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Acana Dog Food Review in 2024

About Acana

Champion Petfood, the manufacturer of Acana dog food, originated in Alberta, Canada, back in 1975. Today, their products can be found in more than 60 countries across the globe and are regarded as some of the top dog food options available. Acana produces their dog food using premium, biologically suitable ingredients, and they oversee the entire production process in their factories to ensure superior quality.

It is an ideal food for dogs due to its carefully adapted ingredients; where each food item is added to fill a function, and where ‘natural’ is the key. The brand offers several varieties of dry kibble; packed with flavor and unbeatable nutrients for a healthy and happy canine.

The Acana grain free dog food is a revolutionary recipe made with organic ingredients and protein from the free range- and wild caught animals; to reduce both food waste, animal cruelty and environmental harm. If you have ever wondered who owns Acana dog food – the answer is simple.

The Muhlenfeld owns and runs the company, but since 2012 they have teamed up with an investment partner called Bedford Capital, which has allowed the company to continue growing and expanding worldwide. The Acana dog food website states that they have received several local awards for their dog food products and their company efforts and management, and it is likely that they will continue supplying dogs with quality dog food for many years to come.

About Acana Dog Food

acana dog food bowl
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Once you start researching Acana dry dog food (no Acana canned dog food is currently available), you will quickly discover that both Acana and the brand Orijen are owned by the same company. This could be confusing, but the short explanation is that Orijen generally has a slightly higher protein content, even though Acana, too, is very rich in protein. Acana dog food has somewhere between 40-65% meat and protein, while Orijen dog food has a total of 75-80%. Acana is a slightly cheaper dog food brand than its sister brand.

The main motivation behind Acana is to provide dogs all over the globe with dog food resembling what wild dogs and the ancestors of our dogs would have eaten before they were domesticated; resulting in a product rich in meat, natural sources of antioxidants and no grains, fillers, artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. The brand offers three product lines:

Acana Singles

A limited ingredient Acana pet food where only one type of meat is used to provide a satisfactory protein source. This is perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs or food allergies, as you can easily eliminate the ingredient that might be making your dog unwell. Acana Singles feature the options of lamb, duck and more, which are lean meats known to go easy on dogs with dietary concerns, and thanks to the quality these products will often be praised in Acana singles dog food reviews.

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Acana Classics

The ‘Classics’collection of kibble products has over 9 Acana foods; with puppy foods, adult foods, senior recipes, kibble for active dogs and a product for dogs that need help losing weight, and it is safe to say that there is something for every dog. When it comes to dog food Acana does not leave any dog out of the equation, and as a dog owner, it gives you the chance to pick a product that is perfectly tailored to the needs of your four-legged friend.

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Acana Regionals

With Acana Regionals dog food, you get the choice of several high-protein and low-carb diets (Pacifica, Wild Prairie, Grasslands and Ranchlands being examples), where each is made with 60-65% protein and somewhere between 35-40% wholesome fruits and vegetables. Reading through the ingredient list of Acana Regional dog food, you almost feel motivated to try a kibble yourself!

Regardless of what variety you choose, it is unlikely even the pickiest eater will reject their new diet. The brand behind this product knows how important scent is to a dog, and you can add some water to the kibble to bring out even more delicious smell and flavor for the dog who needs some extra convincing.

Looking for low-fat instead? Try one of these low-fat dog foods if low-carb is not suitable for your dog.

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Acana Dog Food Recall History

acana dog food recall history
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Dog food recalls are important as they could indicate a potentially serious issue but looking back to 2009 – Acana does not have any registered recalls for any of their products. There was an issue with one of their ovens in 2012, but this only resulted in some of their product varieties becoming temporarily unavailable. A lawsuit was also filed the same year in relation to false advertisement, but it led nowhere and was deemed to be a misinterpretation of data.

The Acana dog food ingredients and the fact that it is a grain-free food has also put it under the microscope in relation to recent suspicions of a link between grain-free products and certain health concerns, but no conclusions have been made and Acana is currently an above average dog food with proven quality and a spot-free track record.

Which Dogs Can Eat Acana?

types of dogs that can eat acana dog food
Photo by Edgar Daniel Hernández Cervantes on Pexels

All dogs are different and have different dietary needs, which is part of the reason to why Acana petfood offers so many varieties. With Acana Heritage dog food, you can choose Acana Regionals dog food for the dog that needs extra quality protein or goes with Acana singles if your pup tends to get an upset stomach after meals.

There are also foods apt for seniors and puppies, active dogs and those less active; making it a reality that any dog can eat Acana and benefit from its rich nutritional content.

Before making a choice for which product to use, you want to have a look at your dog and his or her needs. Take age into consideration, activity level, and any known food sensitivities, and choose wisely and with your dog’s best in mind.

Dogs that have certain medical conditions or that are sensitive to protein might not do well on Acana grain free dog food, and a professional veterinarian should always be consulted before making a drastic change to your dog’s diet.

1. ACANA Wild Atlantic Dry Dog Food

This formula has 70% wild-caught fish, which is over the double of what you can hope to find in many other products. ACANA Wild Atlantic is one of Acana’s top dog foods and a favorite in most Acana dog food reviews (Acana fish dog food reviews and general reviews), and a good choice for dogs with certain meat sensitivities.

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2. ACANA Light & Fit Dry Dog Food

With wild-caught fish, turkey, and chicken, ACANA Light & Fit is a delicious low-calorie option for dogs that need to lose weight or that need help to stay at a healthy weight (some dogs are more prone to weight gain than others). Acana grain free dog food reviews have it listed as one of the best weight loss diet dog foods available, and it is the ultimate option for any dog owner looking out for their best fur friend’s weight.

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3. ACANA Grasslands Dry Dog Food

Five fresh types of meat are used to make the protein-rich kibble ACANA Grasslands Dry Dog Food; freshwater trout and lamb being two irresistible examples, and it is a 70/30% mix of protein and vegetables and fruits. Nestle-laid eggs are brought in from trustable Kentucky farms and free-run quail comes straight from farms in South Carolina.

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4. ACANA Appalachian Ranch Dry Dog Food

Yorkshire pork, grass-fed lamb, Angus beef, freshwater catfish and American bison are what adds protein to the crunchy kibble ACANA Appalachian Ranch, and it is a top contender in any Acana dog food review dedicated to high-protein foods for active dogs. Protein is energy, and this product will keep your pooch going all day long. The mix of red and white meat is unique and delicious, and all ingredients come from traceable sources.

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5. ACANA Lamb & Apples Singles Dry Dog Food

The lamb used to make this limited ingredient kibble comes from farms in Kentucky, and it is delivered to the manufacturer both fresh and raw. There is only one protein used which suits dogs with sensitive stomachs perfectly, and it contains no chicken – an ingredient known to irritate the intestines of some dogs. Your dog can enjoy the ACANA Lamb & Apples Singles or you can wet it with water for a mushier (and even more easily digested) presentation.

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Acana Discount Coupons & Promo Deals

acana discount coupons & promo deals
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels

The easiest way to find discounts and promo deals for Acana Heritage, Acana Puppy Food and other products is to keep an eye on websites featuring Acana Dog Food Ratings and to read Acana Heritage Dog Food Reviews, but you can also click around on websites like Amazon and Chewy where you can compare product prices and presentations.

Shopping online for dog food is by far the easiest way to make your purchases, as it gives you both a bigger selection and a better overview, and you get the food delivered directly to your door in most cases.


For dog owners looking for a high-protein kibble made with natural and safe ingredients, Acana is without doubts a great choice. It is not only Acana Regionals Dog Food Reviews that rave about the brand but also dog owners all over the globe – testifying regarding the many health benefits and physical improvements noticed after switching over to Acana.

It is a dog food brand dedicated to giving dogs the nutrition they need to stay strong and healthy, with the flavor and crunch they deserve. With no recalls or known major issues, and with premium ingredients and superior nutritional content, it is seemingly a dog food brand you can trust to deliver both quality and consistency.

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