can dogs eat ranch?

Can Dogs Eat Ranch?

How many of us put Ranch dressing on everything? From things like sandwiches and fries to dipping chips and different veggies in ranch, it’s almost like a staple in a lot of homes. Just like with any other food that we eat, we always wonder if we can share things with our dog.

After all, if we’re eating ranch salad dressing on a salad, how bad can it be? Can dogs eat ranch? What about ranch dressing or ranch chips?

In short, your dog shouldn’t eat ranch. Some of the ingredients could be toxic to dogs or poorly affect your dog’s health. Check out this guide to learn more.

Can Dogs Eat Ranch Dressing?

can dogs eat ranch dressing
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Ranch dressing is the most common form of ranch that we eat. We do sometimes eat dips, chips, or other products too. But you like to put ranch dressing on a salad or use it as a condiment or dip instead.

What makes ranch bad for dogs is the fact that several ingredients in the ranch are considered toxic to dogs. When dogs eat a salad with ranch or other dog food covered in ranch, there could be awful side effects, starting with one very upset stomach.

Here are some of the ingredients that might be cause for concern when dogs eat ranch.


Onion or onion powder can be toxic to dogs. This is a primary ingredient in the flavor of ranch. Both onion and garlic are bad for dogs. It can be harmful to your dog’s red blood cells, among other things. They also could experience onion poisoning up to 7 days after consuming ranch. Fresh onions and powdered form are both bad for your dog’s digestive system.


Onion and garlic powder have similar qualities. Garlic poisoning is another concern if your dog ate ranch. This is one of the most dangerous ingredients for your dog in ranch dressing. Garlic falls into the allium family. Both onion and garlic do and could lead to liver failure or more.


Many dogs are lactose intolerant dogs. Dairy products are one of the leading allergens for dogs. Buttermilk takes the dairy and just ferments it. While it’s not necessarily a toxic ingredient, it could potentially cause stomach pain and upset.


Salt poisoning is a real concern for health issues. It can lead to sodium poisoning. However, there are no significant amounts to cause sodium poisoning when compared to the risk of garlic toxicity or onion toxicity. Too much salt can be toxic to dogs.


Did you know that ranch has mustard seeds in it? Mustard is another toxic ingredient and could potentially cause damaged red blood cells that lead to hemolytic anemia for your dog.

There are other dairy product ingredients like possibly sour cream or mayonnaise. Aside from the lactose issue or weight gain concerns, these are not harmful. Dill and parsley are also not harmful and dill might actually have nutritional benefits with it.

However, these other things are bad for dogs and could cause problems when dogs have a ranch in their diets.

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Can Dogs Eat Ranch-flavored Products?

can dogs eat ranch-flavored products
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Since eating ranch can be toxic to dogs, we also don’t recommend eating any ranch flavored products. When dogs eat cool ranch Doritos, ranch dip, ranch seasoning, or anything else, they likely will have the same risks as eating ranch does. The things that make ranch bad also make ranch seasoning, ranch dip, and cool ranch Doritos bad too. They might have less dairy like sour cream but could still be toxic to dogs.

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Is Ranch Toxic to Dogs?

Ranch dressing and other forms of the ranch could definitely be toxic to dogs. The problem is that ranch dressing has several toxic ingredients. While dairy like sour cream might cause concern, when dogs eat ranch, consider there are harmful things in there that could essentially poison your dog.

The question of can dogs eat ranch, onion, or garlic poisoning is a huge concern. These toxic ingredients could cause onion and garlic poisoning but they could also really mess with your dog’s stomach and make them uncomfortable.

When you ask can dog eat ranch, this really should be a hard no. If they do happen to eat ranch, this would constitute pet medical advice needs and you should reach out to your vet. It’s possible they will be fine depending on how much ranch they had.

Side Effects of Ranch on Dogs

side effects of ranch on dogs

Eating ranch has little to no nutritional value for a dog. It is likely to do more harm. While a couple of ingredients do have some health benefits, the general consensus is that ranch bad for dogs.

When they eat ranch, they could potentially experience salt poisoning, lactose intolerant symptoms, or garlic or onion poisoning as well. If you notice these symptoms, call a licensed veterinarian for assistance.

  • Lethargy
  • Confusion
  • Gums that look pale or sticky
  • Increased thirst
  • Excessive panting
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

What to Do if My Dog Eats Ranch?

When we ask can dog eat ranch, we hear a resounding no. Your dog could experience awful side effects. If it wasn’t very much, you can keep an eye on them for these symptoms that might occur when dogs have a ranch.

Can dogs eat ranch? Well, no. It’s much better to avoid ranch for the health and life of your dog or dogs. This could be detrimental and at the very least make them sick. It’s just not worth it.

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