Can You Use Head & Shoulders On Dogs?

Can You Use Head & Shoulders On Dogs?

Why Head & Shoulders?
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Itchy skin is common in all canines, including dogs. As a result, we see many pooches scratching their skin to get rid of the itchiness. Some dogs might also rub themselves against walls or other objects to relieve the pain.

This may look cute, but the pup is actually in extreme discomfort as he is trying to get rid of the itch. Additionally, the excessive rubbing may cause bleeding, which, if left untreated, can result in bacterial or fungal infections.

You may be tempted to use the products that work for you when you are itchy or have flaky skin in such cases. One such product is the world-famous shampoo Head & Shoulders, famous for its ability to get rid of dandruff in humans.

As the shampoo works like a charm for us humans, it may also work for pups, right? Well, the experts think otherwise.

Why Head & Shoulders?

Why Head & Shoulders?
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Head & Shoulders is an American shampoo that is used to treat dandruff. It was introduced in 1961 by the company “Procter and Gamble.” Thus, it is one of the oldest shampoos in the world.

The magic ingredient is zinc pyrithione, which helps to eliminate dandruff and dryness due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Seborrheic dermatitis is a common scalp condition in humans, leading to a dry, flaky scalp.

Zinc pyrithione is highly effective in treating dandruff and inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi. However, it is dangerous for the eyes and mouth.

When exposed to those areas, it produces a burning sensation in humans as well as dogs. So, take care not to get the shampoo in your eyes or mouth.

Is Head & Shoulders Safe for Dogs?

Is Head & Shoulders Safe for Dogs?
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Now onto the main question! Is Head & Shoulder shampoo safe for dogs? The answer is YES! You can use the shampoo on your furry friend.

Head & Shoulders does not harm your pet in any way, and it can be very effective in healing its flaky skin. Using the product with care can benefit your pup. Moreover, it may help to peel off the unhealthy layer of skin.

It does not contain any compound or substance that can harm your dog’s health. However, it does have zinc pyrithione, which helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi. It is also used to treat lice in your dog’s fur. The shampoo kills the insect and washes it away with water when you bathe your dog.

If continuous use of the product does not help cure your pooch’s condition, visit your vet as soon as possible.

Pros Of Using Head & Shoulders

  • Makes the coat look glossier
  • Kills fleas and lice, which may cause itchiness
  • Can treat skin conditions like flaky skin
  • Cheaper than some premium quality dog shampoos
  • The moisturizing effects of shampoo can be beneficial to your dog’s skin

Cons Of Using Head & Shoulders

  • It may be less effective than some other expensive products specifically designed for dogs
  • may treat conditions temporarily, but they can return after a few days
  • Can cause a burning sensation if it gets in your dog’s eyes or mouth
  • Unsafe to use in young dogs with sensitive skin

How To Apply Head & Shoulders On Your Dog

How To Apply Head & Shoulders On Your Dog
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Head & shoulder can be applied onto the dog’s fur in the same way as other shampoos. We have created a detailed guide for you to follow below:

1. Smoothen The Fur

To effectively kill the insects, cure itchiness, and keep your dog’s fur looking beautiful, the coat must be in good shape. Brush the skin with different brushes so that the hair becomes smooth and silky. If your dog has long hair, use special brushes that are made for them.

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2. Wet Your Dog

Just like we wet our hair before lathering on the shampoo, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse your dog’s fur with water to ensure that no areas are left dry. However, try to avoid getting your water on his face, as most of the pups don’t like it when their faces get wet and may become irritated. Instead, hold the shower head below his neck and rinse his fur down to his tail.

3. Lather Up

Squeeze some shampoo into the palm of your hand (the amount depends on the fur) and start lathering it onto the wet coat. Massage the shampoo throughout without missing a single spot. Take special care to reach the skin and massage it for 5 to 10 minutes to cover the whole body with bubbles.

4. Let The Shampoo Work

Wait 10 to 15 minutes for the shampoo to take effect and kill the fleas and other insects. It also requires time to treat diseases and smooth out the fur. In addition, dogs are energetic creatures, which might make it difficult to bathe them.

5. Rinse With Clean Water

Use room temperature water (neither too warm nor too cold) to rinse off the shampoo. Once you have gotten all the bubbles out, dry the fur with a towel or a blow dryer. Some dogs will dry themselves without a towel.


Sometimes when we think of dog grooming, we think of going to the groomer, taking our dog in for a coat, and bringing it back out. However, grooming refers to using various tools and means to assist an owner in making the best out of their dog’s coat.

Head & Shoulders is an effective shampoo for dogs. It can cure dry, flaky skin, itchiness, and other infections. Furthermore, it does not cause any harm to their health.

It is a popular shampoo for humans and is likely to be found in many homes. With its health benefits and affordable price, it is an excellent product. It is also one of the best shampoos in the world for both humans and their furry friends.

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