disrespect or even fear.

Irrespective of why a dog may kiss, it is important to know that this behavior has a lot of benefits for both the dog and its human partner. Let’s learn more about how to kiss your dog properly so that you (and your dog) can have a better relationship!

Do Dogs Understand Kisses?

Do Dogs Understand Kisses?
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Before we tell you whether dogs like kisses or not, it is essential to know if dogs understand kisses. One of the common mistakes we make is of interpreting the dog’s behavior the same as ours. However, this is not the case.

Dogs communicate differently than humans. While we rely on verbal languages to express our emotions and ideas, dogs depend on facial expressions and body posture.

Like humans, canine language has evolved over the years, and different dog breeds have also evolved differently. These variations in a dog’s behavior make it even more difficult for them to communicate with each other and human beings. For this reason, we sometimes have difficulty understanding our pets.

Do Dogs Know What Kisses Are?

Do Dogs Know What Kisses Are?
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Kissing is a trait that is found in humans. Researchers have not yet found behavior in dogs that matches the human level of emotions when it comes to kissing.

Therefore, there is a big chance that dogs don’t fully understand what kissing is. However, they are very good at learning to interpret human behavior. As a result, they try to understand the degree of human emotions when we kiss them.

This brings us to our next question: do dogs like kisses?

Do Dogs Like It When You Kiss Them?

Do Dogs Like It When You Kiss Them?
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Dogs may enjoy getting kisses from their favorite humans, but they do not like being kissed by strangers. Think of how you would feel if a stranger tried to kiss or hug you. Not good, right? This is exactly how a dog feels when a stranger kisses or hugs them.

An important thing to note here is not approaching your dog from the front because they don’t like it. This is why they approach other dogs from the side as well.

So, if you want to kiss your dog, make sure that you always approach them from the side and not from the front.

Is It Safe To Kiss Your Dog?

Is It Safe To Kiss Your Dog?
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Are you wondering whether it is safe to kiss your dog or not? Well, it entirely depends on your relationship with your dog. Furthermore, their body language also plays a significant role.

If you have been kissing your dog for an extended period, then there is a high chance that they don’t mind it. But if you have never done it before and want to try, you should watch their reactions first. If they do not object to you kissing them, then you can go ahead.

Even if your dog lets you kiss them, it does not mean that they will accept the kisses from someone else. This is actually why many children get bitten by dogs: they do not appreciate their unwanted hugs and kisses.

An important thing to note here is that dogs do not approach each other from the front. They approach others from the side so that they do not come off as too aggressive. So, when children or adults try to kiss the dogs from the front, it is a red flag for them, and they might bite.

When people put their arms around the dog, it is usually a sign of aggression. The dog will assume that the child or the adult is acting aggressively when they try to kiss the dog. As a result, the dogs might bite back in self-defense.

What Are The Signs Of Aggression In Dogs?

What Are The Signs Of Aggression In Dogs?
Photo by Bethany Ferr from Pexels

Your dog may show aggression in various ways when you try to approach them from the front. That is why you need to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of an aggressive dog. These signs will help you be careful in the future.

An aggressive dog will show submissive body language. They may hold their ears back or try to avoid eye contact with you. Furthermore, they may also lower their head and body. You might notice the tail tucked between the legs of an aggressive dog. Sometimes, there is submissive urination as well.

So, if you notice any of these signs while you are kissing your dog, it is better to retreat.

Do Dogs Like To Kiss Their Owners?

Do Dogs Like To Kiss Their Owners?
Image by Bianca Krause from Pixabay

Have you ever wondered what your dog thinks when they kiss you? Are they trying to reciprocate the love and affection, or is it something else?

Just because kissing between two people indicates love and affection, it does not mean that the dogs feel the same way. So, there can be a lot of underlying reasons behind them kissing you. Let’s take a look at some of them below.


The mother starts licking a puppy when it is born. The reason behind the licking is to stimulate them for proper growth and to clean them properly. So, they get introduced to licking from the moment they come into the world.

Some experts believe that dogs use their mouths to discover their surroundings and communicate with other dogs. This behavior is a part of their instinct. For this reason, they also tend to repeat it around humans.

Some experts are also of the opinion that it comes from wolves. The older wolves would lick their pups, and the pups used to lick the food from their mouths. Therefore, the habit of licking has been passed down to dogs from the DNA of wolves.

A Sign Of Affection

Even though there is no proven study, many people believe that a dog kissing its owner is a sign of affection. They kiss you when they are glad to see you. If they cannot reach your face, they may kiss your hands, arms, or feet.

They may even kiss in the area of your body that is available to them. For dogs, licking or kissing releases endorphins. When endorphins are released into their body, it makes them happy.

So, if your furry friend is kissing or licking you frequently, it indicates that they love you and want you around.

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You Smell Good

Human scent can be fascinating and appealing to dogs. It gets especially more attractive when you wear a strong scent or when your skin is salty and sweaty.

It is the instinct of dogs to explore the things they find interesting. That is why they may try to kiss you as well.

Another sign of a dog showing affection to you is when they steal your clothes. If you notice them stealing your clothes, it indicates that they find your scent so appealing that they want to have a part of you around.

Seeking Attention

There is no denying the fact that dogs are attention seekers. They may do various things to catch the attention of their owners. So, if you have reacted to their kissing or licking in the past, they might keep doing it.

They will repeat certain actions because they want to catch your attention. If kissing does the trick, they will do it again and again.

Kissing can be both positive and negative. So, if you want to prevent negative kissing among your dog, make sure that you keep them busy both physically and emotionally.

Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive kissing among dogs can also be a serious sign of health issues. Although it is a rare condition, it is not unheard of. Your dog may kiss you constantly if they are feeling stressed or anxious lately.

If you notice that your dog has recently developed a constant licking habit, you shouldn’t ignore it. It is a sign that they are feeling stressed or anxious. So, you must take them to a vet immediately and get them treated.

The vet will prescribe medications to your dog to help them deal with the situation. Furthermore, they will also advise you on how to give behavioral training.

Why Do Dogs Lick?

Why Do Dogs Lick?
Image by Roman Michael Gottfried from Pixabay

As we all know, the majority of dogs like to lick. While some dogs might want to lick your face, neck, and arms constantly, others do not lick at all.

In most cases, licking is the same as kissing. But, it depends on the situation. The most likely reason that a dog licks you is that they are greeting you.

Dogs don’t just greet their owners like that; they also lick other dogs as a greeting. Not only this, but licking also motivates the dogs to get their food.

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Is Licking The Same As Kissing?

Is Licking The Same As Kissing?
Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

It is a common thing to wonder if kissing is the same as licking among dogs. Well, the answer to the question is that dogs do not lick for the reasons that humans do.

While kissing is associated with something romantic among humans, dogs do not need it. That is because they already have a strong sense of smell. They lick for other reasons, such as greeting their owners and other dogs and getting their food.

Other Ways Your Dog Shows You Affection

Other Ways Your Dog Shows You Affection
Image by shilpa singh from Pixabay

Apart from kissing and licking, a dog might show its affection to you through its body language. Want to know what the signs of affection are? Let’s take a look at them below.

Wagging Its Tail

A dog is capable of showing many emotions with its tail. Some examples of emotions dogs express with their tail are happiness, fear, and affection. They may also wag their tail when they are about to attack someone.

It is important to note how a dog is wagging its tail to determine whether they are doing it out of love or anger. For example, a full-body wag may indicate that the dog is showing happiness and affection. On the other hand, a stiff tail is a warning sign and not all friendly.

Making Eye Contact

When a dog engages in eye contact with you, it means that they are in a loving relationship with you and trust you. If you notice the dog frequently blinking when making eye contact, it indicates that they submit themselves to you and accept you as their leader.

Some studies have concluded that when a dog engages in eye contact with their humans, it increases oxytocin levels in their body. Oxytocin is a hormone that is associated with affection, love, and bonding.

Jumping And Following

Many pet owners do not like it when their dogs jump up and down and teach them not to do it. But what they don’t realize is that it is one of the main ways that dogs show affection. This is how they try to get closer to their humans and display their love.

In addition to this, if you notice your dog following you frequently, it also shows that they love you and want to stay in your company. They might also be following you because they are trying to protect you in their way.


To sum up, we can say that kissing is not the same for dogs as humans. While humans try to display their affection through hugs and kisses, dogs do it for entirely different reasons.

That is why it is essential to understand these reasons to communicate more effectively with your furry friend.

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