can dogs eat tums?

Can Dogs Eat Tums?

Have you ever heard that you can sometimes give your dog human medicines for certain ailments? For example, if your dog has an allergic reaction, you can give them Benadryl or other medications. You just have to be sure to use the right allergy medicine and you have to be very careful to dose it properly.

Your dog could also suffer from something like acid reflux or stomach acid that leads to stomach pain. If you’re wondering “can I give my dog tums” the quick answer is yes. There is more to know about this so don’t just grab the bottle of tums and give them a bunch.

However, once you know the best way to give a dog Tums, you can use them for relief when your dog suffers from excessive stomach acid or upset stomach.

Are Tums Harmful to Dogs?

are tums harmful to dogs

Tums are safe for dogs. While your dog might not get relief from an stomach upset, it could get relief from acid reflux. Your dog’s heartburn can be treated by giving your dog tums. The calcium carbonate in Tums will benefit your dog but the capacity is slightly limited compared to other medications.

It is considered safe for dogs to give your dog Tums but it’s a good idea to work with your vet and make sure the vet approves of such treatment for your pet’s needs. The active ingredient in Tums is very specific. In some cases, the excessive calcium of calcium carbonate could be harmful to your dog.

If you give your dog tums, be sure you are not overdoing it. Symptoms like reduced appetite, loose stools, extreme sickness, or difficulty breathing could be signs that Tums are negatively affecting your dog’s health rather than helping with the acid production in your dog’s esophagus.

In the question of “can I give my dog tums”, just be mindful that an overload of calcium supplements can lead to kidney disease among other issues.

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Can Dogs Have Tums to Settle Stomach?

can dogs have tums to settle stomach

Tums are more helpful for treating acid reflux rather than simple stomach ailments. The reason for this is that your dog’s digestive tract actually works too fast for Tums. If your dog takes tums when they’ve already been experiencing mild discomfort, the tums won’t kick in until the issue has subsided with your dog’s stomach.

Now if your nursing dogs are experiencing issues from stomach acids rising or even ingesting strange food, Tums might be helpful for preventing the digestive liquid rise that leads to reflux. It’s temporary relief at best and that is if you catch it quickly enough. Again, be sure to get veterinary approval for this treatment method to keep your pets healthy.

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What Kind of Antacid Can I Give My Dog?

what kind of antacid can i give my dog

If your dog suffers from chronic stomach issues, it might be a good idea to try new dog food. Did you know that rather than something like Pepto Bismol or an acid reflux medicine, you could just try supplementing calcium supplement into your dog’s diet. You could also feed them certain foods that combat acid reflux and support bone and cartilage development at the same time.

For example, canned pumpkin might be a good solution. Forget over the counter medications and look for natural remedies instead. This solution is popular for pregnant or nursing dogs too because the pumpkin reduces excessive stomach acid and then treats an upset stomach in the process.

If you insist on an antacid, we recommend using Pepto instead of tums, although tums might provide some relief for reflux issues. Most dogs experience temporary relief at best from this treatment. Always use veterinary approval, particularly for dosing small dogs.

What Can I Give My Dog for an Upset Stomach?

pumpkin for an upset stomach

Oftentimes, an upset stomach is a sign of other things. Above we talked about letting a dog eat pumpkin to fight some of this upset. When you want to treat mild discomfort in your dog, figuring out why they have these stomach issues can be helpful.

Use natural things to treat your dog’s acid reflux or work directly with your vet to help determine the best solution. If you notice some discomfort, try not giving them food for several hours and see if it resolves itself.

If your dog then eats again and has issues, you should plan to change the food you are using as that is clearly the cause.

No matter what you use to try to ease your dog, be mindful of too much fat as well as potentially toxic ingredients in the mix.

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