a guide to dog breeds how much do yorkies cost

A Guide to Dog Breeds: How Much Do Yorkies Cost?

A Yorkshire terrier or a Yorkie is one of the most special breeds of dogs. Its small size and big personality make you adore it and show it off to everyone else at the same time. A Yorkshire terrier is a social dog and loves the interaction with humans and other animals. It is one of the most beautiful dogs with its long coat and small body. 

With its cute appearance and nature, this pup also comes with a hefty price tag. The Yorkshire terriers are an expensive breed of dogs due to their demand, popularity, and difficulty in breeding. People are always looking to adopt a Yorkie, and this high demand puts a high price tag on them.

How much do Yorkies cost? The price for a Yorkie ranges significantly from $300-$10,000. The varying prices depend on the Yorkie’s appearance, nature, health, and breeding. While they are expensive, some believe this dog breed to be worth spending every penny. The dog is just loveable, adorable, and fun to have around as your best friend. 

Why Buy a Yorkshire Terrier?

newly-bought adorable yorkshire terrier
Photo by Shanna Beasley on Unsplash

Yorkshire terriers are adorable with their soft eyes and tiny size. They weigh around 4 to 6 pounds, making them even more lovely and cuddlable. Their warm energy around the house lights up the surroundings and makes their company therapeutic. 

Yorkies are loyal and devoted to their owners. Not only are they committed, but they also love playing around and being affectionate and goofy with their people. Their kind and caring demeanor may be all the company you require at times.

Here are some reasons why Yorkies are the best pet for you:

1. Great apartment pets

Yorkies are lovely cuddle-bugs; they are likely to be energetic in their first two years as pups. However, they tend to mellow down after that. During those times, you have to train them and take them out on regular walks so they will not have pent-up energy. Yorkies tend to yap, so you must teach your Yorkie to not bark at the smallest things. A walk around the park now, enough toys to keep them busy, and a little space in your home or apartment will keep these little furballs satisfied. They are smart dogs and are sensitive to human emotions.

2. Do not require high maintenance 

Having a dog in the house is questionable if someone in the family has dog allergies. However, sensitive people can still be allergic to a Yorkie, but they are comparatively healthy to be around because of their low risk of allergies. Even though they have long hair, they tend to shed very little than other dog breeds. Moreover, you only need to groom them once a day or even once every two days to remove mats. The Yorkshire terrier is a hypoallergenic breed, and their coat of hair imposes fewer threats on allergic people. Dogs with fur can cause more allergic reactions than Yorkie’s hair coat, which is similar to human hair. 

3. Personality

Yorkshire terriers are known for their loving and caring personality. They are friendly and get along with everyone in the house, and they make up a great companion for any human to have around. If you are not a dog person, a Yorkie might even convince you otherwise. Moreover, they are extremely playful with dogs and other animals as well. Yorkies are also great with children as long as they have been trained and socialized properly at a young age. It is also essential to teach children how to behave around dogs and learn about boundaries towards a pet. 

How Much Do Yorkies Cost? 

how much do yorkies cost

Yorkies have varying prices from $300- $10,000. They are hard to come by at a low cost, and you will always find them costly when looking from reputable breeders. Yorkies are considered toy dogs; their small size complicates breeding and pregnancy. Moreover, when searching for a Yorkie, you should consider their appearance, breeder, and health, and these factors affect the price you pay for them. There are different breeders you can buy a Yorkie. If you wish, adopting from home shelters is also a viable option. 

Let us see how much do Yorkies cost under different methods of buying.  

1. Unlicensed breeders 

You can buy a Yorkie from a pet shop or other unlicensed breeders. These breeders do not register themselves to the state and have no license to own the breed. Getting an unlicensed puppy means there is no record of the dog’s health, family background, and breeding. The dog could be unhealthy with underlying health conditions in the heritage, for all you know.

Buying from unlicensed sellers can cost around $300-$800. It is cheap because you do not get any documentation. However, it does not mean you cannot get a healthy Yorkie at a reasonable price. It would be best to research the seller before buying the Yorkie.

2. Licensed breeders but no documentation 

Some sellers have the license in their specific state but do not provide documentation. Buying a Yorkie from such licensed dealers can cost up to $800-$1200. The license gives you proof that the sellers have records of the dog being healthy and safe for adoption. However, there is no documentation to provide you with evidence of the health of a certain Yorkie you wish to purchase. 

3. Licensed breeders with AKC registration

Reputable breeders have an American Kennel Club (AKC) certification, making them legit across all states of the US. The certification indicates that the pet’s breeding and care meet the country’s health and safety regulations. Thus, having the AKC certification is crucial. 

The certification gives proof of the dog to be healthy and other factors such as having the right age for adoption (12 weeks old). You can expect to pay up to $3,000 for the AKC certifications from licensed breeders.

Why are Yorkies Expensive?

why are yorkies expensive

They are one of the cutest toy dogs, but the smaller size does not lower the high prices. Yorkies are an easy breed to maintain and have around. Their nature, energy, and ability to adapt to all situations make them a favorite pick on the pet market. However, why are they expensive? 

Yorkies are popular due to their tiny size; hence, breeding becomes hard to follow, like other toy dogs. Thus, special care needed during breeding and pregnancy makes Yorkies expensive. 

What Affects the Cost of a Yorkie? 

what affects the cost of a yorkie

Certain factors make a Yorkie costlier than other dog breeds. The parents, upbringing, and health, all affect the cost of a Yorkie. Since Yorkies are popular and challenging dogs to breed, even the most minor needs can make a significant change in the price of the Yorkie.  

Here are things that can affect the cost of a Yorkshire terrier: 

1. Family lineage 

The family history tells all that you need to know about the dog. Reputable breeders have specific family lineages that they offer up for purchase. The history of the dog’s family determines whether it has any health conditions or any issues. Specific family lineage with the right weight and health can cost around $10,000.

2. Breeder 

Choosing the correct type of breeder to adopt from is crucial. Breeders ensure the dog selling out is fit, healthy, and at the right adoption age. Reputable breeders are costly as they provide proof of the dog’s family history. Moreover, you will get all the needed documents that follow the AKC standard.

3. Health and appearance 

The health of a pet that you adopt affects the health of everyone in the house. It is necessary to verify the health conditions of the Yorkie before adopting. When adopting, the seller provides the health record of the dog. Hence, a Yorkie being fit, with a rare color, looking energetic and clean, increases the price tag. 

4. Gender

Female Yorkies are more expensive than males. If you opt for a female Yorkie, be prepared to spend more, about $300 to $500 difference. Even with other dog breeds, females are always more expensive, and it has to do with the dog’s potential for breeding. Moreover, it will cost more if it comes from a show-quality lineage.


The Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog with a huge personality that will light up your space with its playful and loving nature. A Yorkie is loyal and devoted to its owner and famous for its adaptable nature to any surroundings. A Yorkie will stick with you no matter what. Having a Yorkie around the house is like having a lively stuffed toy. Yorkies do not require too much maintenance and are perfect for apartments. Moreover, they do not overly shed and need to be brushed once a day or every two days to maintain their fur. They are also great for people with sensitive noses. 

How much do Yorkies cost? Yorkies come with a high price tag, especially from reliable breeders. Furthermore, they cost around $300-$10,000. You can buy a Yorkie for $300, but that will require you to do extensive research on the unlicensed and undocumented license. Moreover, for a licensed and documented purchase, you can get a Yorkie breed up to $10,000. To be on the safe side, we recommend always buying pets from a licensed dog breeder.

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