Are Dogs Allowed in Home Depot

Are Dogs Allowed in Home Depot?

Of the many questions we ask about where we can take our dogs, we should be asking are dogs allowed in Home Depot?

When you think of other stores like Lowes or Walmart whose policies reflect that they only allow dogs that are service dogs, you almost expect the same type of policy at home Depot.

Are Dogs Allowed in Home Depot

The good news is, that might not be the case. If you want to take your pet on a stroll through the store, Home Depot might just be a dog friendly store that welcomes them with open arms.

Dog owners can bring their dogs to Home Depot’s locations and rest assured that they won’t send them right back to the car.

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There are plenty of pet friendly locations out there but it can sometimes be hard to know which ones will truly let you bring your dog and which ones have a dog policy that says no dogs inside.

In this guide, we will take a closer look at the Home Depot home improvement store policy and discuss just whether their dog policy is open and what you need to understand or make sure to do if you take your dog to Home Depot’s aisles.

Understanding Home Depot’s Dog Policy

When you want to know whether you can bring your dog to a store in the United States or any other country, a dog owner should first take a look at the policy.

You might find statements everywhere that an owner took their pet inside some sort of store without any issues but that does not necessarily mean that particular store allows dogs.

You also should keep in mind that different retail stores locations might have different policies based on state and local laws.

For example, Home Depot Canada might have a specific stipulation while Home Depot California in the United States has an entirely different policy or restriction.

As a dog owner, take a responsible step and look up the dog policy rather than just taking everyone else’s word for whether or not dogs are allowed in Home Depot.

Understanding Home Depot's Dog Policy
Image by TERESA BERG from Pexels

When it comes to Home Depot’s dog policy, it looks like Home Depot welcomes pups into the store with open arms. Not only can you always bring your service dog, but they allow other dogs and pets to enter the store as well, without any complaint.

Shoppers and pet owners alike can bring their leashed dogs into Home Depot and the store will be happy to have them. The store is even set up in such a way that it is a dog friendly medium.

There is room for your dog to walk each aisle with you and not have any problems. In addition, you can distance from other customers that might not like pets as well.

No need to leave your dog in the parking lot when you visit Home Depot. It’s a warm and friendly environment for pets, as long as pet owners take responsibility and care for the animals they bring in.

Not ever retailer is this open and most policy statistics show that only service animals are so openly welcomed but that is not the case here.

Home Depot Employees and Pets

If you do a bit of research on the company dog policy, you find evidence that not only are owners welcome to bring their pets but employees can also have animals with them for service purposes.

In one such Home Depot store in the Unites States, there are stories of three employees who need service animals and they all bring their dogs and the dogs and the employees all work well together.

In that particular store, the manager has welcomed the service animals into the store and you will find that even regular customers look forward to seeing them regularly. One such story is about Jo and Breena.

She is a guide dog for Jo, who has an inoperable brain tumor that affects her sight. Jo works in the appliance department and the dog services her. Breena also acts as a seizure alert dog to accommodate all of her owner’s needs.

A pet owner hugs her dog
Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

This is really a thing of beauty because there are two other dogs who also help out with their owners in the same Home Depot location. Tom, is a pro cashier who suffers from blood sugar issues and his dog, Fritta, alerts in those instances.

Then, there is Amber who is also legally blind and her dog Truffles is her service dog to guide her through her duties and service responsibilities at the store. All three of these dogs are well used in Home Depot and people look forward to seeing them and working with them.

Of course, each owner is grateful to have the dog and have a workplace that allows dogs without question and gives them work with their service dogs at hand so easily.

The dog policy accommodates not just the service dogs but also any pet owner and their potential need for dogs in their stores.

Home Depot Pet Initiative

On top of the dog policy that clearly allows service dogs and will allow dogs in general, Home Depot has also added content and creativity with an initiative towards pets and even training them for being in stores.

It’s pretty cool actually.

If you think about it, even the highly-trained service dogs might struggle in stores because of shopping carts and excessive people so why not take the chance to train dogs for just such a situation so that while dogs are allowed in Home Depot maybe they can be prepared for other stores that allow dogs as well.

Home Depot Pet Initiative
Image by Marcus Christensen from Pexels

Sometimes, it’s not just about the content of the dog policy but also the managers at the stores and understanding what it takes to bring dogs inside Home Depot and other stores. Your dog should be prepared for the situation and it takes some interest on the owners part to get there.

Home Depot sees this as more than just a dog policy for their stores, instead in some locations, they’ve taken the initiative and seen the need for a dog friendly environment within Home Depot while also making sure that dogs can function within their stores.

The same Home Depot store that has three service dogs employed with their owner also steps up to help prepare the stores and the dogs for their adventure in Home Depot stores. This particular Home Depot provides clinics for their customers, putting together obstacle courses for the dogs and the people to go through.

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The training courses teach the dogs how to handle with a shopping cart and a leash. Any dog must be able to navigate through the store with a shopping cart and be able to handle the surroundings and picking up items from the place in the store.

The company uses these opportunities to work with their owners even in a much different environment. While service dogs are trained to know what their person needs, a dog on a leash in a store has a far different experience when it comes right down to it.

There are people all around and the dog on a leash might be overwhelmed if they are not trained for that environment, even though they are trained to always be able to handle their human’s specific ailments.

Home Depot and Other Stores that Allow Dogs

So many stores have a dog policy that will allow only leashed dogs or service dogs into their store but not every company is like this. In addition, even though the dog policy might state that only service dogs may enter you will find that some store managers don’t uphold this policy.

There are several stores out there that will allow most owners to bring their pets in and yet others that will allow dogs meant for service. In some cases, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a small dog like the shih tzu or a large dog like a golden retriever, you can bring your dog friend in for all dog lovers to enjoy with you.

Home Depot and Other Stores that Allow Dogs
Photo by Harry cao from Unsplash

The animal policy might say one rule and the employees and store manager might say another so this is something to be aware of when you leave your house.

If the store manager and employees let you bring your dogs shopping with you despite the dog policy, be certain not to take advantage of their hospitality.

Here are some other store names that you might recognize that will allow you to bring dogs in amongst the customers and employees in most cases.

  • Petco
  • Pet Smart
  • Pet supply store
  • Lowes
  • Tractor Supply Co
  • Nordstrom
  • Apple Store
  • LUSH
  • Macy’s
  • Pottery Barn
  • Bass Pro Shops
  • Cabelas
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Harbor Freight
  • The Gap
  • Old Navy
  • Orvis

On the same hand, you should be aware of sites that tell you to leave your dog at home. Keep in mind that not every location is conducive to dogs. Home Depot is built to allow both dogs, customers, and employees to comfortably walk the aisles without threat of one incident but not all places are designed for this use.

Here are some store options that are not as receptive as Home Depot when it comes to bringing your dog from home with you.

  • Ikea
  • Tiffany’s
  • Jewelry store
  • Home decor store
  • Grocery retail store
  • Trader Joe’s
  • REI
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Costco

Take note here that one or all of these have a theme. There might be kids running around or there might be food and expensive or breakable items.

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We can understand why dogs might not be openly welcomed at one or more of these shopping cases here.

Taking Your Dog to Home Depot

When you want to take your dogs out to Home Depot with you, there is a certain amount of etiquette that should be applied.

You, as the pet owner, are responsible for the dog in Home Depot and it is not the responsibility of other customers or employees or even the manager to take care of you or the dog or to have to clean up after your dog when you leave.

Whether your dog is a pet or a service dog is irrelevant when you go out to Home Depot or another location.

It really doesn’t matter, unless of course the policy states that a service dog only is allowed. Your dog is welcomed in Home Depot regardless so you need to take care to not take that allowance for granted.

Taking Your Dog to Home Depot
Image by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

Take your pet with you but follow some basic etiquette guidelines in order to make sure that Home Depot remains a dog friendly environment and doesn’t decide to change to a service dog friendly only location instead.

Here are some basic etiquette practices you can follow.

Cart, Leash, or Carrier

Find some way to restrain or control your dog in a humane manner. A smaller dog could easily be brought in a pet carrier of some sort for your dog or you can even place them in the cart as you are shopping.

There are several different ways to keep your dog close to you and contained and you can decide what will work best for your dog ultimately. If your dog would never stay in the cart, then you shouldn’t use that option and the same thought process goes with all of the other options as well.

You will know your pet best so you will know the best way to contain and control your dog at Home Depot and other locations.

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Dog owners get to know how their dogs respond and react in certain situations. You can’t expect a company to be able to accommodate all dogs needs in their store. That lies primarily on the pet owners shoulders.

At a minimum, your dog should be on a leash in Home Depot or any other store. It really does not matter what store you go in, this is just a simple rule of etiquette.

Cleaning Up

Even if your dog is well trained, there may come a time that they really need to use the restroom in the store and you simply can’t get them out in time to avoid an accident.

Maybe your dog isn’t really trained well anyway and they use the bathroom in the middle of the drywall aisle, much to your horror.

These things do happen. Other customers might roll their eyes that your didn’t leave your dog at home. Some employees might offer to help but here is the deal. This is your dog in Home Depot and it is your responsibility to clean up any mess made while you are shopping.

This is not your home and there are a myriad of customers and employees apart from you so in this place you should make the effort to always clean up any mess that your dog might make in Home Depot (or anywhere else).

Always go prepared to clean up after your dog, just like you might when you go on a walk or to the dog park.

Be Mindful of Others

Remember that there are other customers and employees in the store and while it is a dog friendly environment, if you take advantage or refuse to keep your dog well controlled, this could easily change.

Be respectful of the people around you and be respectful of the fact that other people might not be comfortable around your dog like you are.

Hope Depot and many other store locales will let your dog in with no issues but just try to keep in mind that you are not the only one in Home Depot and you’re certainly not the only Home Depot customer around.

Are Dogs Allowed in Home Depot Canada?

Remember how we told you that not every store will have the exact allowances? While Home Depot in general will permit dogs into the store, the Home Depot Canada shopping alternatives are not quite as open about this shopping policy.

Home Depot Canada lists on their sites that they follow a strict no animal policy with their stores. The notice goes on to state that this is maintained in order to keep the safety of their associates and customers at the forefront of their priorities.

Are Dogs Allowed in Home Depot Canada?
Image by Quang Nguyen Vinh from Pexels

They Do also have a statement that certified service pets are welcome and an exception to the aforementioned policy. If you happen to be in Canada, rather than the USA, you should be aware of this slight difference when you leave your house.

We are not sure if pet owners would be required to show proof of certification or service pets registration but we would recommend that people be prepared to back up this claim considering the stated rules that are listed in regard to the statements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Pet Owners Need to Keep Pets on a Leash at Home Depot?

While there is nothing that specifically stipulates these details, pet owners should fall traditional leash laws, even inside of a store.

Your dog should be contained and controlled in some manner, whether through a carrier or a leash. This keeps the pets from running wild in the store and wreaking havoc should something go awry.

Why Do Canada and USA Have Different Rules?

You have to keep in mind that even different states might have different rules for pet owners so be sure to check out what your specific location allows or does not allow before you just assume you will be able to enter as expected.

Do All Home Depots Have Training Options?

We are not certain that each locale has these capabilities but you can certainly reach out to your nearby Home Depot to determine if they offer anything like the program near sore #2806. It’s a great program and opportunity if you can find it!


Home Depot in the US does welcome dogs into their stores for the most part from what we can tell. If you have a service dog, there is absolutely no question that they can tag along with you.

Again, be sure to follow proper etiquette when you are out and about and be sure that you are willing and able to clean up should your dog make any sort of mess as well.

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Happy shopping!

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