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Best Pet Insurance for Older Dogs

Insurance for older dogs are much more difficult to find because chances are, they will have more health issues than their younger counterparts. Don’t let this stop you, there are still some options out there. Is it worth it? Most insurance plans will make up for the cost of the vet bill that will definitely burn a hole in your wallet.

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Make sure the insurance you get for your pet will either have no upper age limit or a very high one. We are going to list all the best insurance companies for older pups and what they will hopefully include.

1. An age limit of at least 14 years and/or over.
2. They cover at least 80% of the cost after deductibles.
3. No annual limit.
4. Alternative treatments are available at an added cost.
5. Cumulative claim.
6. They will cover the cost of any vet or specialist within your country.
7. The more ailments they cover, the better. Aids such as wheelchairs and prosthetics included.
8. Pre-approvals can be obtained. This means that you only need to cover your portion of the bill before the procedure.
9. Your premium does not change due to your claims.
10. Excellent customer service.

Now let’s take a look at some reputable insurance plans from companies that put your dog’s well-being first.

1. Go Pet Plan


This plan ensures dogs at any age. The fees are higher for elderly dogs, but this goes without saying for most insurance companies. Go Pet Plan covers alternative treatments and hereditary health issues. The annual limits are high, starting at $10,000, $14,000 or $22,000 with deductibles from $50 to $200 depending on the policy.

2. Pets Best

Pets Best also has no upper limit to age. Annual coverage rates are slightly lower than the previous option, from $5000 to an Unlimited amount and deductibles from $0 to $1000. They offer a wellness plan you can add to your pup’s plan if you wish, and this can offset the cost preventative care costs.

3. PetFirst


Another option with no upper age limit, you can choose between annual deductibles or deductibles per incident. Elderly dogs cost a lot more to care for, and this flexibility will give you more options to manage your money. PetFirst covers a wide variety of issues including hereditary and chronic conditions as well as accidents and illnesses. They also have a wellness program available at an extra cost.

4. Trupanion

Trupanion takes any dog before their 14th birthday, so chances are, there’s still time! They cover 90% of the vet bills and offer a variety of add-ons to your preferred plan. With deductibles from $0 to $1000, this is quite an affordable option if you know what you want for your pet.

5. Healthy Paws

Just like Trupanion, the age limit for this company is also 14 years. The affordable prices are what makes Healthy Paws a good choice. You can use any licensed vet and the claims are efficiently processed within 2 days time! Just visit their site and see for yourself.

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We love our fur babies, there is no doubt about it. So why wouldn’t we do all that we can to make sure they live long and healthy lives? With pet insurance, you can give you and your pooch the gift of time. Research has shown that with the right care, many pets can live longer lives than expected. Reduce the cost of vet bills and lengthen the time spent with your pooch. Having insurance gives you a sense of security, knowing you can take good care of your lifelong friend.

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