review of the best dog teepee beds

5 Best Dog Teepee Beds in 2023


Dog teepee beds have quickly become the next stylish, trendy and decorative dog bed options. Also known as tent beds, you can find many sizes to fit your dog and maybe even one large enough to accommodate you (but that may require a human teepee)!

They can be very comfortable and can shield your dog when he’s feeling shy or wants some privacy. There are very cute designs that can blend in well with your interior décor. Relatively easy to set up, these tents could be your dog’s main sleeping bed, or just one to relax on to be closer to you.

You might think buying a dog teepee bed is the same as buying a dog bed, however true that may be, there are still hidden aspects of the process. We will introduce some of the best ones we have seen available for you to take a look at.

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1. Pickle & Polly – Dog Bed Teepee

Pickle & Polly – Dog Bed Teepee

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What makes the Pickle & Polly – Dog Bed Teepee one of the best is the material used. The premium materials are comfortable and soft, creating a luxurious bed for your fur baby. The stability poles are 100% pinewood and were not treated with harmful chemicals. The fill material for the dog bed helps keep the teepee’s shape.

The chemical-free fabrics can be machine washed and last for years. Your fur baby deserves the best. If you are not happy with the product, or your dog isn’t comfortable, you are protected by the 100% satisfaction guarantee.


+ Two different colors
+ Safe and comfortable materials
+ Non-toxic pine without harmful chemicals
+ Machine washable

Why We Like It – Something stylish doesn’t have to come at the price of quality and comfort. This dog teepee bed is made with extremely soft materials that are safe and durable as well as comfortable.

2. Little Dove Kids Foldable Teepee Play Tent with Carrying Case

Little Dove Kids Foldable Teepee Play Tent with Carrying Case

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We always remember pet parents with extra-large fur babies. For you, we have incorporated a teepee tent for kids. The tent bed will suit your larger dog well and be a place both your child and dog can enjoy together.

The off-white canvas also looks great indoors against plain white walls. The best part is the teepees are made of 100% natural materials, the best choice for your children, furry or not.

There are two inner storage pockets, which are great for holding your pup’s favorite toys, treats or books for your kids. It’s easy to put together, however it does lack cushioning. Although it comes with a floor mat, you can feel free to swap it out for something fluffier.


+ Easy assembly
+ 100% natural material
+ Machine washable
+ Storage pockets

Why We Like It – The Little Dove package includes everything you need to set up your dog’s new favorite bed. It even comes with a carrying bag and unique decorations for a personal touch.

3. Zaihe Pet Teepee Portable Dog Tent

Zaihe Pet Teepee Portable Dog Tent

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Much like the other option from Zaihe, this cute one with stars will transport your dog into dreamland. This teepee takes ‘’sleeping under the stars’’ to the next level. You also get the pine wooden poles and durable machine washable canvas.

We love the options from Zaihe because of the comfortable cushioning; it shows they really take your dogs to comfort into consideration. All tents from this company come in three different sizes for different sized pets. Keep the curtains open or closed with the toggles and the blackboard is also included.


+ Lightweight
+ Machine washable
+ 3 sizes
+ Cute star pattern

Why We Like It – Assemble tents from Zaihe in a matter of seconds. The cushion is pentagon-shaped to fit perfectly into the bottom of the tent.

4. Little Dove Pet Teepee House

Little Dove Pet Teepee House Indian Tents Wood Canvas Teepee Foldaway Pet Tent

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Neck and neck with Zaihe on our list is Little Dove Pet Teepee House. This teepee option is grey and has a Native American touch to it. Just like the other options, you get the pine wooden poles with durable canvas and a pompom mat. It’s best for pets under 25 lbs, but feel free to add a more fully padded mat for more comfort.

Even with the decorative poofs, the canvas is still easily removable and machine washable. It also comes in another yellow striped pattern in a smaller size. If you have other pets such as cats and rabbits, they will also love this little teepee tent.


+ Cute design
+ Durable canvas
+ Machine washable
+ Quality guarantee

Why We Liked It – The smaller sizes make an even cozier nook for all your small pets. We love how the teepee is still easy to assemble and wash no matter the decoration.

5. LuckerMore Pet Teepee Tent

If you are looking for an extremely sturdy design, try this one from No products found.. The 100% cotton canvas and 100% natural wooden stabilizing poles create a very comfortable and airy space. It won’t easily collapse and will keep a roof over even the most aggressive and playful fur babies.

The tent is easy to clean and comes with a storage bag. This makes it easy to carry this tent to the beach, to the yard, or on vacation with you. What’s great is the plush and furry cushion mat to give your pet the most comfortable space.


+ Easily portable
+ Easy to set up and clean
+ Stable design
+ Soft cushion

Why We Like It – There are two options offered by Luckermore, one that resembles a house tent and the other is a typical teepee style. The more choices you have the better, right?

Dog Teepee Bed Buyer’s Guide

bed buyer’s guide for dog teepee
Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels

So, we have convinced you to purchase a teepee bed for your dog. Now we will walk you through what features to look for to ensure safety and durability. They are stylish designs that provide your dog with an enclosed sleeping space that could ease their anxiety. What else do they do and what should we keep an eye on?

What to Look for When Buying Dog Teepee Beds?

sleeping dog on a non-slip floor cover/mat
Image by Chica de Tulear from Pixabay

Non-Slip Floor Cover

To keep it from moving and dissuading your dog to drag the tent around, a non-slip floor cover/mat is something to consider. It also prevents him from sliding and crashing into the wall when he’s inbounding into the tent in all his enthusiasm.


Most options come with curtains for the choice of privacy or to air out the interior. Try to look for products that have a button, tie or toggle to keep the curtains open.


Safe materials (the more natural the better) are the next feature to look out for. Narrow down your choices to designs with a 100% cotton canvas and real wood poles. If the tent is white, this usually means it is free of dyes, which makes it safer.

Many options are also mildew resistant and non-flammable, which is an important safety feature. You can never be too careful, especially for those who want to take the tent outside once in a while to a backyard barbecue.


Having to assemble something yourself is daunting enough, you don’t need the process to be overly complicated. Look for ones that are easy to set up with clear instructions, and easy to assemble parts. This is especially important when you are trying to take the teepee apart for cleaning.


The cushion included, or not included will be the gauge for how comfortable your dog will be. If the teepee does not come with a cushion, we would definitely suggest adding one and make sure the cushions are thick enough to keep the pressure off joints.

Easy to Clean

Your dog has the tendency of ruining/dirtying anything he touches. So, to have something that is mostly white, you must make sure it’s easy to clean. Hand washing these teepees will ensure the quality, but most are machine washable.


Anything extra the manufacturer throws in to entice you could be a bonus. Some might include a little blackboard, extra storage pockets, decorative flags, pennants, and even a string of lights.


Hopefully, after reading this article, you have a clearer idea of which teepee is best. Most of them are made for smaller dogs, which is why we have included one for kids that would also make a cozy home for your big fur baby.

They are easily transportable and easy to store due to the soft structure and can provide your dog with a sense of safety. Not to mention, it will add a touch of flair to your décor!

Expert Tip

Traditional dog teepees are usually made of cotton, which doesn’t make them waterproof. There are options for outdoor use but they won’t be as comfortable and would resemble a traditional tent. Only take the teepee outdoors when it’s a nice day.

Did You Know?

Dogs that are avid chewers won’t make good teepee tenants. If your dog is of the appropriate size, has a calm temperament, and generally takes care of his belongings, then a teepee tent could be great!

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