5 Tips to Keep Your Dog Warm in the Winter

Cold weather is something that can impact your dog just as much as yourself. While there is a common misconception that dogs are capable of tolerating cold weather more than humans because they have coats of fur, it can have just as bad of a negative health impact on them as it does on humans. This is why it is so important to take the proper steps to ensure that your dog remains as safe as possible during cold weather months. Below, we will be going over 5 tips to keep your dog as warm as possible in the winter.

5 Tips To Keep Your Dog Warm In The Winter:

1. Dog Boots

One of the most important things that you must focus on during the winter months is paw care. After all, if you live in a cold climate with harsh winters, your dog’s paws are likely going to be the most exposed to the harsh elements. Not only will they be exposed to snow and ice on occasion, but they will also be exposed to the salt that is placed on the streets and sidewalks during snowstorms as well. Because of this, you should be aiming to invest in dog boots to effectively remedy the problem altogether. By having your dog use properly fitted boots, you will be able to avoid exposing their paws to the harsh elements throughout the winter and you will be able to minimize the chances they are exposed to potentially harmful chemicals throughout the winter months as well.

yoda-dog2. Dog Raincoats

Another very effective way to ensure that your dog remains as safe as possible during the winter months is by supplying them with a sufficiently insulated raincoat. Getting your dog a raincoat is a great way to offer them more protection against the winter month’s harsh elements because it will not only keep them dry and protect them from hypothermia, but it can even help to insulate their body which is going to offer them much more warmth. With that being said, it is important to understand that a winter jacket for dogs, while it can protect your dog’s body sufficiently, their extremities, ears, feet, and tail can still be exposed to the harsh temperatures. Thus, you will still want to be vigilant to the temperature to ensure that it is not too cold to take your dog out when it’s freezing.

3. Bike Trailer

Another excellent way to help keep your dog warm and cozy during the harsh winter months would be investing in a bike trailer for your dog. A bike trailer, when used during the winter months, can help to insulate your dog and prevent them from having to make contact with the snowy, wet, or icy ground. This alone can help to minimize the transference of cold temperatures which can help to protect your dog from freezing temperatures. Along with this, it is going to allow you to avoid having your dog walk on the ground which might be littered with ice-melting chemicals that can be potentially harmful to your dog and even cause significant irritation to their paws.

4. Paw Wax

One of the best ways to ensure that your dog’s paws remain as healthy as possible during the winter months is by using paw wax on his/her paws. The winter months can be chock-full of hazards for your dog as mentioned above. Not only are they going to be subject to freezing temperatures, but they will be exposed to various other things including ice-melt, snow, excess moisture, and more. Thus, you want to help provide their paws with as much protection as possible.

Just as you would invest in moisture protection products for your own hands during the drying winter months, you should equally do so for your dog. This is especially true if your dog refuses to wear dog boots which are the best option for protection for walks outside during the winter months. By using paw wax, you will be able to provide an added layer of protection for your dog’s paws which can protect against frostbite and minimize the irritation and exposure from ice-melt chemicals.

5. Heated Bed

Your home is likely to be heated during the winter, that doesn’t mean the floor will be. Your floor and the entire base of your home is likely to be much colder during the winter months. Because of this, you should invest in some adequate insulation for your dog. The best way to ensure that your dog is going to remain warm and cozy during the winter months is by investing in a heated bed or heated padding. This will provide them with not only sufficient insulation from your cold floors, but it can improve their comfort levels as they rest and sleep. Dogs with joint pains may benefit from a bed that’s elevated off the ground.

Overall, there are a lot of things that can help you ensure that your dog remains as safe as possible during the cold winter months. By investing in these products for your dog, you should be able to improve their quality of life during the colder months, as well as their safety.

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