Best Ways To Heat A Dog House

Best Ways To Heat A Dog House

Some dogs are great in cold weather, while others don’t do so well against it – mostly apparent in the breeds thick or thin fur coat.

Is the winter just right around the corner, and you’re worried that the dog house is too cold? Well, you’re not alone. Everyone gets anxious about their beloved pet in the winters.

However, there are ways in which you can heat the dog house to ensure your pet pooch stays warm. In this article, we discuss the best ways to heat a dog house. So, without further ado, let us get into it!

Why Do You Need To Heat The Dog House?

Why Do You Need To Heat The Dog House?
Image by Sasa Begovic from Pixabay

Some dogs love to stay in the temperature where the day starts getting hotter. They are also delighted when their temperatures go down when the day ends. However, some dogs seem to like staying in colder temperatures when it’s warm outside, and this would be most problematic if you want your dog to stay healthy.

It may be that he prefers the winter weather over the summer weather. Or perhaps he feels comfortable in the cold weather but could use some warming up before going outside. It would be advisable to discuss this with your veterinarian or dog trainer to see whether there are any benefits or drawbacks to each of these methods and whether any changes are needed for your dog to stay comfortable during the winter.

How To Heat A Dog House?

How To Heat A Dog House?
Photo by Matthis Volquardsen from Pexels

There are a few ways you can heat a dog house. Some methods can be a bit more expensive than others. But we are sure you wouldn’t want to save any costs at the expense of your beloved dog getting cold.

To determine the best methods for heating a dog house, we looked at several factors, including fuel cost, efficiency, and maintenance requirements. There are a few different ways you can heat a dog house. For example, you could purchase a pre-heated package or have the dog house fully heated by coals or pellets.

We looked at how much it costs to heat each option and also how long it takes to heat each option, depending on whether it is a direct pick-up or a stop-off during your travels.

Keeping these in mind, here are some of the most effective ways to heat a dog house:

1. Insulate The Dog House

Insulate The Dog House
Image by Brennan Emerson from Pixabay

A dog house is usually made out of wood, which is a bad insulator of heat. All living bodies emit or radiate heat that insulated materials can store. You can take advantage of this by using insulation in the dog house to keep your pet dog warm during the winters.

While electrically heating a dog house is much more convenient, it is not the safest method out there. However, using materials with insulating properties, you can get your dog warm and comfortable in the winters.

There are several ways to insulate a dog house that are cheap and affordable. They also don’t require much work on your end, so it is a win-win situation either way. But even if it does need some work, it will effectively keep your pet safe from the cold.

● Padding

The first thing you can do is attach padding to the walls. Padding made from insulated material can store the heat that the body of your dog radiates. Another great thing to do is to put a dog bed inside the dog house. This way, the dog will stay comfortable, and the padding inside the bed will retain the heat from your dog to keep it warm.

● Door

Installing a door also works well to keep the cold outside the dog house. While installing a standard door might not work unless your pooch is trained to open and close them, a flap door works relatively better. You can get a flap door made of transparent plastic that will help the dog see outside as well.

● Dark Paint

Dark colors are better than lighter ones at absorbing sunlight and heat. That is why people living in warm regions prefer white cars since it reflects the most light. You can use this to your advantage by painting your dog house a dark color. It will absorb the most amount of light and keep it warmer.

● Insulated Roofing

Some materials are better suited than wood for roofing when it comes to insulation. While the sun is scarce in the winter, it is still better than nothing. In the desert, people keep warm stones that have absorbed heat from the sun around them to create warmth. This is because the desert, while super hot during the day, becomes very cold during the night.

The rocks retain heat and keep people warm at night, and you can use a similar technique for your dog house. Just make sure to keep your dog’s house where it will be in contact with direct sunlight. Otherwise, it might not be able to absorb enough heat to retain it.

If your region does not get sunlight in the winter, then this particular method will be ineffective.

● Clothing

The best way to get your dog warm is through clothing. Humans invented clothing to stay protected from the elements. Dogs can also be clothed if they are well tamed and used to them. But if your dogs are not comfortable, they will tear them up. So keep that in mind when purchasing that cute little sweater for your pet dog. Also, try to ensure the clothes you get are not too tight.

There is a whole section of clothing specifically made for pets. Browse through and find the best fit for your dogs.

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2. Using Heating Mats And Pads

Using Heating Mats And Pads How To Heat A Dog House?
Image by Vasilijus Bortnikas from Pixabay

While insulating a dog house is the safest way to keep your dog warm in the cold, it is not the best one. Thankfully we live in a world where you can find a solution to almost anything. To fight the cold, you can buy your dog a heating pad or heating mat. These are electrical devices that are a stable source of heat.

In countries where it is traditional to sit on the floor, heating mats are a thing. For example, Asian cultures often sit on the floor to eat or pray, and they often use heating mats when it is cold. In addition, they are installed in temples for monks to stay seated for hours during prayers. 

A smaller heating mat or pad can be plugged into a wall socket, and it will create a stream of stable warmth for your dog. These can be attached to the wall or on the flooring of the dog house. This makes it very easy for the dog to survive the coldest of weather without any issues whatsoever.

But you need to be good at the wiring to install these in the dog house. First, you need to get a power source from your place to the dog house, which will require some knowledge of wiring. Also, you need to install them so that the dog cannot bite or chew them. Finally, you can put them under another layer to prevent the dog from harming the electrical mat or pad.

3. Using The Heat From Your Own House

How To Heat A Dog House? -Using The Heat From Your Own House
Image by hye-yeong from Pixabay

If you have a heater running in your house during the winters, you can redirect it towards the dog house. This can be done in several ways. You can use insulated piping or vent and direct it to the dog house. It is a cheap, affordable, and very convenient way to keep your dog’s home warm during the cold weather.

Make a small vent at the top region of the room closest to the dog house. Since warm air is lighter and tends to stay above cold air, you want the vent to be somewhere high. Use insulated piping that you can redirect to your dog’s house.

On the other end of the vent, which is attached to the dog house, you can cover it with a strong mesh and fence that will keep things outside from coming in. You can also connect an exhaust to keep the cold air from outside coming in and warm air to move towards the dog house.

Similarly, you can just install a vent in the central heating and redirect it to the dog house as well. The central heating pumps warm air to the whole place to keep the temperature cozy.

4. Temporary Methods

How To Heat A Dog House? -Temporary Methods
Photo by Artie Andrade from Pexels

There are many quick ways to keep your dog’s house warm for a few hours. The cheapest one is to heat a sock full of rice in the microwave. Rice retains heat very well, so when you put it in the microwave inside a sock, the heat lasts for a few hours. Just make sure it is not too hot to cause the dogs any burns.

Similarly, you can also use a hot bottle with a cloth cover that will retain heat for a long time. Place it under the dog bed to keep the dog warm for a few hours. Neither of these methods is long-term, but they are quick and effective ways to warm up a dog house.

Additional Tips

Additional Tips on How To Heat A Dog House?
Image by Alexey Marcov from Pixabay

● Dog House Placement

Try to use the most natural source of heat in the world, sunlight, to your advantage. You can do that by placing your dog house where it is exposed to direct sunlight throughout the day. This is especially important if you plan to install an insulated element on the roofing to absorb heat from the sun.

● Cover Exposed Wiring

Try to pass the wire through a steel pipe or thick sleeves to be safe from wear and tear. Also, if your dog is prone to chew things, specifically wires, try to hide them to not be accessible through normal means.

This way, your dog stays safe from any fatal accidents involving electrocution. This also ensures that no other vermin can bite through the wires outside the dog house either.

If you are unsure how to get wiring from your house to the dog house, consider investing in solar power. Not a lot of power is required for a small heating mat or pad. A solar panel or two on the dog house roof can power up a small heating pad or mat day and night.

This way, you don’t have to get the wires from your house to the dog house. Since the dog house has a power source of its own now, this doubles up to save money on electricity. Just make sure to clean the panels every day.

● Install A Temperature Probe In Your Dog House

You need to have a temperature probe that gives you readings of the dog house. There are many quality temperature gauges and probes that are reasonably priced. These are designed specifically to be installed in the dog house.

These probes are connected to a central system linked to your WiFi and can give you temperature readings on your phone.

Knowing that your pet pooch is sleeping peacefully at night in warmth will make you feel content. But being notified if the dog house is too cold is also important. In this regard, a device that can connect with your phone will help a lot.

Final Thoughts

Usually, we spare no expense for our pet dogs. After all, they are part of the family, so we try not to skimp on money when it comes to their comfort. In our opinion, trying to insulate a dog house without electrical means is the best bet. However, to keep your dog as warm and comfortable as possible, you should look for every option available.

If your dog sleeps in your own house, then it is not a problem. But if your dog sleeps in a dog house, try to keep it as comfortable as possible during the winters. We hope our tips will help keep your pooch warm and toasty during those chilly winter months.

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