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10 Best Dog Foods for Pomeranians in 2024


Owning a Pomeranian gives you the privilege of looking into their adorable smiling faces anytime you want. But did you know this particular breed needs special care? Their fluffy coats, smiling faces, and adorable eyes take more effort than you think to maintain. The key to keeping them healthy is through their diet.

Little dogs need even more nutrients and food of high quality. Their little mouths can only open so wide, therefore the kibble size you feed your little Pom needs to be smaller. Isn’t that the most adorable thing you have ever heard?

The key to a healthy dog of any breed is a balanced diet with wholesome ingredients. Pomeranians are considered a small breed, so any food tailored for a toy to small breeds will give them what they need. If you are lucky enough to find a brand with food just for Poms, then that will be even better. Let’s take a look at what food is good for Pomeranians.

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Our team has spent hours researching products to find the best dog foods for Pomeranians, read our in-depth reviews below. Learn more about our 10 point inspection checklist.

Best Dog Foods for Pomeranians

1. Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Small Indoor Adult Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Small Indoor Adult Dry Dog Food

With a Pomeranian on the front of the package, you know this is meant for them. Small breeds mature at a faster rate than other breeds. You might meet a fully grown small breed dog at 10 months old. This dog food from Royal Canin is specifically created for dogs from 10 months to 8 years old; basically their entire adult life.

If your dog weighs from 9 to 22 pounds or so, then you have a small fur baby on your hands. Anything below this weight would be considered a toy breed. Small dogs are generally less active, and this recipe caters to that fact with the appropriate calorie levels to match their output. Small dogs can gain weight easily if they are overfed so their weight must be monitored through their diet.

Why We Like It – This recipe is easily digestible and dog food that improves stool quality and odor. The less smelly the stool is, the better the digestive health your dog has.


+ added EPA and DHA levels
+ Easily digestible
+ Smaller kibble
+ appropriate calorie levels

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2. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult, Small Bites, Lamb meal & Brown Rice Recipe

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult, Small Bites, Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Recipe

Made for small breed adults, the small bites dog food means smaller kibble for these little fur balls. Give Hill’s Science Diet to your Pomeranian between the ages of 1 and 8. In each recipe, you will find healthy doses of Omega 6 fatty acids and vitamin E to help with skin and coat health.

Visible results can be seen after just 30 days! Vitamin E along with vitamin C also help their immune systems and the real lamb meal helps to maintain strong and lean muscles. No artificial colors, preservatives or flavors are added to the mix, what your dog will taste is the all-natural blend of ingredients that will entice even the pickiest of eaters.

Why We Like It – It sounds like Hill’s has the perfect blend for your Pomeranian. Dogs with fluffier coats need extra omega fatty acids to maintain its shine, and Hill’s provides them in abundance.


+ Supports coat health
+ Promotes healthy digestion
+ Strengthens the immune system
+ Maintains muscles

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3. Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition X-Small Puppy Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition X-Small Puppy Dry Dog Food

What should you do if you have a puppy? Royal Canin has your back with the X-Small Puppy Dry Dog Food Blend. Before your small Pom makes it to maturity, you can give him full nutritional support with this recipe. The X-S blend is meant for dogs weighing less than 8 pounds at maturity, in other words, for toy breeds.

The smaller the dog, the more intense their growth period is. The food needs to be able to fuel the high energy and caloric needs of your small puppy. The extra small sized kibble is perfect for their tiny mouths and small tummies. The well-balanced blend of vitamins and antioxidants support a healthy immune system.

Why We Like It – For the tiniest of pups, try the Royal Canin XS recipe. If you have a Pomchi or any other small breed mixed with Poms, this is the perfect option for you.


+ Extra small kibble
+ Meets the nutritional needs of an xs pup
+ Maintains dental health
+ Delicious flavors

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4. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult, Small & Mini Breeds, Sensitive Stomach & Skin

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult, Small & Mini Breeds, Sensitive Stomach & Skin

Sensitivity issues can affect breeds of any size. Long-haired breeds can suffer from skin and coat issues more than short-haired ones. This blend from Hill’s Science Diet incorporates prebiotics into the mix to help with digestion. The omega 6 fatty-acid helps with sensitive skin issues and gives your Pom a long and lustrous coat.

The balanced recipe is formulated for miniature or small breeds. Only made with natural ingredients, Hill’s manufactures each recipe in the USA with ingredients from trusted sources. Hill’s is the #1 veterinarian-recommended diet, it is dog food you can trust.

Why We Liked It – You can’t go wrong with a veterinarian recommended brands. The natural ingredients used are less irritating to your pup’s digestive system than the alternative.


+ Added prebiotics
+ Promotes healthy skin and coat
+ Natural ingredients
+ Made in the USA

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5. Fromm Gold Small Breed Adult Dog Food

Fromm is a family owned company that takes pride in the quality of their dog food. A lot of people have given their reviews about Fromm dog food. Small breeds such as the Pomeranian have very fast metabolisms that need the right amount of nutrition to support. This recipe meant for small breed adults is developed to meet those standards.

Fromm only uses natural ingredients, with meat from an animal source as the first ingredient. The added probiotics will help with digestion and protein from duck, chicken, the lamb will help maintain strong and lean muscles. Omega fatty acids derived from salmon oil and fish meal in this recipe will give your small fur baby a glossy coat and healthy skin.

Why We Like It – Probiotics and prebiotics are essential to a healthy digestive system. Whether your fur baby is sensitive or not, the added good bacteria will do your pup good.


+ Made in the USA
+ Well-balanced nutrition
+ Natural ingredients
+ Added probiotics

6. Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition X-Small Adult Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition X-Small Adult Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin also has a recipe for extra small adults. If your dog weighs less than 8 pounds at maturity, you should consider this blend. The ingredients are specifically measured and the recipe tailored to meet the caloric needs of dogs of this size. The EPA and DHA levels give more support for dogs with longer fur – this includes the Pomeranian.

This recipe is made with highly digestible proteins with dietary fibers to improve digestion, stool firmness, and unpleasant odors. Exclusively made extra small kibble is formed to fit your small dog’s jaws. This is a diet that is able to keep up with your energetic pup while providing the nutrition he needs.

Why We Like It – Royal Canin is a brand that also prides itself in making food that is very palatable. Picky eaters are known to love their recipes. Give them a try if your dog is a fussy eater. Check the reviews about Royal Canin dog food here to know more.


+ Promotes healthy digestion
+ Extra small kibble for extra small mouths
+ Supports coat and skin health
+ Well-balanced nutrition

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7. Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Small Indoor Senior Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Small Indoor Senior Dry Dog Food

When your dog is over 8 years old, he is considered a senior. This recipe is for indoor senior dogs, which means dogs who have less energy and are less active. Still containing optimal levels of omega fatty acids for skin and coat health as well as EPA, DHA, and antioxidants for a healthy immune system, there is less caloric content in this blend.

Older small breeds not only have small teeth but also weaker jaws. Royal Canin takes that into consideration and formulates kibble that is easy for them to chew. Support the later years of your small indoor pup with Royal Canin.

Why We Like It – This is a targeted recipe blended to meet the needs of less active, small breed seniors. The older and less active the dog is, the more prone to weight gain he can be. Worry no more about weight issues with this formula.


+ Created for indoor seniors
+ EPA and DHA
+ Smaller kibble
+ Easy to digest

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8. Royal Canin Health Nutrition Small Adult Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Health Nutrition Small Adult Dry Dog Food

Some small dogs can still love running around and have a high level of activity. Support their energy output with this recipe from Royal Canin. Maintain the healthy weight of your dog with the added doses of L-carnitine, which helps burn fat. Of course, you can’t forget about the small-sized kibble that is adapted for their smaller jaws. Every stage of your small dog’s life needs to be met with the right amount of nutrition.

Balanced meals are very important for certain breeds. The high metabolism rate of small breeds means high energy is needed, however, the amount of calories needs to be regulated to keep them from becoming overweight. Being overweight can lead to a slew of health problems.

Why We Like It – The added L-carnitine is a major bonus when it comes to weight regulation. It helps burn fat and keeps your pup lean and fit


+ Added L-carnitine levels
+ Small kibble
+ EPA and DHA
+ Meets the high energy needs of small dogs

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9. Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Mini Aging 12+ Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Mini Aging 12+ Dry Dog Food

If your dog is getting on in his years, you need the Royal Canin recipe for dogs 12 years and older. Foraging dogs, the EPA, DHA, and antioxidants help with cognitive health as well as fortify the immune system. The specific-sized kibble with delicious flavors will help maintain dental health and reduce tartar and plaque buildup.

This recipe even helps with kidney health along with your Pom’s coat condition. Elderly dogs have more fragile teeth than their younger counterparts. Royal Canin made this recipe with that factor in mind. The kibble is easy to rehydrate, just add a little water to make it soft for your older dog to chew.

Why We Like It – This product is grain-free and holistic, providing your elderly dog with what he needs. Soften the kibble with warm water to help your older Pom digest the food.


+ EPA and DHA
+ Specific-sized kibble
+ Easy to rehydrate
+ Delicious flavors

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10. Pedigree Small Breed Adult Dry Dog Food

Pedigree Small Breed Adult Dry Dog Food

The delicious flavor of the Pedigree Small Breed Adult Dry Dog Food recipe will appeal to any dog. The formula used to concoct this dog food is 100% balanced and complete with no artificial flavors and added sugar. Only high-quality ingredients are used and the blend is enriched with omega fatty acids and vitamins.

All Pedigree dog food is made in the USA with premium ingredients sourced from around the world. The small kibble will gently clean your dog’s teeth with every bite and stimulate blood circulation in his gums. Note that this recipe does contain whole grains, which can help with digestion but isn’t ideal for sensitive dogs.

Why We Like It – The trace amounts of glucosamine and chondroitin support bone and joint health. Even small dogs may suffer from bone and joint issues as they age.


+ No artificial flavors
+ 100% balanced and complete nutrition
+ Omega fatty acids
+ Promotes dental hygiene

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Bonus Buy:

Healthy Breeds Omega HP Fish Oil Skin & Coat Supplement Soft Chews

Healthy Breeds Omega HP Fish Oil Skin & Coat Supplement Soft Chews – Vet Recommended Small Breed

Omega HP is a potent fatty acid that must be absorbed through their diet. This formula is based on breed, and great for Pomeranians, as you can tell by the packaging. The fish oil is derived from fresh fish and extracted quickly in its purest form.

If your dog needs extra support in the skin and coat department, invest in one of these bottles of soft chews. Not only does it help with skin and coat health, but omega HP fish oil also strengthens the heart, immune system, brain, and eye function. The soft chews are made in the USA in FDA regulated facilities.

Why We Like It – For extra support whether your dog is aging or not, omega HP is high in potency and vet recommended.


+ Potent and pure
+ Wide array of health benefits
+ Soft chews, easy to digest
+ Made in the USA

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Best Food for Pomeranians Buyer’s Guide

Poms are adorable little dogs that put a smile on anyone’s face. For bringing sunshine and delight into our lives, we believe Pomeranians deserve the best in return. Be sure to identify the right food for the right life stage of your dog. Poms reach maturity faster than a large breed dog at around 10 months.

Most dogs reach the seniority at 8 years or over, so make sure you feed them the age-appropriate recipes. The best thing you can do for your fur baby is to provide them with a healthy diet, fortified with all the necessary ingredients he will need to flourish.

What to Look for When Buying Dog Food for Pomeranians?

For any small breed dog, there are certain things we need to look out for when selecting the right food. Let’s take a look at what you should keep in mind.

The Size of the Kibble

The size of the kibble could actually be the most important factor. After all, what good is the food if your dog can’t fit it into his mouth? Most if not all dog food brands take this into consideration and manufacture smaller kibble for your cute fur baby. The kibble also helps keep his teeth clean and reduce plaque and tartar buildup.

Calorie Content

Poms and many other small breeds can suffer from obesity if their caloric intake isn’t regulated. They need food that is calorie-dense, meaning a lot of calories in a small portion. Simply put, Poms don’t have anywhere to put extra calories due to their small stature, so regulated feeding schedules are important.

Protein Content

Next up is protein content. Poms are small balls of energy, so they need their food to be packed with everything they require to last them until the next meal. They are not able to eat large portions, so high protein and fat content is preferred. However, it’s still incredibly important not to overfeed your Pom.

Source of Protein

This actually goes for any dog food. High-quality protein from a clear animal source is always the way to go. The first listed ingredient is the dominant ingredient in the recipe. You always want this to be an animal-based protein, hopefully, sourced from the US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. Free-range or grass-fed animals are the best choices.

Carb Content

Carbs are a source of energy and you know your Pomeranian has lots of it. Make sure sufficient amounts of carbs are in the dog food, preferably in the form of sweet potatoes or other healthy sources.


Added vitamins and minerals will benefit all dogs, and so will the omega fatty acids. Micro-nutrients aid in the support of bodily functions and overall health.


Small dogs including Poms can suffer from digestive issues. Food containing probiotics and prebiotics as well as healthy forms of fiber or any dog food for firm stools will help with stool quality, reduce odor and bloating, as well as overall gut health.

Dietary and Nutritious Needs

All puppies need small meals throughout the day and this never changes for the Pom. The smaller the dog, the less it can take per meal. Feed your Pom small but regular meals throughout the day at least twice a day. Make sure each meal is packed with enough nutrients to last until the next one.

Do not regulate their weight by feeding them fewer meals. A lot of small dogs suffer from hypoglycemia, and if they aren’t fed at regular intervals at least twice a day, they could become very weak and even faint.

Keep in mind that the quality of food you feed them is extremely important. We suggest dry food over wet food because dry kibble can help with dental hygiene. Poms are also prone to allergies, so dehydrated dog food is a great choice, and you can mix it in with dry kibble for added flavor.

Always pay attention to your dog’s unique needs. Perhaps you have a lazy Pom on your hands and exercise is the last thing on his mind. If this is the case, meals with fewer than average calories will be better. Tailor their intake to their lifestyle habits.

Steer clear of fillers and artificial additives when picking out dog food. Spend a few extra minutes reading the ingredient list and you might help prolong your dog’s life. Keep the food as natural, pure and wholesome as possible. If your dog is more sensitive, avoid grains, wheat, and soy.


Many brands have dog food made especially for these tiny fur balls. Give your smiling companion a healthy and happy life by paying attention to his/her nutritional needs. To sum up, Pomeranians need food jam-packed with nutrition. A high level of protein, carbs, fats, and micronutrients will produce a grateful and happy puppy.

Expert Tip

As you have probably read before in one of our previous articles, patellar luxation is a common knee joint issue that occurs in small dogs. This is where the bone misaligns or dislocates. It could be very painful, and glucosamine and chondroitin levels could potentially minimize these issues.

They also suffer from eye problems such as cataracts and distichiasis. To prevent this, beta-carotene intake from carrots and other supplements will help greatly. If your dog suffers from hypoglycemia, it can be combated by keeping his blood sugar levels up.

Did You Know?

The fruits and veggies in a dog’s diet should be fresh with essential vitamins and minerals. For any dog, not only Poms, sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, spinach, pumpkin, and broccoli are among the most sought after vegetables.

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