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15 Cutest Australian Shepherd Mixes

Mixed breeds used to be referred to by the derogatory term “mutt”.

No longer are mixed breeds considered less than, as many of them are now referred to as “designer dogs” and can cost upwards of 3000 dollars!

A mixed-breed puppy can hopefully take on the better traits of both parents. However, on occasion, you do get some of the bad.

Australian Shepherds are incredibly intelligent, loyal, beautiful, and have a lot of stamina.

Let’s see what adorable puppies they can create with other breeds.

1. Border Aussie

Border Aussie Mix

You guessed it! Border Aussies are a mix between a Border Collie and an Australian Shepherd.

Other than their markings, these two breeds are similar in many ways. When you mix the two, you will have an incredibly intelligent little pup on your hands.

Both parents are loyal, and since they are herding breeds, they have a lot of energy.

It’s important to give this pup a proper outlet to unleash pent-up energy or else you might have a big mess to clean up!

2. Augi

Australian Shepherd and Corgi Mix

Photography by @gyozatheaugi

It’s quite a cool name, the Augi is a mix of an Australian Shepherd with a Corgi. Since both breeds are working dogs, you better have lots of space to let these puppies run wild.

They can be suited to city living, but these elongated and multicolored fur babies need lots of exercise!

As for their appearance, their height can vary greatly depending on which parent they take after, and their fur can be merle or similar to the shorter Corgi.

3. Aussiedoodle

Aussiedoodle is another australian shepherd mixes

Photography by @alyssa_rockinpaws

When you see a doodle, you know the poodle had a hand in it. Some people may wonder why the poodle, an unsuspecting little canine has so many mixed offspring. This is because they are a truly remarkable breed.

Their hypoallergenic fur can make an Australian Shepherd a good pet for allergic people and they are obedient and easily trainable.

4. Ausky


Photography by @rhea_the_ausky

Personally speaking, Spitz dogs are my favorite. Since both breeds are known for blue eyes, you’re more than likely to get a sapphire-eyed puppy whose eyes you can just melt into.

Husky coats vary, so you may get a wooly baby or one with a short coat depending on which parent the pooch takes after.

5. Australian Retriever

Australian Retriever

Photography by @nalagoldenaussie

Just by looking at the photo, you wouldn’t think this was a mixed breed! They have strikingly similar coats (not in terms of color) and make gorgeous fur babies with long and luxurious locks.

With the smarts of the Australian Shepherd and the natural docility and even temperament of the Golden Retriever, you will have a puppy that is easy to train.

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6. Chow Shepherd

Chow Shepherd

Photography by @bobmarlee117

We mentioned our love of Spitz dogs, which is why we couldn’t resist including another Spitz mix on our list. The Chow Shepherd is a mix between a puffy Chow Chow and a sleek Aussie Shepherd.

The Aussie Shepherd, who is friendly, affectionate, and sociable perfectly offsets the Chow’s more aloof and guarded attitude.

7. Aussiedor


Photography by @daily.dose.of.cookie

This regal-looking mixed breed is great if you love the Aussie Retriever without the long fur. However, it’s still worth it to note that these dogs still shed. We know why Labradors are a great dog breed. They’ve been on America’s Top Dog list for decades!

These bundles of joy have great personalities. They come with a mix of loyalty, a dash of intelligence, a sprinkle of affection, a dob of obedience, and top it all off with a whole lot of love.

8. Auberman


Photography from

These dogs just look like a furry Doberman! Dobermans are sleek, and graceful, yet fierce. To dial down the “scary” personality movies have ingrained in us – we enter the Aussie Shepherd.

These pups make excellent guard dogs (but not aggressive) but they won’t hesitate to get down to business when the situation calls for it. They are your ultimate protector!

9. Aussie Pom

Aussie Pom

Photography by @fluffyremi

We couldn’t resist. Pomeranians are being bred with many larger breeds to scale down the size. If you like the Aussie Shepherd but fear you don’t have enough room, then get yourself an Aussie Pom!

These adorable creatures are smaller versions of Aussies with puffier fur and sometimes blue eyes! This makes living in the city with a dog much more manageable.

10. German Australian Shepherd

German Australian Shepherd

Photography by @_shylascheffler

The name gives it away, this is a mix between the amazing and powerful German Shepherd and the beautiful and intelligent Aussie Shepherd. We can’t imagine the intelligence ingrained in these puppies.

They can have long and soft fur like the Aussie Shepherd or a short and wiry coat like the brave German Shepherd. Shepherd dogs are known for herding, and the latter are used as police dogs! A mix of these two magnificent breeds will be a fantastic dog.

11. Dalshep


We don’t hear much about Dalmatians so we thought we would pay them a tribute and mention this breed. The Aussie Shepherd with a Dalmatian will give you one high-energy and affectionate dog.

They might mostly turn out black and white with gorgeous blue eyes – who wouldn’t want that? Since they are so affectionate, they do require much love from you so don’t leave them alone for too long!

12. Shepnees


Photography by @__alyssascorner__

Can you guess the other parent of this large dog breed? It’s a Great Pyrenees! The Great Pyrenees is a very large and white dog that will almost guarantee your pup to be quite big. This big white dog plus the Aussie have long fur that ends up everywhere!

Get ready to hoover more than once a week. However, with their cute eyes and loveable personalities, you won’t mind the cleanup at all!

13. Aussiel (Cotralian)

Aussiel (Cotralian)

Photography by @thedogumentor

The coloring of an Aussie Shepherd is sort of mirrored in a cocker spaniel. These dogs love to be outside and play on the grass. These great dogs that can be wonderful therapy canines do have a ton of energy though.

Make sure you train them well as they do love to exert their energy by getting into things and jumping on people. Doggy classes and agility training are a great way to help them expend extra energy.

14. Australian Eskimo

Australian Eskimo

Photography by @stella.aussiemo

An American Eskimo just looks like a great big white pom. No longer will it be American when you mix it with the Aussie Shepherd. You might end up with a piebald puppy with white fur as the foundation and darker markings/spots everywhere else.

These hyper dogs will give you plenty to handle, but when they do calm down, they are very loving companions.

15. Shelaussie


Photography by @tonwaa

Last but not least, we have a breeding of the world’s two most popular herding breeds. Very capable, intelligent and high energy, we advise people who lead an active lifestyle to adopt this breed.

If you love thick coats, it’s more than likely that your new companion will inherit a double coat since both parents have it. The downside to double coats is the enormous amount of shedding all-year-round. If you can handle that, these dogs will be beautiful and majestic, not to mention regal.


If you love the appearance of an Aussie Shepherd but are intimidated by the amount of exercise they need and energy they have, you will be glad to know that there is a solution to this and they come in the form of a pom or a chow!

An Aussie Shepherd mixed with a Great Pyrenees can give you a great big bundle of joy.

Figure out what you like about certain breeds and see if they come in the form of a newly bred puppy. These adorable mixed breeds aren’t only unique, but they can bring double the amount of joy into your life!

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