3 Easy Steps to Put on a Dog Harness


Are you considering buying a dog harness, but you’re not quite sure how to put it on properly? Maybe you’re not sure why it is important to put a harness on the right way or why you should have one in the first place. If so, then read on because we’re going to discuss three steps for putting on a dog harness the right way, as well as the importance of doing it right.

Step One: Position

The first thing you need to do is make sure the position is right. For this step, make sure the harness is loose. If it’s too tight, it will be difficult to put it in the right way, plus you risk hurting your dog if it’s too tight.

If the harness is loose, then put it right over your dog’s head via the neck piece. After you do this, take the bottom straps and arrange them right between your dog’s front legs. The straps should be right under their stomach.

Step Two: Secure

The next step is to secure the harness, which you start off by taking the buckles of the harness is bring them up so they are right behind your pet’s front legs. As previously mentioned, you want to keep the buckles right around the dog’s belly. Once you do this, click the buckles together.

If your harness has buckles that are plastic, then you can just snap them together. Some harnesses have a different way of becoming secure. For example, you might have to push on one side of the buckle (upward) through the end, and then you take the metal part and fold it right over the buckle. Don’t worry, this is a lot easier to do than you think.

Step Three: Adjust

german-shepherd-pulling-away-from-the-leash-hardThe final step is to adjust the harness. This is probably the most important step of all. If you don’t adjust it properly, then you could run into problems as you take your dog around for a walk or ride.

With that said, there are adjustment points on the harness, so become familiar with those points. You want to adjust the harness to the point where you can comfortably fit two fingers between your dog and the harness. If you can’t do this, then it’s too tight. Make sure the straps are centered, and if you notice chafing, then you should loosen the harness.

Those steps can be practiced again and again. Eventually, it will become second nature for you to put the harness on your dog. Generally speaking, it should only take you a few tries to perfect putting your dog’s harness on.

The Importance Of Putting On Your Dog’s Harness Properly

By now you might be wondering why it’s such a big deal that the harness is put on properly, and there are many reasons. For example, if you just throw your dog’s harness on and it’s too loose, then they may be able to get out of it in the middle of your walk. If your dog isn’t the type to come back when called, then this could lead to a disastrous situation.

A harness that has been put on properly allows you to keep control of your dog while you are walking them or driving them around. Plus, you can use a harness to aid you in training your dog. The bottom line is you want to put it in the right way because it keeps you and your dog safe when you’re out and about.

What Else You Should Know

You should know that not all dog harnesses go on the same exact way. They are all really designed to do the same thing, but that are many types of dog harnesses on the market and different ones have slightly different ways to put them on. In general, the previously discussed steps are pretty standard for most types of harnesses.

Furthermore, don’t buy the cheapest harness just because it’s the cheapest. Always choose a high-quality harness. The last thing you want is for the harness to snap apart shortly after buying it.

Measure your dog between his/her rib cage and chest. Add about 2-3 inches, and then shop around for a harness. Generally speaking, sizes range from small to medium to large to extra large. Small harnesses are for dogs 10-20 inches, while 16-28 inches are for medium sized dogs, large ones are 26-40 inches and extra large harnesses are for 40 or more inches.

Now you know how to put a dog harness on your pet and that there are various types of harnesses. Generally speaking, most dog harnesses are easy enough to put on, but you do want to choose a harness that is easy to put on and is of high quality. Good luck if you decide to buy your dog a harness.

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