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Games and Activities for a Cane Corso


Suitable Games & Activities for Cane Corso Dogs

The Cane Corso is one of the largest dog breeds in the world, and while they might not be as fast as many of their smaller canine relatives – they need plenty of exercises and mental stimulation. If you are the lucky owner of one of these gentle giants, and if you want what is best for your dog, it is time to start looking into suitable activities for you to do together.

Walks around the block will be much appreciated by your Cane Corso, but it won’t fully satisfy them physically nor mentally. It is a strong and surprisingly athletic dog breed, so when you share your home with one – it is up to you to be a little creative.


This might be something you have never thought of, but many Cane Corsos love water and they love to swim! Try taking your big dog down to a lake or to the ocean, and you may get a surprise by how willingly they plummet into the water! They are big enough to walk around in the water without even getting their tummy wet, but they might need some convincing before they make their first attempt at swimming!

You can try and get in the water yourself – luring your Cane Corso further and further out with dog treats and praise. Don’t force it and let it take the time required for your dog to get comfortable, or they may never want to get in the water with you again.

It can be a relief for such a large dog to get to swim weightlessly in the water, so be patient with your fur friend as swimming could do them good.

Once your big pup has demonstrated some swimming abilities – perhaps you want to try Dock Diving? Dock Diving is a fun sport where the dog will run down a dock or a platform and jump into the water; there are competitions where the goal is for the dog to jump as far as possible, but you can also practice the sport just for fun.


Cane Corso biting a rope

Why not take advantage of one of your dog’s greatest attributes – its strength? You should be very careful with pulling and preferably do it under the supervision of a professional at first (to avoid risking injury), but there are a variety of pulling activities you can explore if you think your dog will enjoy it.

They will usually need a special harness that distributes the weight of what they are pulling evenly, so make sure you do your research before getting started.

Weight-pulling is a popular activity among breeds like the American Staffordshire, Pitbull type dogs and more, and the Cane Corso has also proven itself a successful practitioner! Weight-pulling is a great way for a dog to burn off some steam; it builds their confidence, increases muscle mass and helps create a stronger bond between dog and owner.

Weight pulling is usually set up so that the dog pulls a cart with wheels or a sled (in winter), and weight can then be added to the cart or sled with the weight depending on the dog’s experience and abilities.

Many parents opt for letting their Cane Corso pull a small child in a cart – an activity loved by both the dog and the child being pulled and provided it is done with the right security measures it is also considered a safe experience for everyone involved.

If you plan to start weight pulling with your Cane Corso, you need to know the importance of consulting a professional, taking it slow and not forcing the dog to pull more weight than what they can physically handle.



These gentle beasts may not be the fastest on the agility course, but they are highly intelligent and active dogs, and many show clear signs of loving the challenge! Cane Corsos have excellent concentration when they set their mind to something, and with the right encouragement, they can become enthusiastic and reliable agility dogs.

Agility includes walking through tunnels, going up and down seesaws, walking balance beams and jumping, and it encourages communication and tolerance between a dog and its owner.

Some older Cane Corsos do suffer from the bone- and joint issues, and you should book an appointment with your veterinarian before you get started. Having your dog cleared by a vet is something you should do regardless of the activity you plan to engage him or her in, but it is even more important when it comes to canine sports like agility, as these can put a lot of stress on both the body and its bones.

Check to see if your local kennel club knows of any agility courses you could sign up for, because even if you don’t plan to compete – a beginner’s course is a great place to start.


If you are a nature lover – take your Cane Corso for a hike! You can choose a trail that fits well with your dog’s physical condition and abilities, which means that almost any Cane Corso can come along for a hike.

Pack water, food, a reliable leash, and a first-aid kit, and consider getting a dog backpack for your pup to carry his or her own supplies. There are specialized doggy backpacks where you can add weight to make the walk more challenging, and this can be ideal for a large and strong dog like the Cane Corso.

When using a dog backpack, there is a chance you might have to spend some time getting your dog used to it first, before you can embark on a long hike.

Remember, dogs can be out of shape too, and it is essential to be honest with yourself regarding your own- and your dog’s physical abilities, because you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of the woods somewhere as one of you gets too tired to continue the walk.

Hiking should be enjoyable for everyone coming along, so take plenty of breaks and rests, provide water and have treats ready for when your beloved Cane Corso is a little extra well behaved.

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