5 Tips When Using CBD For Dogs: The Safest Cannabinoid for Pets

The health benefits of CBD oil are beginning to be more and more realized in human beings. With our dogs being a beloved member of the family it leads us to ask the obvious question as to whether this would be equally beneficial to our dog’s health. Because CBD oil comes from hemp we associate it with marijuana and this makes many people skeptical as to its benefit for animals. The fact is, however, that the oil is from hemp, not marijuana, and has no THC and therefore no psychoactive ingredient. Here we’ll take a look at five tips on when and how you would want to use CBD oil for Dogs.

Why You Might Want To Consider Using CBD In Your Dog

If your dog has come down with a type of cancer and the treatment it has been given has not worked or you just prefer to try an alternative medicine before using conventional medicine for your dog, then you might want to consider CBD oil. A study published in the Journal of American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association reported that 2/3 of a group of pet owners who had used CBD found that it had helped their dog. Other studies reported had already demonstrated that the oil was helpful in humans for reducing tumors and some types of cancer.

In Australia, it was successfully used to improve a heart murmur in dogs. Australian veterinarians say that they can’t pinpoint exactly how it improved the heart murmur, only that it did. These vets reported that they had not been previously able to improve the heart murmur but found that the dog had measurably improved after being given CBD.

This oil has also been successfully used in dogs to help reduce anxiety. If anyone has ever had a dog who suffers separation anxiety or something similar, then this might be an alternative treatment for that condition. The reduction in stress and anxiety has been well documented in people and is now an alternative treatment for dogs.

Five Tips On When And How You Would Want To Use CBD Oil For Dogs

1. Start With CBD From Hemp

It is important that your dog gets the health benefits that come from CBD from hemp and that to the extent possible, you avoid high levels of THC that might stress your dog. It will be necessary that you start them off slow and that you get CBD from a reputable seller that clearly indicates the product’s ingredients on the label. It is commonly recommended that you give 1 mg of CBD for every 10 lbs of your dog’s body weight. This would mean that if your dog weighs 70 lbs then you would give it 7 mg.

You will want to start them on a smaller amount and gradually work up and pay attention to your dog’s condition. If they seem to be doing well taking CBD then continue giving it to them. If there are any ill effects then you might want to consider withdrawing them from the oil and speaking with your vet.

2. Mix The Oil With Their Food

If you mix it in with their food your dog will not even know they’re consuming it. But this puts it into their body naturally and allows their liver to process the oil. This means that the overall health effect will last longer in their body and will work more deeply. Although humans will consume cannabis by smoking, it’s never recommended that this method is used for dogs.

3. It Will Be Necessary To Monitor Your Dog Closely When Starting

It is important to remember that when starting your dog on something new that it is important that you monitor them to see how they’re responding. Although CBD doesn’t contain any psychoactive ingredients, different dogs will respond differently. This means that you should try to see if it is having it positive, negative, or neutral result. As long as the result is neutral or positive then it is safe to continue giving it to your dog. If, however, you notice any negative effects then you would want to stop its use until you can consult with a veterinarian.

4. Purchase Only From Quality Vendors

Because the production of CBD is still relatively new there are a number of good vendors and some that produce inferior products. For this reason, it really is important that you buy only from quality makers of the product. It should be organic and you will likely want to choose CBD from hemp so that it does not contain any THC. There is some evidence that a small amount of THC along with CBD could be beneficial in some ways but you would want to be cautious about the use of that and do so only under the direction of your veterinarian.

5. Consult Your Veterinarian

Your veterinarian has knowledge and experience that you simply don’t have. Getting their advice and following their direction can be very beneficial for the health of your dog. Although there are vets out there that will discard the use of CBD there are others that are familiar with it and its potential benefits. Even if you have to check with a couple of veterinarians it is still better to have the guidance of a professional rather than trying to go at it on your own and put your pet at risk.

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