Separating The Myths From The Facts About Coconut Oil

There is currently a lot of talk about coconut oil and those that are wondering what is fact and what is a myth. There seems to be a common occurrence that if something is seen as bad or good there is a tendency to take it to the extreme. For several decades mainstream medicine has taught us that we should consume a low-fat diet. Here we will take a look at the facts and myths about coconut oil.

Myth: Coconut Oil Increases My Risk Of Heart Disease

Most of us have been told our entire lives that consuming fat will raise our cholesterol and that will lead to heart disease. We believe that it is a proven fact that the consumption of saturated fat raises the level of LDL which is the bad form of cholesterol. Actually, this has never been proven. The real result in studies is that the consumption of coconut oil raises HDL which is considered beneficial.

Myth: Because It Is Sweet It Is Dangerous For Diabetics

This oil has no sugar in it and is pure fat that comes from coconut. Because it has no sugar in it and because it is pure fat it will not be broken down into blood glucose and cannot, therefore, be detrimental to a diabetic. In fact, fat is the only macronutrient that doesn’t get broken down into blood glucose and so it has no way of causing blood sugar to spike. Carbohydrates in particular and protein to a lesser degree can be converted into blood glucose but fat cannot.

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Myth: Coconut Oil Becomes Rancid Very Quickly

This oil is actually more stable than many others. It has a very long shelf life and typically doesn’t go rancid even under somewhat less-than-ideal conditions. Because it is a highly stable oil and not as greasy as some others it can be easily absorbed by the body and will have a longer than average shelf life. This means that it can typically be kept unrefrigerated without any concerns.

Fact: Coconut Oil Can Be Used To Help Stimulate Weight Loss

The majority of us have been taught that if we eat fat it will make us fat. In actuality, the consumption of healthy fats like coconut oil help satiate us and ultimately leads to our consuming fewer calories. If eaten in the right combination along with other healthy foods it can play a significant role in helping a person to lose weight. It does this by making them less hungry and allowing them to go longer in between meals and it can even help in stimulating the body into using fat for fuel which can reduce body fat which further aids in weight loss.

Fact: Coconut Oil Can Be Used Externally And Internally To Improve Skin Health

One of the most popular uses of coconut oil has long been its ability to improve the health of the skin. It has been used externally on the skin to reduce dryness, improve skin hydration, and to relieve itching. It also does a great job in putting an oil barrier between the environment and the skin. In the same way that this oil will do a great job for relieving skin and improving its health, it will do something similar for the scalp in helping to reduce dander.

This oil can be applied directly onto the skin and it can be consumed internally. In both ways, the use of this oil will have a positive effect on the health of our skin. It can help in reducing the development of wrinkles and it can help to maintain youthful skin. It does this in large part by helping protect the skin from the environment and by keeping it moisturized.

Fact: Lauric Acid Is Now Believed To Be Antiviral And Antibacterial

One of the biggest factors in many of today’s chronic conditions is inflammation. The consumption of coconut oil is now believed to play a part in reducing inflammation within the body. It does this because it has lauric acid. Most of the chronic conditions that people suffer from these days are in one way or another associated with inflammation and the reduction of that in the body will often heal those conditions.

If This Oil Is Good For Me Is It Also Good For My Dog?

Most of us consider our dogs a part of the family. It is natural for us to ask the question and want to know if something is good for us if it’s equally good for our dog. When it comes to coconut oil the answer is yes. In very much the same way that coconut oil helps to hydrate our skin and protect it from the environment, reduce inflammation in the body, and can even stimulate weight loss, it has the potential to do the same thing for our dogs.

With some ingredients, it is risky to put something on a dog’s skin because they may well lick it off. If that happens and it’s something that would be harmful to them to consume internally, then they are at risk. With coconut oil, there is no known risk and so it can be applied to them externally and it can be given to them to eat. It should be noted that there is a very tiny number of dogs that have an allergic reaction to coconut just as there is a tiny percentage of people that do. If you notice any type of allergic reaction you should stop using it with your dog but otherwise, it is considered safe.

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